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In Chinese astrology, the calendar has a 12-year cycle, and each year is represented by an animal.
Stone lions were traditionally placed in front of Chinese temples because it was believed that they will protect the temple. It is most commonly seen on Scottish people, because the rampant lion has an important meaning in Celtic mythology.
The Lion of Judah is also a very important symbol for Rastafaris, who see it as the reincarnation of Haile Selassie I. The lioness is also a symbol of bravery, might, awareness and in some mythologies immortality. Bikini ready or not, swimsuit season is upon us, and youa€™re not ready to hit the beach until youa€™ve checked out these sexy pieces. CHINESE ZODIAC WHEEL:the 5 chinese elements and Yin-Yang,their constructive (ring outer arrows)and destructive (ring inner arrows) cycle. In the chinese Zodiac, the all-important 60-year cycle consists of TWO separate cycles, which are interacting with each other. Since each of the five elements occurs within each animal sign, a particular animal sign occurs once every 12 years.
A persona€™s characteristics are determined both by the ruling element of their sign (their FIXED ELEMENT), as well as the element of the particular year that they were born in. In the Chinese Zodiac the 3 animals that are evenly spaced from one another in the zodiac circle are generally considered to be good matches. Each person is a combination the sign of the year they are born in as well as influences of the time of day and the larger cycles of the zodiac.
Sensitive, a deep thinker and capable of great sympathy, tigers share good compatibility horoscopes with cheerful horses, and honest dogs. Articulate, talented and ambitious, rabbits do well to pair up with elegant sheep (also known as goats) and trust-worthy dogs. Some in Chinese astrology say that the dog represents the very best characteristics of human nature. Similar to western astrology, there are people that take Chinese astrology very seriously and others that take it with a grain of salt. Handmade beaded jewelry.gemstone wire wrapped jewelry,silver jewelry,custom gemstone beaded jewelry.
According to Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, especially the Five Elements theory, we can gain more success or happiness if we choose our job or career that it is compatible with our element. If the elements dominating your life fall mainly into the Fire category, then you will be most successful when dealing with Metal and Wood related business. If Earth is happen to be your strong element in your life, then professions that is related to Water and Fire will provide the easiest route to financial gain, success and job satisfaction. If Wood features strongly in your overall chart, then you will be able to deal successfully with Earth and Water related business.
Someone with a majority of Metal in his life’s chart should be happy in fields related to Wood and Earth industries.
Finally, if all your elements lean heavily towards Water, then you should deal in Fire and Metal-related industries. Water related professions also involve person-to-person contact as the human body is made up mainly of water. Chinese Zodiac Love Signs: Compatible Chinese Zodiac SignsCompatible Chinese Zodiac Signs are the results of 4000 years of observations and study. Also referred as the Boar, the Pig is the last of the 12 year Chinese Animal Cycle following the Chinese zodiac.

Fire Pigs are risk-takers and when they give their mind to something, it is all or simply nothing.
The Pig occupies the last that is the twelfth position in the Chinese Zodiac and signifies personality traits such as compassion, diligence, and generosity.
Caring and affectionate, those falling under the Pig when paired opposite the Rabbits are destined towards amazing companionship.
The Chinese Animals Signs Pig and Snake have nothing in common to be committed for a stable relationship. As per the Chinese Astrological Cycle, since the Pig and Monkey are always disagreeing, this increases the sexual tension between them.
Though supportive and stable, yet as per the Chinese Astrology, there is no passion between those born under the Pig and Dog.
The Pig and the Sheep makes up a winning combination with ample honesty and trust for each other. Though disagreeing on several things, yet if the Pig and Rooster make an effort, they can have a successful relationship. Though a Pig along with another pig would make a good start, yet with time it would fade away. People born in a given year are said to have personality traits associated with that year’s animal sign. It is something that will stay with you forever and you need to like it for many years to come. The possibilities of designs here are endless a€“ from full color full body lion, over lion head done only with thin lines to simply Leo zodiac sign.
When it comes to tribal designs, they are very easily made, because the lines of a liona€™s body are easily transformed into tribal art. It can be done in a number of different designs, and in addition to the aforementioned meanings, it could also stand for protection and survival.
They are very deeply incorporated in Chinese tradition and they mostly stand for protection. Today, this tattoo design is a choice of people who believe that a little bit of additional protection can do no harm. You may have seen it on the flag of Scotland, Flanders (Belgium) or on a coat of arms of Jerusalem. It is a powerful and dangerous entity that symbolizes both the strength of young people and the wisdom and nobility of old. The lion was the symbol of the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah a€“ the largest tribe in the ancient world. This lion is usually called the a€?Zion Liona€? (Zion means Africa) and it is found on the Ethiopian flag. This is a tattoo design chosen by strong and independent women, as well as of caring and gentle ones.
Again, I have to advise you to think your decision through and to use this article only as a guide. Gemstone custom beaded jewelry, gem stone wirewrapped and wiresculptedjewelry made from gold and silver.silver bracelets, gold necklaces, gold earrings. The first is the cycle of ten heavenly "stems", namely the Five Elements (in order: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) in their Yin and Yang forms.
You may find that even though a person was born in a year that would seem to make you a poor match, the other influences that you share balance the ill effects of incompatible signs and make for a very good relationship - or cause problems in even the most compatible signs! Your charm and attraction for the opposite sex blends especially well with the energetic, excitable and stubborn dragon.

Additionally, because you tend to be impatient and passionate, consider spending time with goats and fellow horses. Balancing out this side of their personality is their wise, gentle and compassionate nature. It is said that whatever they do, they use all their strength, and when they make friends, they make them for life!
No matter which camp you happen to fall into, we can all agree that it's a lot of fun reading about your sign! The Fire person will also be at home in his own Fire-related professions, but if you have too many Fire in your chart, you will have no one to blame if you insist on a Water-based profesion and literally gets soaked in the process. All Wood-related fields, such as the lumber business, furniture, paper products, etc, should also provide no hindrance but Fire and Metal could definitely hurt your element.
The Earth and Wood will limit you to a certain degree and you may find progress difficult or slow in its related fields. Something which come and go symbolizing the ocean waves or water flow is also considered as Water-related.
Also work that involves artistic, creative or spiritual expression symbolizing a tree freely and gracefuly extending its branches, flowers and leafs. The Chinese Zodiac is thousands of years old and easily predates its Western counterpart.
They however also have the ability to influence others when it is about something they want. There too much of indulgence in eating, smoking and drinking sometimes cause them to fall sick. Lion tattoo certainly carries a lot of symbolism you might find interesting a€“ so, if youa€™re indecisive about your tattoo design, maybe lion is for you.
Still, if youa€™re looking for a lame tattoo or tribal tattoos have a significant meaning to you, herea€™s what you need to know. Dona€™t be surprised to see a liona€™s head done over a scar from a car accident or a surgery.
Needless to say that people whose ancestors are from these countries will gladly tattoo a rampant lion. Most designs of the Lion of Judah incorporate yellow, green and red a€“ colors found on the Ethiopian flag.
Lioness will guard her cubs with her life, so this tattoo is very often a choice of mothers. If a lion tattoo has a different meaning for you, the one that hasna€™t been mentioned in the article, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.
But when you persist in working with Fire-related fields, you may not find the same degre of success or ease of achievement.
Jobs that involve strategic planning, creativity, analysis, innovation and brain power are also Water-based. A lot of modern Christian organizations take their name from Hebrew or Yiddish words for lion and they use lion on their emblems. The career choices or the pigs consist of caterer, doctor, entertainer, interior decorator, veterinarian, retail and hospitality.

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