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Body Piercings have been around for the longest time you can imagine and in many different cultures. Actually, eyebrow piercings started off only as a fashion statement brought in by the Punk subculture during the 1970’s.
Even as Brow Piercings are now so trendy and fashionable, most people don’t know anything about them.
Some more information you might want to know if you are interested in getting an Eyebrow Piercing is how to care for it. Don’t take the original jewelry out until your piercing is fully healed, which would be approximately three months. Remember; if you want to get an Eyebrow Piercing today just come visit our 514 Ink Tattoo and Piercing Shop on Queen Mary Road in Montreal, metro Snowdon. Don’t forget to print or download your 514 Ink Piercing Promo Coupon and bring it to our store for an instant discount! If you notice a pus-filled red bump near the pierced region, then it indicates an infection.
The price of the piercing will be somewhere between $20 and $80 in any standard piercing salon. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry.
What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd. TweetEyebrows are a dominant part of our appearance, the thick area of hair on the face which shapes the eye and defines the face for both men and women. Everyday a different special effect for your eyes can be achieved, your eyes can be fashionable all the time. In case you would like to get a new hairstyle, the most important factor that you have to take into consideration is your face shape. If this is the face shape that you have, then you should avoid the sharp cuts at all costs.
If you happen to have a round face, you should know that the uneven cuts look the best on you.
It is possible that your face looks something like the face shape of Kate Bosworth and in this case you could choose to have a center part.

The women with round face look simply amazing if they have a pixie hairstyle – just like Ginnifer Goodwin’s. Those women who have a long face shape should be thinking about getting blunt bangs cut across the forehead. The bob is one of the trendiest hairstyles of the season, and so it is no wonder that a lot of celebrities have it. The girls with heart shaped faces have to think about the fact that the top of their face is wider than the rest, and so they need to balance it.
Sometimes curly hair could get heavy, and so you should make sure that the ends are tapered. Originally, body piercings were sort of a rite of passage where adding a piece of jewelry to their bodies could help identify a person as courageous, strong or worthy.
The Punks, followed by the artists and celebrities of the recent decades, have helped the eyebrow piercings become very popular ever since. It doesn’t matter which eyebrow you pierce, the location of the piercing does not indicate a sexual preference! Brow piercings have a tendency to migrate if they are not pierced deeply enough or the jewelry is too thin or heavy. Your piercer will advise you to use a larger jewelry at the beginning to accommodate the swelling of your brow, but you can change it for a smaller CBR after 6 weeks usually.
Although eyebrow piercing was introduced in the 1970’s, it has still not gone out of fashion.
According to some people, this kind of piercing causes the same amount of pain experienced during eyebrow-plucking. Unless the piercing has undergone complete healing, it is not advisable to experiment with different styles of jewelry. We have a need to maintain our eyebrows in many ways, some have such heavy eyebrows that they constantly need to attend to them through trimming, tweezing or threading and some have such little hair on their eyebrows they invest in eyebrow tattoos or seek brow transplants. Your entire appearance can actually change if you lose your beautiful brows, it may be a result in a loss of hair through a medical condition or it may be through a case of over plucking it, whichever it may be you may want to find a solution to mend the problem as soon as possible. To know what face shape you have, you should pull your hair back from your forehead and trace the shape of your head with lipstick on a mirror. The good news is that you could have any length you like, just make sure that there are shorter strands around the face to frame it.
The easiest way to achieve this is to pull back the hair into a sleek ponytail, at ear height.
This is because all the small pieces emphasize the cheekbones and draw the attention to the eyes.

The best option is to have the bangs cut to brow length, because this way the bangs break up the face and they create the illusion of a wider face.
In case you have a square face shape just like Paris Hilton, one of the best haircuts that you can have is to get an asymmetrical bob. It is best if the hairstylist cuts out the heaviness of the hair, and this is why curly hair is usually cut dry.
After the entry and exit points are marked with a pen, a hollow, sterilized piercing needle is passed from the outside corner of the eye through the eyebrow. Wrong placement of the piercing or an allergic reaction might lead to jewelry rejection and migration.
In order to make the face look slimmer, you could go for a deep side part and also consider getting long side swept bangs. You could have a cropped cut, blunt bob or layered styles; no matter what you like, you can be sure that it works for you. The secret in this case is to have smooth hair and to avoid bouncy and frizzy hairstyles because they could add bulk. This is one of the best haircuts for round face since it helps you to highlight the cheekbones.
This way you can soften the edges of your face and you can create the illusion of proportionality and harmony.
Such curls can be achieved with the help of hair spray that can help you get the beachy waves. To have your hair in its best shape, you should cut back on shampooing and make sure that you use the right conditioner.
If you would like to have some texture and to avoid a severe look of the face, apply some dry shampoo on the hair and then straighten the ends.
You may be thinking about getting longer bangs to make the distance between your forehead and chin look smaller, creating more advantageous proportions. In case you would like to have more texture, you could wrap random sections of your hair around a curling iron.
Following the aftercare instructions during the healing period helps avoid such complications.

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