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Normally for eyebrows I have my HG product - Wet N' Wild brow pencil, it's a lot easier for me to apply pencil to the brow then gel or shadow. A Bay Area based Beauty Blogger & Freelance Makeup Artist, sharing my infinite love for makeup and all beauty related trends. I already spend what I think is too much time on my makeup as it is so I am always looking for products that make certain steps of my makeup routine faster and easier. Formula: This kit is comprised of two parts a tinted brow wax (left) and a brow powder (right). Most of the time I use the wax to outline and shape my brows then I will fill them in with the powder.
It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol.1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!
I do NOT have a brush specifically for eyebrows so I couldn't apply it to my best abilities but the provided brush in the kit was sufficient for this review. I recently ordered from ELF during their 60% off sale, and I have to say, I was DISAPPOINTED with a lot of the stuff I ordered and I ordered over $150 worth of stuff!

You can instantly make a look more dramatic and make your eyes stand out by just filling them in a little bit. I used it once and I am pretty happy with it though I do have a hard time applying the gel side with the brush, it might just take some practice. I thought since I spend so much of my own free time buying and trying the new affordable makeup this ever changing beauty world offers well, then I might as well share it with someone! Ya I plucked the crazy stray hairs but that was about the extent of my eyebrow grooming process.
Now that I have realized how important grooming and accentuating your eyebrows can be I can't step out of the house without paying them a little extra attention. The wax is a little thinner in consistency so it doesn't make your eyebrows feel like you went over them with a glue stick yet it is strong enough to keep the brows in place. As I got into makeup more seriously and started watching YouTube videos and all that jazz I started noticing that everyone payed a lot of attention to their eyebrows and started to notice that they could make quite a difference. I bring this in my purse often (the one above is new but this is my second one) and it never got broken.

The liquid eyeliners I purchased this time were clumpy and reeked of this super strong and harsh smell (whereas the liquid eyeliner I purchased from Target a few months ago was great), and their nail polishes weren't properly capped, so half of them dried out. I also like that it comes with a little mirror which I actually use when I use this product. The brush is precise enough that you can use the wax to draw the outline of your eyebrows which is nice also.
Though it is small the bristles are good quality and has two sides that work well to really tame those brows.

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