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People born in the year of the mouse are easily attracted by people born in the year of the ox thinking they are strong and Rat and HORSE Unhappiness.
Chinese horoscope 2015-chinese year 2015 astrology I love u india provide you chinese horoscope 2015about 12 sign rat cow tiger rabbit Those with ultra-high self-esteem and those with very low self-esteem have something in common: They incessantly think of themselves. If they are hurt or betrayed you cannot escape from the poisonous sting of the scorpions, today or tomorrow, as they never forget or forgive anyone. Here are 5 Free Kundali Making or Horoscope Making Websites for those who believe in destiny and predictions. You just need to submit you basic details such as Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth, this free horoscope making service will automatically take latitude & longitude of birth place from database.
Once you are done with your submission, this free online service to create Kundali will bring your Vedic Birth chart following with Scientific Predictions based on 1st planetary Position & on 2nd planetary Position. Astrojyoti is a horoscope making website that helps you to download free horoscope software to create horoscope. For working on this free horoscope software, click on “make your horoscope” link given at the bottom of the page.
Logon to the website to check what exactly you need to fill up in the boxes given in the data-box. Just submit you personal details such as Name, DOB, Time od Birth, & a few more, and get Kundali in just a few seconds.
Astrology Birth Charts & horoscopes is yet another free website that lets you create Kundali online. In order to get started, click on “Astrology Birth chart- Online birth chart free try” link given at the web page. In order to get started with Horoscope making, you need to register yourself with the website. Soon you will find Vedic Birth or horoscope in various categories such as My Chart (Kundali), MY Day Today, and many more. I'm a Swedish astrologer, author and historian of ideas, researching the thought patterns in mythology. What astrology predicts about the year 2016 for your Zodiac sign, and how that horoscope forecast is made. This book presents an imaginative method of reading the divination cards, which is the most appropriate for the Tarot, since it consists of symbolic images.
All the philosophers of Ancient Greece and what they thought about cosmology, myth, religion and the gods. Qi (chi), prana, pneuma, spiritus, and all the other life force concepts around the world explained and compared. He has shown no remorse at all, nor any other sign that his monstrous brutality affected him. His horoscope shows no clear sign of this monstrosity, nor does the transit horoscope for July 22. As for Anders Behring Breivik's birth chart, I was unable to find the time of day, so I had to make a horoscope based only on the day of his birth, the 13th of February 1979 in London, where his father worked at the time.
Also, I excluded the Ascendant and the MC, since they move through the whole Zodiac in just one day.
Still, most of the planetary positions are pretty much the same, no matter what time of day he was born. The former cluster is the most important one, not only because of the presence of the sun, which is the major heavenly body of the horoscope. The trio is at the end of Aquarius, which deals with contemplation and intellectual process. Mercury's presence in the cluster stresses that this intellectual process was both the instigator and the goal. That's a process nourished by the three planets at the end of Aquarius, a position of some confusion and uncertainty. The other cluster, that of the moon, Saturn, and the Dragon's Head, is in the middle of Virgo, the sign of work, scrutiny, and criticism.
The moon's north and south node form a staight line in the horoscope, describing a main direction of one's life – from one to the other.
Of course, these horoscope ingredients don't point at such beastly action as that of Breivik.
The two clusters have no aspects (certain significant angles between planets) to one another, but some lesser aspects to other planets in Breivik's horoscope. All of his planets are placed rather evenly in the signs Leo to Aquarius, which is slightly more than half of the Zodiac.
From that moment, he spent his life working towards the terror attack, seemingly having even the details of his attack clear that very early on. Mercury in the cluster of Aquarius, mentioned above, was in conjunction with transit Uranus in mid-April of 2002.
That's not exactly great astrological fireworks, but it's significantly more than for July 22, 2011. The Uranus conjunction indicates that at the time, Breivik reached some insight or conclusion on matters constantly on his mind. The opposition between Jupiter and his Venus is of less significance in this setting, but it implies that some chain of events of an emotional kind will interrupt with his ability to accomplish a well-to-do situation for himself.
It has to be said that none of this suggests clearly the dreadful outcome, but it's much more of a beginning than the actual terrorist acts were. Unfortunately, Anders Behring Breivik gives no more exact date of the London event than April, 2002. On April 24, 2002, the Norwegian daily newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) published an interview with a Muslim fundamentalist, who talked about winning Norway over to Islam.
It's also interesting that this Muslim leader lived in London at the time, the city where Breivik claims to have participated in the formation of the Templar Order that same month.

An opposition between transit Mercury in Taurus and Breivik's Uranus in Scorpio shows concretely expressed thoughts that contradict Breivik's perception of the world and the threats to it.
A square between transit Venus in Taurus and Breivik's Mercury is slightly more interesting, because it involves one of the planets in the Aquarius cluster.
Well, interesting but again not nearly enough to explain the terrorist act and its nine years of preparation.
I went through the other days of April 2002, and some of them have more aspects, such as April 8 and 17, but none that add significantly to what is stated by the aspects already mentioned. Taking a broader look at Anders Behring Breivik's horoscope, I find other dates and periods that seem much more significant to him than all of the above. His Neptune position in Sagittarius indicates far-fetched fantasies about the future (something he shares with his generation). In 1992, when Breivik was 13, transit Pluto passed over his Uranus, which must have made a significant impression on him (as well as on most people of his age). In the same period, transit Saturn passed over the cluster in Aquarius, adding tension and drama to this time of his life, especially regarding what took place in his mind.
In 2004, two years after the above mentioned April 2002 events, transit Pluto reached Breivik's Neptune, whereby he would have jump-started the realization of his future fantasy. In the following few years, transit Neptune passed over his Aquarius cluster, making him go deep into his own fantasy.
In addition, transit Saturn passed over his Virgo cluster in 2009, including his first Saturn return (transit Saturn passing over Saturn in the birth chart). In 2012, transit Pluto will reach his Venus in Capricorn, which changes his material situation considerably and dramatically. The most important transit that awaits Breivik would be when Pluto passes over the cluster in Aquarius, which begins in 2034 and continues for about six years. A Facebook comment on this text (see below) made me aware that a biography over Brdivik's mother published in October 2013 states that he was born at 12:50 PM in Oslo, not London. This book by Stefan Stenudd explains what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. You learn what the zodiac signs, the planets, and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues and different types of illnesses. The book contains a quick introduction to astrology, as well, and instructions on how to read a birth chart in general. Sagittarius Horoscope By Birth Date Cafe Astrology Gemini Daily the horoscop zilnic sagetator dragoste according dates compatibility birth soulmate chart shows us all aspects of the zodiac soul mates through their destiny meetings in reality. Cancer’s romance history could turn a memorable corner right at the beginning of the week. You will usually get a sense of security from the Scorpio’s extreme intensity and jealousy. These websites will help you with horoscope making, horoscope software, online kundali making, let you create kundali, basically come up with predictions according to your Date of Birth, Time, Place of Birth and other basic details. The free kundali making website provides a full-fledged 40 page kundali and horoscope for free.
This free horoscope software brings you a complete Vedic Birth chart or Janma Kundali from where you can predict your future, can decide which career will be suitable to you and more regarding your future.
Since this free kundali making website is a web-based software, hence you neither need to purchase costly software nor install any software on your computer for creating Kundali. This free Kundali website incorporates all the functions of Indian Astrology software online. With your date and place of birth, you can find your rising sign and the positions of the other stars in your Vedic birth chart, with birth chart reading and a great choice of graphics, of course only if you know how to read birth charts.
This free website to create Kundali or Vedic Birth chart helps you with your life predictions such as regarding nature, behavior, education, career, marriage and more. Once you have registered yourself, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to submit your basic credentials such as Name, DOB, POB, Time and so on. For almost an hour and a half, he walked around the idyllic little island of Utöya, where there was a social democrat youth gathering, shooting everyone in sight.
Therefore, the astrological houses are also excluded, since they are based on the position of the Ascendant. The moon moves 13 degrees each day, so its position in the horoscope should not be taken for granted, but the other heavenly bodies don't move much in just 12 hours.
Also Mars needs to be considered carefully, since it's by an act of extreme violence Breivik has sealed his fate. Most of the nine years he prepared for his terror attack, he spent writing a 1500 page document explaining his world-view and strategic scheme. Saturn in this position complicates matters, although it's in retrograde (seemingly moving backwards in the sky).
In this case, where the north node is in conjunction with the moon and Saturn, whereas the south node has no neighboring planets, the direction of Breivik's life must be towards the north node.
The remaining five planets are spread out in a weakening way, creating no other point of force in the horoscope. Except for the clusters in Virgo and Aquarius, there is one planet in each of the other five signs in this part of the Zodiac. The clusters have squares, a constructive and destructive aspect, to other planets: Both the sun and Mars are in square to Uranus in Scorpio, indicating a defiant attitude to reason, even a fear of disappointment if following it.
The same goes for the transit horoscopes, where Breivik's chart is compared to the planetary positions of the day of the terrorist act. He published his 1500 page document on the Internet, set off a big car bomb in Oslo, and ended by shooting 69 people to death on the island of Utöya, 40 kilometers from Oslo.
This methodical mass murder of teenagers is so grotesque that it would be even more significant in Breivik's life. A moon aspect brings little more than a mood swing, since they appear so often and pass so quickly.

Again and again he mentions what he regards as the start of it all, and that's in April 2002.
In addition, the whole thing with a secret meeting forming an Order of medieval kind, seems very much like fiction, an invention of his mind. Did his imagination create a counter-action, imitating but reversing how he perceived the interview?
One might say that the Muslim leader frustrated Breivik by not confirming his prejudice, something Breivik would have interpreted as deceit by the Muslim, increasing his fear.
This suggests that some material gains came to Breivik in a way that he would have preferred to see coming differently.
In 1986, when he was seven years old, transit Uranus passed it, probably introducing a world view to which he still clings on, especially regarding his imagination about the future. His fear of what would emerge from deep contemplation and extended thought processes seemed to be confirmed by big events around him. Therefore, I would assume that he might have started writing his manifesto in 2002, when transit Uranus reached his Mercury in the Aquarius cluster, but he started to work on his terrorist act in 2004, imagining that he was thereby creating the future of his choice. That's a trying time in anybody's life, reminding us about obligations in life and the fact that the clock ticks on.
One would assume that's the start of a long prison sentence, affecting the rest of his life.
One of them is the difficulty to pinpoint amplitude – the level of force by which planets and aspects are expressed. My estimate of midday is close enough to make the above reading stand, especially since I avoided considering faster moving points of the horoscope. January 2015 Holidays and Observance in United St Quick and Easy THANKSGIVING day dessert recipes fo Horoscope 14 December 2014 – Astrological Forecas Wiki Daily oroscope Forecast December 12 2014 zodiac astrology horoscope greek mythology Gods . Monthly Horoscope March 2015 Pisces Zodiac Sign Your Pisces Horoscope March Here you can get your monthly horoscope for next March. The website also comes up with other services such match kundali online for marriage purposes.
Go ahead and read your future, check what your Birth chart says about your career, wedding, nature..! The other cluster is the moon (though its position is uncertain), Saturn, and the Dragon's Head (the moon's north node), in Virgo. It's by elaborate and long-time reasoning (although twisted) he reached the decision to carry out his terrorist acts.
In this document he states repeatedly that his main reason for the attack is to bring attention to his document.
Its effect is always severe and grim to some extent, often the heaviest burden in anyone's horoscope. The moon nodes are in square to Neptune in Sagittarius, which hints a reluctance to accept what seems to lie in the future. Also, he spent almost an hour and a half doing it, joyously according to reports, as if he had longed for it during the nine years of preparation. It indicates nothing more than that he enjoyed his activity at the moment, as if playing a game. So, if the above charts are correct, they indicate that the terrible events on July 22 were not at all starts of anything in the life of Anders Behring Breivik. He gives no exact date, but this month he claims to have been in London, participating in the formation of a kind of Knights Templar Order, with the purpose of commencing war against what he imagines to be a Muslim invasion of Europe. Transit Jupiter was in opposition to his native Venus and in sextile with his native moon (but that position is uncertain). The sextile to the moon confirms that it's a commitment made emotionally rather than with reason.
In his mind, it may have confirmed his belief in a Muslim invasion, although the Muslim leader speaks of non-violent action only. The nature of those events in Breivik's life would be great clues to what kind of fear he started to nourish.
The date of this transit is a bit uncertain, because we lack the time of Breivik's birth, but it can't be earlier than late 2011 or later than 2012. A chart based on his exact time of birth might add the clues needed to figure Breivik out – or not. Still, a proper reading of his horoscope should be based on his exact birth date, now that it is available. Leo friends remember: will is Sagittarius Horoscope By Birth Date Cafe Astrology Gemini Daily aries daily love horoscope ask cancer love horoscope ask oracle gemini for real oracle point future power! I see no way of realizing beforehand the monstrosity of their manifestation, but these are the likely astrological circumstances expressed. This is very rare for any given moment and any horoscope, although the orb allowed for a transit is just one degree. There are indications as to how his mind works and how he is inclined to act – but nothing that reveals the terrible outcome.
In fact thanks to the transit of Jpiter that after 12 long years regains your sign you For this to happen though do not stay locked up in your place get out meet friends and be open to new acquaintances. Angel Therapy Practitioner (R) Certified Angel Card Reader ™ Certified Past Life Healer Certified Dream Interpreter Tarot Reader Astrologer Energy Healer. According to Cancer free future horoscope based on date of birth tomorrow daily aquarius horoscope 2015 astrology predictions Cancerians will feel romance all around.

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