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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to locate individuals and get their contact information through their phone numbers, then here’s an interesting piece of information which would certainly help you out! As the name indicates, Reverse Phone Directory or the Reverse Phone Lookup service just functions reverse to the conventional directory and helps you identify the contact details includes owner name, address, household members, phone type (landline or mobile) at an ease.
The phone number lookup feature of this directory enables you to identify the caller at a jiffy! The message is simple because Abraham is telling us that we don't need to worry about our beliefs or emotional problems. All we have to do is realize that when we have negative emotion, this is a sign that our currents thoughts are creating a reality we do not want, creating it ''by default.'' With thoughts that feel negative, we push what we want away from us. The proper response to negative emotion, says Abraham, instead of wondering what's wrong with ourselves, is simply to try different thoughts until we find one that makes us feel good. When through personal experience we have learned that we can create whatever we want, Abraham says, then fear disappears. And when fear disappears, then all the psychological theories don't matter any more, because they are all based in fear. One of the wonderful aspects of Abraham's message is that we can use it without having to weed and sanitize all of our ''subconscious belief systems.'' Belief, says Abraham, is nice, but it's not necessary, and not even very powerful. Our wanting has been damped down by the idea that wanting can hurt us, Abraham points out, but the thing we need to realize is that it's not our wanting that has hurt us. Abraham designates a ''group of non-physical teachers'' who speak through the collaboration of Jerry and Esther Hicks. Abraham says that our concept of getting up on the wrong side of the bed demonstrates the Law of Attraction in operation. For example, if we are picturing being rich and feeling how joyous it would be to have that experience, we are attracting ''rich and joyful'' to us. But there is a second part to the Law of Deliberate Creation, and that is ''expectation.'' Once we have launched a creation, we must then look forward to it, not with hope, but with perfect confidence that it will happen.
Abraham says that most of us came into this lifetime understanding the first two laws, and are now working on a full appreciation of this Law of Allowing. But if we did cookies the way most of us do life, instead of just enjoying our chocolate chip cookies and allowing other people to have their own experiences, we might walk up and down outside the bakery with a sign saying, ''Don't go in here, this guy makes oatmeal cookies.'' We might get others together and start an Anti-Oatmeal-Cookie League. If we thoroughly understand, says Abraham, that no one else can create in our experience, then we can allow others to be what they are.
Also, Abraham stresses, ''allowing'' does not mean ''tolerating.'' When we are tolerating someone, we are leaving them alone to do what they want, but we are feeling negative emotion about it. Without total freedom and diversity, says Abraham, the entire Universe would come to a halt. Abraham gives many public workshops, where the Laws of Manifestation are reviewed, and then participants are able to ask questions.
In introducing the tape,[3] Abraham begins by describing the various ways in which we push abundance away from us — all of which involve negative emotion. Negative emotion, says Abraham, is a message that we are receiving from our Inner Being (Abraham's term for the Higher Self) that tells us that what we are thinking is creating something we don't want.
Abraham suggests that we begin each day by telling ourselves that good things will come to us. During the question-and-answer period on the tape, a participant in the workshop asked how he could create working less and having more money.
Abraham pointed out that this question revealed his feeling that abundance was related to his work, and stressed that we must not specify how our desires are fulfilled.
And we can earn money through working, Abraham says elsewhere,[4] because action is very powerful.
And often, what we are doing with action is trying to get rid of the mistakes we made in our thinking and feeling. At this point, the participant commented that he really didn't have to make his money through work. It is not our work, Abraham told him, to say how things will happen, to outline all the steps we will take, to dictate the methods by which money will come to us.
But if creating is all done through thought and emotion, then what purpose does action have? To illustrate the point, Abraham asked a participant how she would feel about going on vacation to a lovely villa that cost fifty thousand dollars a week. We feel this way, Abraham said, because we think that this is the only fifty thousand dollars we will ever see.
Abraham's concept of segment intending simply involves taking time, as we go through each day, to declare what we would like to have happen during the next ''segment'' of our experience.
We may have, for example, the overall intention for clear communication, but that intention is not very useful for the life-segment of going somewhere in the car. When we call someone on the telephone, we can spend a moment first imagining what we want to have happen in the conversation. We take these wants and this data into our daily Workshop, where we will sit down each day and spend fifteen minutes doing absolutely nothing but thinking about having what we want and how ''delicious'' that feels. We may already be feeling happy when we go into our Workshop, and if so we can start the process right away. In our Workshop, we are to think of everything we want, and ask ourselves, ''What would it be like, if. Then, when we've written down what we want, including why we want it and why we know that we will get it, and we have ''launched the creation'' in our Workshop, we would put the piece of paper into the Prosperity Box and wait for it to manifest. To the three processes outlined above, this writer would like to add that an Abraham tape-a-day may help keep negativity away.
We look around us, and we see all the things that are wrong, all the things we have not yet been able to create. To give birth to unfulfilled desire, and then to fulfill it, which will then give birth to more unfulfilled desire. All quotes in this section are from the Abraham tape titled Introduction to Abraham, which is available free (plus shipping charges) at their website (see footnote 2). All taken from ''The Law of Deliberate Creating'' — they are repeated and amplified on many other tapes. Ronna Herman, who channels AA Michael, has been receiving information from that luminary that it would be of value to take the Prosperity Box and the Workshop concepts into a Pyramid of Power meditation. Omdat vaak dezelfde woorden gebruikt worden om verschillende begrippen aan te duiden, en verschillende woorden vaak hetzelfde betekenen, gelden de woordetiketten voor jouw emoties niet voor iedereen die zo’n emotie ervaart.

Man vraagt: Wanneer je zegt: emotionele geleidesysteem, Kun je me een beetje meer vertellen wat je daar precies mee bedoelt? Voordat we dat doen, voordat je het begrijpt, willen we tegen je zeggen dat, jij en iedereen die je kent, in feite alles wat je ziet, is vibrationeel gebaseerd…Alles!
Man: Je doet die workshops en er worden de hele tijd honderden vragen gesteld, wat zijn de hoofdzakelijke dingen die mensen je vragen? Abraham: Goed, het is interessant, de meeste mensen [en wij houden er van op deze manier, het is natuurlijk dat het op deze manier is] De meeste mensen vragen persoonlijke vragen over hun eigen ervaring. Als je het contrast van je dag-tot-dag ervaring leeft, soms sta je op een plaats waar je ECHT niet wilt zijn, en in het midden van dat contrast, wordt altijd geboren een krachtig verlangen.
Reverse Phone Directory also known as gray papers or reverse phone look up is a collection of telephone numbers and associated information, which enables you to get the details of a person, if you have their phone number. Earlier, we has to manually search the bulky telephone directories for getting details of a phone number, and it is a known fact that most of the directories are not updated with the current numbers and address, which caused more pain while searching!
You can track down any phone number you want, search data about millions of people and get satisfactory results. In order to find out the details of a person, all you have to do is enter their phone number and hit the search button. Abraham tells us, in specific ways that a child can grasp, exactly how to create what we want, and clearly explains why we must learn to create abundance for ourselves. Because fear is caused by the false perception that someone else can bring negative events into our lives. When we realize that no one else can create in our lives, when we have put this into daily practice and gained the results, then other people are no longer threatening, and we can look at them in Perfect Love. Abraham likes to say that we all know of the mother who lifts the truck up off of her child. Even those who have not formerly even wanted to understand the metaphysical worldview are drawn to the Abraham works.
Because Abraham is telling us, perhaps more comprehensibly than any other source on record, exactly how we are getting what we are getting, and how we can use this power deliberately to get what we want. Most of us can observe and validate for ourselves that when we start the day out in a negative space, we keep on attracting more of the same. We can be creating ''by default.'' In fact, whenever we do not choose our thoughts, we are creating by default. But if we are picturing being rich and at the same time feeling unhappy because we are not there yet, then our unhappiness is pushing the prosperity experience away. Abraham asks us to expect our creations to happen just the way we expect the market to be there when we are going out for groceries.
You go in and you see that both oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies are being offered. We might go on radio and television expounding at great length on the evils of oatmeal cookies and the people who make them and the people who eat them. Because we have this idea that if we allow oatmeal cookies to exist, they may take over the world? Whereas ''allowing'' means rejoicing in the diversity which alone makes it possible for our Universe to exist.
When we are directing energy at trying to get someone or something to conform to our ideas, we are actually directing energy at the end of everything!
Abraham calls emotion our ''guidance system.'' If we are feeling good, that tells us that our thoughts are creating what we want.
He says we are holding two columns in our heads: ''When money comes in, you add it, and when it goes out, you subtract it. And although we don't really know what can happen to us in that day, we can affirm that whatever happens, the best path will be shown to us. Abundance, dollars, relationships, health, — everything you are wanting will flow, in incredible, wonderful, joy-filled ways, into your life experience, and you begin to live as you intended before you came in. We do not realize how our words create what we get, how when we say that we want our work to be more profitable, we are limiting our ability to receive abundance.
When we think we need to do something to make whatever we want happen, we are focusing on what we have to do rather than on what we want. Our physical actions are for joy, and no action that is without joy can truly have the consequences we want. For that, we might want to take time to specify that we enjoy our trip, that it is smooth and pleasurable, and that we arrive safely. No matter what we are doing, we could also, with part of our mind, be noticing what we like — things that we want to attract into our lives, or things that are already in our lives and that we'd like to keep on having. For if we think about what we want with negative emotion, we push it away instead of drawing it to us.
This can just be a plain cardboard box with a slot in it, or it can be something beautiful that we decorate in a way that pleases us.
There are hundreds of tapes, at this point, on everything from healing addictions to raising children.
Het is interessant, in alle bijeenkomsten die we hebben gehad sinds 911, komt het sporadisch naar boven. Voelen de mensen die die persoonlijke vragen stellen, achteraf dat ze geholpen zijn, nadat ze met jullie gesproken hebben? Nu op het moment dat dat verlangen is geboren, zelfs als je het niet uitspreekt, straal je het vibrationeel uit. Unlike traditional directories, where you can locate a person’s contact number if you have their name, Reverse Phone Directory helps you find the contact details like name of the person, address if you have their number and avoids tedious manually searching efforts. But now, things have changed, discovering details and knowing business contact information is a cake walk, thanks to the technological methods of Reverse Phone Directory which made it possible. You can find people by either providing their phone number (landline or mobile), or by giving their name or by business type or even by their street address or Zip codes of the city and state in the search boxes of this directory. You will be provided all the information – from name to address of the person owning that phone number. Then, later, we can ask ourselves, ''What is it that I really want to create in this area?'' And begin, with positive emotion, to dwell on that. The Abraham group claim that it was the Hickses' combined energies, and not only Esther's, that enabled the message to come through so clearly.
It doesn't matter whether we think of wanting something or of not-wanting it, the ''something'' we are thinking about is drawn to us.

Instead, we are drawing to us experiences that mirror our state of mind: noticing rich people, and feeling unhappy that we are not one of them! Once we start mentally and emotionally ''creating'' a smooth journey everytime we go out in our car, for example, it is more likely to happen this time, and even more so the next time, and the next. Listening to joyous music, burning incense or using an aroma diffuser, reading something uplifting, walking in nature, thinking about what we love. But whatever the subject matter, it is almost impossible to listen to an Abraham tape without lifting one's vibrations into the positive.
Mensen willen weten, hoe kunnen zij hun leven beter maken, hoe kunnen zij meer geld aantrekken?
Utilizing Reverse Phone search services have comprehensive databases that contain all the phone number caller information that helps you identify the caller instantly, you can now track the unknown numbers which annoy you, disturbing prank calls and even protect your family from the trouble of harassing calls without seeking assistances of detectives or policemen. The best part is all your search contacts will be kept confidential and no one will be notified about you are using search services, not even the person you are looking for.
Reverse Phone directory is perfectly safe, secure and legal way of knowing the details of caller and your private search details are kept confidential too. Abraham likes to ask how long the mother would have to go to the gym before she could lift a truck by believing it.
When none of these things seemed to be working, we might even kill all the bakers, just in case some of them might be secretly making oatmeal cookies when no one else was looking.
And when you take score, you cause a resistance in your vibration, and push more dollars away. By this prepaving, we can divert negative events that otherwise might have made their way to us through previous miscreating. Reverse Phone look also provides you an elaborated background history of the caller along with the location thus helping you identify the person troubling you immediately. This also facilitates multiple searches and you can conduct multiple number checks from a single comprehensive database conveniently.
In the same way, Abraham suggests that once we have launched a deliberate creation it is there in the same way that the market is there.
So you might as well get used to being someone who always temporarily has unfulfilled desires.
Zelfs al hebben ze de raket van verlangen gelanceerd, ze gaan door met het praten over waar ze zijn, wat niet de plaats is waar ze willen zijn. Once you turn to be a member of Reverse Phone Directory, you can do unlimited searches of landline and other listed numbers, perform advanced people search and also rejoice discounted cell phone and background reports. Wat je hoort, zelfs wat je voelt met je vingertoppen, of wat je proeft met je tong, of ruikt met je neus.
Vaak rechtvaardigend waarom ze het antwoordt op hun gebeden nodig hebben, of waarom ze de vervulling van hun verzoek nodig hebben van iemand. You can even obtain details about numbers which are not listed in the phone book like numbers related to real estate deeds, lawsuit filings, and government agencies, through this Reverse phone directory, as it picks up data from public record sources as well. Niet realiserend dat op ieder moment dat ze doorgaan met het slaan op de trom van wat er fout gaat, ze zichzelf vibrationeel apart houden van wat het is dat zij willen. En wanneer we egoistisch vragen zeggen, bedoelen we dat als een extreem compliment, omdat je alleen kunt zien door de ogen van het zelf.En wanneer je vraagt, is het altijd gegeven. Dus, als ze geduldig zijn, en gewillig om te luisteren, en bereid zijn om wat te oefenen van wat wij aanbieden, vele van hen ontdekken dat wanneer zij hun aandacht richten op wat zij willen, en beginnen met het praten over wat zij willen, en doen alsof het nu gebeurt, of zich verbeelden dat het gebeurt of zich proberen een tijd te herinneren toen het gebeurde, als ze beginnen met het te bereiken van de vibrationele essentie van hun verlangen, dan geeft het Universum hun het bewijs dat ze zoeken. Maar de meeste mensen vragen om verbetering op verschillende gebieden van hun leven, en dan houden ze zichzelf [zonder het zich te realiseren, of zonder dat ze dit willen doen] in vibrationeel verschil naar waar ze om vragen. Dus als je in een moment, je aandacht aan iets geeft, dat er voor zorgt dat je in verbinding staat met wie je werkelijk bent, met andere woorden: Een Perfecte verlenging van de Bron-Energie. Dat je de Gods- Kracht toestaat om door je heen te stromen, puur en op een niet-verzettende manier.Wanneer je dat doet, je emoties laten je weten dat je dat doet, en Dat is de emotie die Geweldig voelt!
En dat is ook waarom ze zoveel credit toewijzen, aan zoveel buitenstaande krachten die fictief zijn. Je vraagt constant, dus stap 1 is automatisch voor gezorgd, door je blootstelling van je contrasterende levenservaring. Maar wanneer je je gefrustreerd of boos voelt of wanhoop, een van die sterkere negatieve emoties. Wat dat altijd betekend is: jou aandacht op dit moment, zorgt ervoor dat jij een vibratie aanbiedt op dit moment dat uit verband is met Wie je werkelijk bent. Dus dat is wat we bedoelen wanneer we zeggen, als je naar bewijs zoekt, wat wij willen dat je aan jezelf bewijst is dat, jij hebt makkelijke, ervoor klaar zijnde, constante, standvastige, altijd beschikbare toegang tot BRON-ENERGIE!
En met een oogwink, [veel minder dan het je neemt om iets op je computer te leren] kun je jezelf standvastig en constant in vibrationele verbinding brengen met de Bron die jij werkelijk bent. En dan vraag je gewoonlijk niet om bewijs.We weten dat je vraagt namens degene die zich dat afvragen, maar wanneer jij in verbinding staat met BRON. Stap 3 is echt waar het bij ons werk omgaat: Stap 3 is wat jij nu een weg moet vinden op de een of ander manier om een vibrationele gelijke te zijn met je eigen verlangen. Dus iemand zegt: Ik wil meer geld, en wij zeggen : en hoe zou het zij als je meer geld had?
De kunst van het jezelf brengen in vibrationele verbinding met WIE JE WERKELIJK BENT, wat  echt heel erg goed voelt, en met wat je wilt.
En met tijd, veel mensen beginnen te ontdekken, dat gewoon door een beetje anders naar dingen te kijken, en heel belangrijk door: het willen, meer dan wat dan ook van je goed te voelen!
Wanneer je zegt: Niets is meer belangrijker dan dat ik me goed voel,dan en alleen dan, ben je bereid om een manier te vinden om tegen de dingen aan te kijken, die je in een vibrationele plaats houden, die dan de dingen waar je om vraagt binnenlaat. Als je een lucht uitzicht kon zien, van je levenservaringen, zoals wij dat doen, zou je al die prachtige dingen zien, waar je om hebt gevraagd, opgesteld pal voor je je deur. Maar ze hebben verlangens, en als ze de deur ook maar een klein beetje open zetten, met sommige technieken die we leren, dingen waar ze om gevraagd hebben, beginnen binnen te stromen. Ze beginnen te vertrouwen in hun eigen vermogen, om alles te kunnen bereiken wat ze willen.

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