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It’s finally February here in La Jolla, CA and you know what that means – Valentine’s day is right around the corner.
One of the ways we plan on doing this is blogging about random bits of health news we stumble across that relate, in some way, back to oral health. However, a few other things that come with the holiday season are parties and family get-togethers. One of the best ways to turn a Halloween frown upside down is to change what you are snacking on this month. Last time, we discussed how the San Diego Restaurant Week was causing smiles all across the city. Last time we talked about how straight teeth, whether you have them or not, can affect your social life.
For those of you who aren’t aware of what exactly the San Diego Restaurant Week is, let us explain. There are plenty of health benefits of having straight teeth that patients enjoy once they finish their Invisalign treatment.
With how comfortable of a treatment it provides, it's no wonder that Invisalign® is quickly becoming the go to treatment for crooked teeth and bite problems.

What many patients don't realize about crooked teeth and bite issues is that they can have many negative effects on your health.
Even though we live in beautiful, sunny Ja Jolla, CA this does not mean our residents don’t feel the change in weather.
Styrt and the rest of his staff found themselves in the middle of a heated debate about what some of the best, local, places to eat are here in La Jolla, CA. Styrt and the rest of his staff discussed the surprising benefits that drinking the occasional glass of wine can have on your teeth. This month we want to branch off of the topic of fine dining and talk about one of it’s most common components; wine!
Yep, it appears that the grape seed extract in red wine can actually help to prevent cavities.
Patients can enjoy benefits like reduced risk of gum disease, easier teeth cleaning and overall health benefits.
This is primarily because the soft plastic used by Invisalign is a great alternative to the metal wires and brackets of traditional braces. Crooked teeth and bite issues can lead to increased plaque buildup, tooth decay, and even gum and periodontal diseases.
Things have gotten a little chilly here, and that means the holidays are well on their way. Although many of us had different opinions which resulted in some playful banter, we all came to an agreement about one spot in particular. Today, in the spirit of Halloween, we want to talk about how you can turn this otherwise unhealthy and candy-fueled season into one that on not only better for your smile but your entire body as well. Patients also enjoy all the perks of choosing invisalign to straighten their teeth over other orthodontic treatments.

While many would think that such an amazing treatment would include a very complicated process, this is actually not the case. Styrt, along with the rest of his staff cannot wait to put smiles on the faces of all their valentines this year. We love January here in the office because it provides us with a time to help start not only our year off on a healthy foot, but our patients as well.
Seeing as this restaurant flawlessly combines atmosphere, great food, impressive service, and a locality we decided to write an article about them.
Styrt and his staff want to talk about a giant local event that should give you a reason to use your smile. The nearly-invisible aligners are comfortable and convenient for patients’ to continue to live their daily lives with minimal interference due to treatment. However, seeing as we are a dental office first and foremost we are also interested in protecting those smiles as well. Here’s to hoping someone runs across this article and George’s at the Cove gets a well-deserved boost in patronage. With this convenient treatment option, patients not only enjoy the health benefits after finishing treatment, but the social benefits too. Styrt and the rest of his staff are dental professionals, this doesn’t mean we don’t love all the sweets that holiday baking brings.
Styrt is blogging from La Jolla, CA to talk about the various health benefits that come with straight teeth.

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