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ChinaSprout promotes learning of Chinese language and culture by providing Chinese and English books relating to Chinese language, Chinese test, Chinese food, Chinese zodiac, Chinese symbols, Chinese music, Chinese tea, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese Arts.
Children's EQ Development Storybook series collected stories that are best for children's EQ development from famous western writers. It is always exciting to drift off to nap under the glow of the red lanterns and star.  We are reading the book Ernie And The Lion Dancers at Story Time that tells how Ernie and his family prepare for their Chinese New Year Parade. On Movie Friday we  watched the movie Big Bird goes to China and Big Bird gave us tour of the Great  Wall of China.
We counted with the count and worked on number puzzles. Remember Friday is Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to have your child bring in Valentine’s Day cards and a snack like cookies, fruit, muffins, or crackers to share.
Number Puzzles and counting with the CountArt: Fire Breathing Dragon headband paint and glitter project.
They had fun experimenting with mixing the colored paints together on the heart cut outs to see what new color they could make. We made all the children little green frog bags to hold their Valentine’s mail and goodies.

It really helped to make the children’s Valentine’s Day extra special.The children made horse masks in celebration of the Chinese year of the horse. On the day of our Chinese New Year lunch the children tried their hand at using chopsticks to eat Chinese food. We always end the two week celebration with a parade and this year the children had so much fun we ended up having two. They lined up together with their horse masks and dragon headdresses ready to take a turn leading the whole parade. Let me know if you didn’t receive yours.The children have been really participating and gaining new knowledge each day on the alphabet rug at Rug Time.
The children happy, confident, and self-motivated about the process of learning.Happy Birthday to Jonathan, Trinity, and Catalina who all celebrated their birthdays this month. Not only are they excited to come in on Monday mornings but they are looking forward to learning and counting.  What could be better?
With all the rainy weather we have had we are focusing on getting the children exercising and learning with indoor activities.
Now we can display their sight words up on the big screen, use it for number recognition, counting, alphabet recognition and phonics too.

They stand up on their feet and while they count to 100 they do a different exercise movement for each group of ten such as  jog in place, stretch their arms, or clap their hands. They see the numbers on the display, they count along, and they are exercising at the same time.
This involves learning important skills that are required for Kindergarten such as letter and number formation, writing left to right, staying on the lines, and spacing properly.
It is always easier for the children to learn properly the first time then it is to have to fix bad habits later so keep this in mind as you help your child practice their writing skills. It is also important that your child understands that they need to write their name at the top of their school papers and not other words like Mom too. It is great to practice writing and spelling other words like Mom and Dad with your child but make sure your child understands that they need to only write their name at the tops of their school papers. Our little superheroes used their own super human strengths to play ball toss games and perform tests of their agility.

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