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A Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) monitoring system is proposed to measure the voltage and current generated for wind mill farm, it is considered as a target application. Vivek Kaundal , Rajesh Singh , Madhu Sharma , "Wireless Parameters Monitoring Simulation and Design in Wireless Personal Area Network Using 2.4 GHz Transceiver Module for Wind Mill", International Journal of Energy Engineering, Vol. IntroductionDue to the drawbacks of wired network systems, now a day’s all the wired system is being replaced by wireless systems. 5– 7 MW for offshore sitting and variable speed turbines are three major developments characterize in a wind machines. The forth development is the adoption of gearless wind turbine eliminating gearboxes as weakest link in the chain of modern wind turbines. Eliminating the burdens associated with cabling, the proposed wireless network enables sensors to place on the each individual mill to monitor voltage and current so that we can optimize wind farm productivity. The data from the wind-power generator will be collected with the help of proposed system and wired RS-232 Interface.
Hardware DevelopmentFigure 3 and Figure 4 shows the interfacing of transmitting section and receiving section .The brief descriptions of components which is used to design a transmitting and receiving end are given below-a) LCD unit- The lcd jhd162A (16x2) is interfaced with AVR microcontroller to display the dta information.
The LCD data pins 11,12,13,14 are connected to port C (PC0 through PC3) of the AVR microcontroller.
It is low-power; 8-bit CMOS architecture with AVR enhanced reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture.
ResultsThe results of proposed system are shown through the appropriate GUI which is designed using MATLAB. Conclusions and Future ScopeA low-cost solution to enhance the remote monitoring capability of wind mill system is proposed. Portable model of WPAN system for monitoring voltage and current of wind –electricity generator is designed and developed at lab scale and found that(1)It is secure, robust and low-power consuming.(2)It can operate on multiple channels to avoid interference with other wireless devices (5) Continuous monitoring can help fault detection of particular wind mill in wind farm. The proposed system will provide a method to investigating the behavior of each windmill and will reduce the monitoring cost. Again different sensors for the measurement of parameters like wind speed, temperature, and humidity, will be interfaced for correlation and investigation of the effect of environmental loads. This method can also be applied to energy generation like Solar, Fuel cells, Hydroelectric etc.

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