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I just moved into a new home and my electric dryer my knowledge, they do not make an adapter that changes the dryer Turn off the power. NOTE: It is very important to supply any device with a voltage in the range it is designed for.
Electrical systems differ around the world - both in voltage and less critically, frequency.
Occasionally, you will find 100-127 volts at 50 Hz, such as in Tokyo, Madagascar, and some Caribbean islands. If the voltage and frequency for your device is the same as where you are travelling, then you need to worry only about the physical plug.
If the voltage provided by the local supply is not within the range accepted by your device, then you will need a transformer or converter to convert the voltage.
A device that lets you insert a plug into a different socket is an adapter: these are small, cheap and safe. If your device has one of these plugs and you can adapt it to the others, you have 90% of the world covered. For hobbyists: if you can't find an adapter, and you're staying for a longer time, just buy a separate plug at your destination, remove the existing plug, and attach the new one. As a last resort, a Type C plug can be forced into a Type G socket without any converter at all if you ignore what your mother told you and stick a pen or similar pointy object into the center (ground) hole, which fools the socket into thinking a ground pin has been inserted and opens up the other holes. There's one more complication to consider: any two-pin socket is ungrounded, but all three-pin plugs are grounded. A last word of warning: many developing countries use multi-plug sockets that accept (say) both Type A and Type C. The difference between a transformer and converter is the way that they deal with the wave-form of the electricity. If your device is an electric appliance with a heating element or mechanical motor such as an iron or hair-dryer, then you can probably just use a converter, but make sure your transformer or converter is fully rated to deliver the amps and watts your device needs. You must also make sure that the power rating (wattage) of your transformer is at least 10% greater than that of the device; otherwise, the transformer can overheat and even catch fire. Transformers can be used with both electronic devices (such as those with chips and circuits) or electrical appliances (such as those with heating elements and motors).
These lighter-weight, less expensive devices can handle large wattage loads of up to 1600 watts but only step-down voltage, not raise it. Nowadays, many electronic devices actually come with a converter which plugs into the power mains and converts the current to DC. However, you still may need to be careful if you have a sensitive or expensive device that converts AC (power from the wall) into DC (battery-like current)--especially if you also need to convert the voltage.
Even though 60 Hz converts a little more easily to DC than 50 Hz does, there's enough tolerance in most small appliances and electronic gadgets that you can ignore frequency. If your device won't operate with a different frequency (powerful motors and non-quartz clocks), there is really nothing you can do to change it. If you desperately need to have power at your home country's frequency, you might try using a 12V DC to AC converter intended for vehicle use.
In many developing countries, electrical supply is highly erratic and you need to take precautions to protect your equipment. The main danger is power spikes, where the voltage supplied temporarily surges to dangerous levels, with potentially catastrophic consequences.
Surge protectors are devices designed specially to protect against spikes and surges, and some are available in portable travel-sized versions. Voltage drops can be solved with a special device called a voltage stabiliser or AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator).
Virtually all laptop computers (including those with internal power supplies) will handle well a range of 100 to 240 volts and a frequency of 50 to 60Hz. Laptop computer power supplies are generally very good at accepting a poor or varying supply. If you are taking a laptop, you can use it to charge other items using a USB port on the laptop, even if they are normally not connected to it - this can save you a bundle of transformers in your luggage. If you need a new radio for international travel, consider one that includes the shortwave band (SW). Digital radio is in use in some countries, but has generally not attracted large audiences. Chargers for these may work with both 110V and 240V systems, though you may still need an adaptor plug or have to use the shaver socket. Battery sizes and voltages tend to be standard from place to place, and equipment that uses off-the-shelf batteries tends to be interchangeable. Dual voltage battery chargers for NiCad and NiMH generally cost no more than single voltage ones, but you need to look for this feature before you buy.
In some places (mostly industrial buildings) three phase outlets may be available (often coloured red). In countries with a poor distribution network, it is not unknown for single phase sockets to be connected across 2 phases to boost the voltage.
In many countries without fully developed electrical power distribution systems, the use of generators is common. Note that fluorescent and LED lighting contains electronics and must use a heavy iron-core transformer to convert voltage.
The electric motors in things like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other whiteware are often sensitive to frequency. Hairdryers are a particular risk; if you accidentally plug your 100-120V hairdryer into a 240V outlet. Televisions, many radios, video and DVD players, as well as videotapes, are often specific to the broadcast system used in the country that they are sold in, usually associated with the frequency of the country's electric current.
The final problem with transporting TVs is that many European countries, notoriously the UK, require a license to watch any live TV (over-the-air, cable, satellite, and even live-streams on the internet). DVD and Blu-Ray, infuriatingly, have completely artificial limitations introduced in the form of region coding, which attempts to limit the region where the discs can be used, as a technique to keep the various regions as separate markets.

Technically, there is no such thing as an NTSC or PAL DVD disc, as all color information is the same for both. Video cameras can usually be charged with both electrical systems so you can record during travels and view it back home. Note that to be playable on a television set using a connected DVD player, a burned disc must be in the native DVD format (same as Hollywood movies) with the "AUDIO_TS" and "VIDEO_TS" folders. If required, converting DVDs from one format to another (PAL, NTSC), can be done on a computer with a fast CPU, or you can get it done professionally. The electrical engineer's maxim: The smoke that escapes from a device or a component is its spirit without which it cannot work.
The first time you use electrical equipment on a voltage system you haven't used before, watch for excessive heat, strange smells, and smoke.
If your electrical equipment gets very hot, smells of burning (there is a distinct smell of electrically fried circuit boards) or starts to smoke, turn it off at the wall or the main switch immediately, then carefully unplug the equipment. You may find your expensive equipment has been fried and needs to be replaced because the wrong voltage was used. In Third World countries with frequent blackouts, it's not at all uncommon for a visitor to plug something in and have the power go out coincidentally. Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, images are available under various licenses, see each image for details.
At 25? with the rated input 100-240Vac charged to the primary a rated load, on the secondary, every parts of the case surface rise 65? or less. The amount of the Best Value discount will be reflected on the final order checkout page and will be allocated proportionally to all promotion items in the Shopping Cart, including the Best Value item itself.
PEET Dryer is a clever, easy-to-use device that's designed to remove moisture, odor, and bacteria from your footwear and gear. Replacing a 3 prongs cord with a 4 prongs cord Maytag electric dryer by Not all Electric Dryer Power Cords are Created Equal One of the last things most people think about when selecting an electric dryer is also one of the most crucial Electric Dryer do-it-yourself troubleshooting and repair guide. For example, connecting a device that is designed for 110V to a 230V supply can be very dangerous.
On the other hand, there's 220-240 volts at 60 Hz, such as in South Korea, Peru, Philippines some states of Brazil and Guyana. If your device is electronic and uses electronic chips or circuits, such as a computer, printer, TV, microwave, VCR or even a battery charger, you will need a transformer. Step-up transformers allow you to plug a higher-voltage device into a lower-voltage power socket (such as using a UK device in the US).
Before buying a transformer, look for the "input" figure: usually on the device's plug or in the manual. However, if this won't accept a foreign voltage (check the plug) do not place a second converter behind it. If all the electrical appliance does is produce heat or light (except fluorescent lighting), then the frequency is unlikely to matter. They may run faster or slower than they should and may be damaged in the long run as a result. A device will convert AC to DC either to save battery power by allowing you to plug into the mains or charge a battery in the device.
However, if you also need to change the voltage (because the voltage of your device is different from the mains power voltage), you cannot use a switching-type converter. However, most of these (especially those commonly found in stores) output a "sawtooth" wave instead of a sine wave.
In developed countries, the main source of spikes is lightning strikes, but, in developing countries, they're most often associated with power outages since when the power comes back on, it rarely does so smoothly. Instead of 240V for example, you may get only 200V or even less (50% of the nominal supply voltage is not unknown). The exact FM range being used in a few countries is different, so you may not be able to access all stations. This way, you can receive news and information from all over the world (BBC, CBC, Voice of America, Radio Australia, etc.) Shortwave is above the medium wave band (in frequency terms), but travels a lot further, especially after dark.
You may be able to get a second charger for the other voltage system, or even a dual voltage charger designed for both systems. Generator supplies can be very good; however, in many places they are bad and can cause damage to sensitive equipment connected.
In 100-127V systems this is often a screw connector while in 220-240V systems it is often a bayonet connector.
They allow any voltage shaver to be plugged into them and be used safely in front of the bathroom mirror. For TVs and VCRs, don't forget about cable television frequencies; they may not be the same, even if everything else is. Digital cameras and video cameras can usually output to both PAL, NTSC, and SECAM, so you can view your recording while travelling.
This is especially true for those residing in countries with 120V (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.) visiting places with the higher voltage. Do not disconnect or unplug by just grabbing the smoking device, its plug or cord, and then unplugging it, as these parts are probably very hot, and the insulation could be melted or unsafe, which could result in electrocution. However, if the equipment only got hot and did not smoke or produce strange burning smells you may be lucky.
If a fuse does blow, you should have things checked by an electrician before using the suspect equipment again. Discover a world of difference with BRIGHTtravels products that enable you to travel lighter and smarter. These dogbone adapter cords include 15amp male Electric Cords Power Cord Adapters Dryer Cord (SRDT) Range Cord (SRDT) RV The Whirlpool 3-Prong Electric Dryer Hook-Up Kit with Venting fits for most major brands. A few other countries using 60 Hz are internally divided, with 100-127 volts in some locations, and 220-240 volts in others, such as in Brazil, Some areas in the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. Step-down transformers allow you to plug a lower-voltage device into a higher-voltage socket (such as using a US device in the UK).

Some don't display wattage, but you can work it out simply by multiplying the voltage (V) and the current (amps (A); if it is miliamps (mA), divide by 1,000).
Again, though, some motorised devices may function correctly on either 50 or 60 Hz-- especially if they also operate on batteries. The design of power supplies where AC is converted into DC does take frequency into account. The cheapest method of protection is thus simply to disconnect electronic devices as soon as the power goes out and wait a few minutes after the power comes back on until plugging them back in. This happens especially if you're at "the end of the line" (far from the source or transformer) and is caused by the resistance of the electric lines themselves.
The principle is the same as for switching converters, except that stabilisers will produce a stable output, even with an unstable input.
You will still need to check that you have the plug that matches the outlet for the country you are going to to see if you need to buy an adaptor. Some fluorescent units might be sensitive to changes in frequency (50 or 60 Hz) if it's not the same as what is specified. Even if you use a step-up or step-down transformer, the different supply frequencies mean that motors will run at the wrong speed and quickly burn out. Furthermore, the electric frequency (50 or 60 Hz) is used in cheap clocks (such as many clock-radio style clocks) to keep the time. Bring an RCA (yellow plug) to SCART adaptor if you plan to view video from a camcorder on a European television set. Regular blank discs work fine for making copies of a foreign format, as it's all just a bunch of ones and zeros and no different than copying anything else.
Shall have insulation resistance not less than stated below as measured at 500VDC 10 MEGOHMS Minimum between the input and the output. Be extra careful each time you travel to a new destination within these countries, and ask about the voltage. It may be special order.) Make sure the wattage of the converter is sufficient for whatever device you need to operate, and the 12V battery has enough amps for the job. Some appliances, such as light bulbs and heating equipment just keep working under a lower voltage, although a 20% voltage drop will cause a 36% power drop. Stabilisers come in different power ranges, but they're all large, bulky and not practical to carry around. A handful of stations now require the single sideband (SSB) function (normally used by hobbyists for voice communication), but for most people it's not essential. Be sure you can obtain light bulbs of the right voltage, size, and connector shape in the country you intend to use the lamp, and at a reasonable price, or the lamp may become little more than junk when the bulb fails. This type of lighting has its own "flickering" frequency, which is suppose to be too rapid to notice. Allow 15-20 mins for it to cool down, then use a voltage converter (if the dryer is 50 Hz compatible). At 220-240V, the low setting becomes as powerful as the high setting was at home (with 'low' unavailable).
Increase your drying arsenal on the job site with Injectidry Power Supply Boxes and Adapter Plugs. Take care to use the right type: if you plugged a 110-to-220 V step-up transformer into a 220 V socket, you would get 440 V and a fried device. These are easily destroyed by larger spikes, and better models will have a light indicating when the MOV has broken down, but you still need to keep an eye on them as the device will still continue to give power even if the protection is gone. Most electronic devices also keep working, but voltage drops are critical for fluorescent lamps, refrigerators, and air conditioners which may stop working altogether (usually without being damaged: when the voltage returns to normal, they will start working again). Be aware that some appliances, such as refrigerators, briefly consume 2 or 3 times more power at start-up; the stabiliser should be able to provide this power. This may not be a problem for a one-off special item, but if you are going into the importing business it could be a showstopper.
However, old and defective units often produce an annoying, visible flicker, and the wrong electrical frequency might have the same effect as well. Blu-Ray discs cannot be played at all in a standard DVD player -- not even at a lower resolution.
Unless your company or organization is already equipped, locating a computer video projector in a foreign country can be a challenge.
There are also surge protectors with fuses, which are fail-safe (a blown fuse will stop power) and replaceable, but there is still a risk of a short, sharp spike which can pass through and damage your device before the fuse blows. Most good hotels and motels will be able to supply a hairdryer, and it may even be a room fitting. On the other hand, if the clock has a quartz crystal, this is used for the timekeeping, and it operates independently of the line frequency. Traveling with one is not recommended either, as they are expensive, fragile, and somewhat bulky and heavy.
However, it may be worthwhile buying or borrowing a hairdryer suited for the electrical system of countries you'll be traveling in. Inexpensive, battery-operated, digital LCD travel clocks (with a push button back light) are also available. The best advice is not to connect valuable equipment to the supply, or at the very least disconnect it as soon as you're finished. Your warranty is probably only valid in the country of purchase, and you may need to return the goods to the place you purchased them from.

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