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Discover an extremely effective and economical way to promote your business or organization. Get your company logo or motto seen by hundreds of thousands of people using custom front license plates! Custom front license plates can be one of the most effective marketing tools in your organization’s arsenal.
They are ideal for car rental agencies, dealerships, radio stations, real estate agencies, colleges, and especially businesses that rely on tourism. When you give away a logo license plate to your existing customer or staff member it becomes a testimonial for you to their family, friends and other potential customers. Tags America’s durable, long lasting custom front license plates turn every car into a billboard!
Fund raising and increased exposure for non-profits can be easily accomplished using custom front license plates. Unlike many of the products commonly used for fundraising, our plates have such a high perceived value that the fundraiser often realizes 3, 4, even 500 percent mark-up on their investment. Tags America’s custom front license plates are a wise investment for your business or organization.
They have a baked on enamel finish that lasts for years protecting them from damaging UV rays and rust corrosion.

All of our products, including custom fence signs, are produced using recycled aluminum only. Base price includes choice of one standard background color, one imprint color, embossing and 4 slots.
Whether you’re selling your plates at retail, handing them out at trade shows, or displaying them at point of purchase, we can provide you the signage that is suitable for what you need. May 11, 2016Aunt Maggie RocksA neurotic almost thirty country girl from Indiana that loves her nephews, works hard and rambles about nothing.
When I was looking to personalize my new ride, a personalized license plate was my first thought. I’ve only driven to work one day since adding my personalized plate and everyone noticed! Rockin’ Plates has a huge list of products including personalized license plates, plate frames and accessories. These are really net I like Butterfly License Plate, blue on mirror plate, would be great.. Promotional giveaway items, including custom front license plates are a great way to advertise your business to new and existing audiences. Practically all businesses can benefit from the increased brand exposure or added fundraising revenue that custom front license plates provide.

When people repeatedly see your company’s name and logo on vehicles around town, guess who they’ll remember when suddenly in need of the service or product you offer? Churches, booster clubs, social clubs, private clubs, and all types of non-profit organizations can appeal to the devotion of their members and patrons. Also substantially adding to their durability is the embossed border and copy which always comes included in the price.
You can take pride knowing that you’re helping to create jobs for American workers and to reduce the trade deficit that inhibits economic growth.
So again, you can take pride knowing that you’re buying from a company that adopts environmentally sound business practices.
The folks at Rockin’ Plates will perfectly laser cut your custom design and mail it to your doorstep. Take a look at their website and you an design both license plates and license plate frames to match your vehicle, favorite color or special interest.

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