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Our range of DC power supplies is an excellent way to upgrade any piece of equipment that requires a low-voltage DC supply, some examples of equipment that it can power are listed lower down the page but we can build these units to power virtually any DC equipment.
Customer Testimonials I am the proud owner of four Temple Audio Monoblock amplifiers and now I have supercharged them with the amazing DC3 power supply.
The rear panel of the power supply has a high quality IEC inlet with integrated power switch and fuse holder, and also the output socket with a removable output power cord (length can be specified by user) included with the supply.
DB-9F, DB-9M (9 Pin D-SUB Male and Female Solder Type Connectors) for PLC and PC Adapter USB sides. DB207 (2A, 1000V) (Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier) for Reverse Voltage Polarity Protection Circuit. Instead of being based on the older DC1 and DC2 regulator designs, it uses our latest regulator layout - Version 2.0 of our fabled CHC-REG module. The standard power supply shipped with equipment is almost always a cheap nasty black plastic box that either plugs into a mains socket and obscures adjacent sockets, or sits on the floor humming away to itself and injecting a whole load of unwanted noise into your power supply and your hi-fi equipment.

We have specially developed a very low-noise DC power supply, which is FULLY LINEAR and NOT a switched-mode supply.
Best way to describe it is that it has a new set of lungs, great dynamics and effortless ebb and flow to the music.
They very rarely have features such as shielding, or any form of mains filtering or surge protection, which all adds up to mean that you are effectively strangling the performance of your equipment without realising it. Switched mode supplies work by turning a high voltage on and off very quickly to simulate a lower voltage, this puts a large amount of high frequency noise into the output current.
Okay, it is not quite as cheap as the battery route that some Bantam owners choose to get a slight improvement in sound, but this is in a totally different league!
This is enough to power small PCs, streamers and a whole range of the latest audio equipment. This is fine for PCs and laptops, but rubbish for hi-fi use, you can hear the loss of sound quality when you compare one to our linear PSUs!

Please contact us with details of your equipment and we will be happy to advise you.A note for audio PC owners - the DC3 does not provide many outputs for ATX-style sockets, it is usually used to supply an on-board PSU like a PICO PSU or similar - we can also build additional outputs into the DC3 to separately power smaller items like DACs and sound cards if desired. Our fully linear supply uses no high-frequency control whatsoever, instead we dissipate excess energy as a very small amount of harmless heat (usually only a few degrees above room temperature). The bass is stronger, punchier, every instrument that produces bass is easily much more distinguishable.
Voices sound like they are right there with you and it makes me smile when I hear just how the decaying of cymbals on tracks is so clear. A friend of mine has a system costing about ten grand but with the addition of the DC3 to my modest set up I can honestly say that I prefer the sound of my system!

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