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Astrologically, this card is ruled by Scorpio, which governs the reproductive organs, birth, death and transmutation.
However, the brilliantly shining sun between the towers in the distance promises eternal life. The skeleton is the figure of Death, which comes to all: king, man, woman and child, without respect for the station. Waite (1911), tarot card illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith (1911)DeathDivinatory Meanings End, mortality, destruction, corruption also, for a man, the loss of a benefactor for a woman, many contrarieties; for a maid, failure of marriage projects.
He rides astride a well-behaved white horse, a symbol of the purified desires and senses in submission to the cyclical rhythm. When you are reading tarot cards, you are connecting with universe on a deep, psychic level, where shadows fall in the dark.DeathKey 13 Death. The mysterious horseman moves slowly, bearing a black banner emblazoned with the Mystic Rose, which signifies life. This symbol suggests reproduction and birth, not necessarily into this world but rather a rebirth of the consciousness into higher planes. The horseman carries no visible weapon, but king and child and maiden fall before him, while a prelate with clasped hands awaits his end.There should be no need to point out that the suggestion of death which I have made in connection with the previous card is, of course, to be understood mystically, but this is not the case in the present instance.
The natural transit of man to the next stage of his being either is or may be one form of his progress, but the exotic and almost unknown entrance, while still in this life, into the state of mystical death is a change in the form of consciousness and the passage into a state to which ordinary death is neither the path nor gate.

The existing occult explanations of the 13th card are, on the whole, better than usual, rebirth, creation, destination, renewal, and the rest.Description13. The method of presentation is almost invariable, and embodies a bourgeois form of symbolism. The scene is the field of life, and amidst ordinary rank vegetation there are living arms and heads protruding from the ground. One of the heads is crowned, and a skeleton with a great scythe is in the act of mowing it.
The transparent and unescapable meaning is death, but the alternatives allocated to the symbol are change and transformation. Other heads have been swept from their place previously, but it is, in its current and patent meaning, more especially a card of the death of Kings. In the exotic sense it has been said to signify the ascent of the spirit in the divine spheres, creation and destruction, perpetual movement, and so forth.The TarotBy S.
Beyond all doubt it is a sort of allegorical representation of Father Chronos, Time, who, while creating, consumes his own children, and was very often pictured as a warning of death or a remembrance of mortality.
But on the other hand Time marks the beginning, and birth is not less under his government than death. The ancient edition of this card shows the figure harvesting heads and limbs of human bodies upon a field.

This may be an expression of an old superstition, which said that those limbs with which man sinned would grow out of his grave.
Probably a distorted teaching of the Law of Karma or cosmic reaction, which is also ruled by Saturn, at least in the execution. He is the planet or cosmic function (let us say planet for convenience sake) of Formation, which means also determination in Place and Time, limitation, definition, etc.Now let us see what Papus says. Waite shows the figure on horseback, which is not inadequate for the ruler of Capricorn, which succeeds to Sagittarius: action and definition in space and time are born from thought. Thus it is more or less related to the matters which astrology connects with the eight house of a horoscope, such as death, legacies, the affairs of the dead, and so on. In material matters, as a rule, it is a symbol of death, either the death of persons, or the failure of a project.Further readingMore information on Death Tarot card. None of the information on this blog is intended as a substitute for or reason to delay seeking convention medical treatment.We are not responsible for any transactions conducted by professionals listed on this site or the contents of other websites.

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