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Some smartphones don't care for Outlook's phone number formatting and are unable to dialog calls when the number includes formatting or the country code. Number formatting can be easily prevented in Outlook by typing the number in the field on the contact form and not using the Check Phone Number feature. Smartphone users should avoid touching the Check Phone Number buttons as doing so will add a + and country code to the number. Additionally, if your phone doesn't handle the parentheses around the area code, switch to the International Freephone Service in Control Panel, Phone and Modem options. Using this location, Outlook will leave your number as typed: 2021234567 provided you do not check the phone number, or if you do, click Cancel to close the Check Phone Number dialog. If you don't have many contacts with the country code, editing each individual contact is workable.
You can export the contacts to CSV format and remove the country code either by opening the CSV in Notepad or Excel and using search and replace, but if you have long notes, you may lose some of the notes.

About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book. Do you need help setting up Outlook, moving your email to a new computer, or just need some one-on-one help? If the country code is added as soon as you tab out of the number field, check the dialog properties. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to remove the country code from large numbers of existing contacts within Outlook. I have been messing about with this, too, today, as I wanted to use Outlook 2010 more for Contacts.
4405551212, is entering too many numbers for your location; for example 44055512121 will stay as a single 11 digit number. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums.

Open the phone and modem settings then Edit the location and set up dialing and area code rules. The number can be dialed (unless your device blocks it) as the phone system ignores the extra number at the end. Try using the International Freephone location or a different country if you can't get the rules right.

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