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Tsuzaki" October 2, 2011 at 23:32I would realy lik to know from other ppl how a pisces grl and a capircorn guy go along. Giulio" CHRIS Posted on not sure if my comment went thru.this ceacnr ceacnr video is the only one you dont give a 1-5 compatibility rating. This year will bring with it change, a fresh start, time to ring out the old and bring in the new.
I am lucky enough to have a Rat child of my own, so I have some insight as to how these lovely creatures work. Disclaimer : While every attempt is made to ensure that the information provided is correct, no warranty is made as to its accuracy, and no liability for its use or misuse. I am a 22 year old Gemini born May 26th and he was a younger Capricorn male born 4th January. So that means that I am a true full-blown Aries at heart, or I am an Aries, & I just have tendencies of either Pisces or Taurus. I share most of the common traits of Sag; growing up, I was a lively and highly extroverted child.
As baby’s they are very loving to all family members, although they are not perhaps the most cuddly of signs, the Rat will love your attention and time.

I’m not overwhelmed by his actions but then it changed since we texted a lot and he visited me once. But life’s problems came in between all of that and I matured earlier than I had expected. This may not be the ideal time for making a quick buck, but for those of us who, (and sadly this dosen’t include me) are patient and willing to work hard, the Year of the Rat promises to give you the start you need to secure a fruitful future.
The Rat will always be shining on your family so this year things should go very smoothly at home, spend as much time as you can with them, if too much time is spent away from your family the Rat will soon show you who is boss.
Although I think I rather enjoyed Neptune going direct and finding out what really exists and what doesn’t. Some of you, no doubt, will be glad to hear that if you are getting married this year or indeed planning to pop the question, the Rat year would be a great time to do it.
Reading to your child from a very early age will be enjoyed immensely and it won’t be long before your little Rat will be chattering away trying to read along with you.
Work is very important but so are the people that we do it for, without them it will all seem far less worthwhile. Talking of chattering, the Rat child will love to gurgle, speak, chatter and generally make noises a lot!

I also recommend taking your home loving Rat out on trips as soon as you can if you are planning to spend time away from home a lot, as these babes will love their own home and their own bed especially, so it’s best to get them used to leaving it as soon as possible. Saying that, they are nosey little devil’s and will be very well behaved when they are taken out as they will be amused greatly by their surroundings and will be taking in every detail.
Amber my 11 year old Rat child always amazes me with her vast knowledge on..well, everything!
She devours books and listens very carefully to anything that may be on the television, this does lead of-course to a tendency of temporary deafness to much else going on around her, including anything said by ME!! Being a Horse myself I have not a lot in common with a Rat, and I think at times, we do find it ever so hard to understand one another.

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