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You know all these 0845 and 0870 numbers you’re given to deal with your bank, or renew car insurance are chargeable to call.
Go on, give it a try next time you need to renew your car insurance or contact some big fat institution, and pay less for your phone calls Just Say No to 0845 and Say No to 0870 – use this link below to find a cheaper number!
Click the link further down this page, then enter the name or 0845 or 0870 number of the company you want to call. Stop unwanted calls!Register HERE for the FREE Opt Out TPS Telephone Preference Service, to stop your telephone number being circulated amongst call centres.
BT Infinity Fibre Broadband – When Can I Get It?Want to see if your Exchange area is enabled for Fibre Broadband Service? When BT decided to install trackers in everyone’s vans, forcibly implement Saturday working & shift patterns, I felt my only option was to leave the company I had so loved to be a part of-for the last 23 years. Time for a new start & hopefully if I am successful I will inspire many others who feel stuck in a similar helpless situation.

Cost of calls to 0845 numbers varies and it is difficult to know in advance unless call costs are made clear by the number holder. Telephone numbers that start with 0844 are premium rate numbers used by businesses or organisations who use them as a means of partially funding their own telephone services. For anyone who wants to keep their land line separate from a business line using 0844 number is also the ideal way forward.
Under new rules implemented from 2010 the Consumer Rights Directive makes it illegal to use a premium rate number for anyone ringing a customer service line or a complaints line.
Many telephone pricing packages allow the caller to have free calls at certain times of the day or at weekends but these free calls do not extend to 0844 numbers and this is something of which many people are not aware. Well, simply scroll down and click my link Say no to 0845 or Say No To 0870 and type in the number you’ve been given, and if there’s an alternative direct local number, charged at either low rate or free, it will be listed! If you have Slow Broadband, untidy wiring, Internet keeps dropping or just need some help give me a call! Register your phone line with the BT Telephone Preference Service TPS each year and it takes your number out of circulation amongst companies. You know all these 0845 and 0870 numbers you're given to deal with your bank, or renew car insurance are chargeable to call. Along with so many other telephone engineer I felt betrayed- the new management style was far removed from the previous 'caring' company we all worked for.
Back in the day when I started out as a British Telecom Engineer, this is what it felt like. Customers call from all areas of the United Kingdom and get charged a standard amount whatever their geographic location. Another advantage is that consumers often feel that 0844 numbers project a businesslike professional image that local numbers do not.
Other legislation to be implemented means that companies will be forced by law to advise a caller what rate is being charged for the callers number and the callers supplier will have to publish all rates. Clearly there is a greater transparency needed surrounding the pricing of calls so that callers can understand what is being charged when they make a call. Well, simply type in the number you've been given, and if there's an alternative direct line, charged at either low rate or free, it will be listed!
I really miss working for BT-as it was, & over the years have gained so much knowledge as a telephone engineer that it would be a sad waste not to put it to good use. This has been seen as a fair way to charge for calls and for businesses with multiple offices it has also been seen as a way of gaining customer loyalty as everyone pays the same.

Customers also believe that these numbers are much more accessible so have a greater faith in believing that the company cares. At present most callers get a message advising them of the cost of calls from landlines but not from mobiles.
One of the advantages of these numbers is that any business, small or large, pays the same amount and so it has been seen to be more competitive for smaller enterprises. It is not common knowledge that telephone companies must offer their customers a blocking service to refuse access to these numbers from their land line. In the future it will be necessary for the message to state that it is not a local rate, a term which was abolished in 2004. There have been many complaints to the Telecommunications Ombudsman to put a clear end to the ambiguity concerning costs of calls to premium rate 0844 numbers as even Ofcom, a body which oversees telephone services can give no more advice than other websites. 0844 numbers have been particularly popular with companies that have large call centre as they can allocate number ending for each separate department. This legislation followed on from many complaints when young people were phoning these premium rate numbers to vote for contestants in reality shows. Costs of calls to 0844 numbers can vary and you would need to consult a pricing code which can be found by looking on the Internet. This means that customers can ring the area of the business that they want to reach without going through a series of recorded messages or a switchboard where they may be left holding on for a long time. The code is very complicated but with persistence you can find out the cost to yourself and how much the company receives for routing calls through an 0844 number. There is also the opportunity to reroute calls to any mobile number so self employed people can also receive their calls whilst on the road. Many Internet criminals have used this type of number to commit fraud by persuading an unsuspecting person to down load a program that dialed premium rate numbers leaving the person responsible for the bill with large sums of money owing.
According to a recent article the price of calls changed depending on the 5th, 6th or even 7th digit in the number which makes the whole system totally impossible for most people to understand. There have also been schemes used in television programmes aimed at children which encourage them to ring a premium rate number knowing that they would be unaware of the charges. These schemes have resulted in many people choosing not to use 0844 numbers as they often think that they will end up with a huge bill for the call.

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