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This Black 6 foot Japanese (JIS C 8303, Class I) to Computer (C13) power cord will work with most computers, monitors, printers and various other devices in Japan.
This 6 foot power cord will power notebook computers and other appliances that require a non-polarized connection. This is just what I needed to replace power cords misplaced when i moved the equipment I wanted to use. The cable is SVT with 3 18AWG(American Wire Gauge) conductors rated for 125 Volts, 10 Amps and an operating temperature of 75C.

Computer Power Cords, available with us, provide the means for computers to connect to 110 volts AC outlets or uninterrupted power source. Each cable came individualy wrapped.Each individually wrapped cable was bundled into a larger bundle of 10 for organizaational purposes.
This cable's primary use is computer, monitor and printer power it will work for any device that requires a C13 end and does not exceed the power rating. We make available premium Computer Power Cables that are capable of constantly bearing electrical loads of up to 400 watts, and are in conformity with set industrial standards.

Some examples of other devices would be plotters, vinyl cutters and industrial embroidery machines such as the Happy line. While this cable is listed as a notebook power cord, it will work with any device that uses a Non-Polarized IEC C7 power connection.

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