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The result is a "well educated" estimate of a particular website's current, up to date value.
Website Outlook: They do the valuation by using a number of factors like traffic rank, Google pagerank, backlinks, directory listing etc. Blog Worth Calculator: A simple tool that estimates the value of a blog by using link to dollar ratio.
I am pleased to read the worth of my site and I am finding ways to improve the quality of contents and the code so that the load time be reduced and more users may access the site.

Most of those services pulls different website related data from different sources and then by using certain algorithms they determines the value. These can definately only be used for fun, I checked 6 of my sites on all of them, plus the few others mentioned in these comments, and the differences between them are huge! Different sites adopt different approach and ways to calculate domain and website value and other reports. Websiteoutlook can give you a pretty good idea about the number of pageview and the worth of a website or domain name.

It provides information about estimated website value, traffic statistics and earning potentiality of a domain name.

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