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The destiny number 5 is a popular individual.  People are drawn to your fun and charming nature. It is important that you choose a career that you feel passionate about, one that allows you to channel your energy in fun and exciting ways.
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DISCLAIMER – Information and opinions offered on We Write You Tell are of a complimentary and holistic nature and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. So happy to finally be able to show you my project using these cute granny squares to make a Granny Square Poncho!

You possess excellent communication skills and have an ability to use your quick thinking mind to help you deal with any type of character with ease. Please consult a medical professional before undertaking any advice or treatment suggested on this site.
Destiny number 5 is symbolised by the five pointed star of the Pentacle’s cards used in tarot. Bringing holistic healing, alternative health and all things spiritual to the everyday person. You love to travel to new and exciting places and you find learning new information and discovering new things exhilarating.

You’re full of energy and life, are independent in the strongest sense of the word and possess an exciting zest for life. You must try not to get too wrapped up in your own adventures and remember to be aware of other people’s feelings.

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