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The iPhone 5 sold out at many retailers over the weekend, thanks to more than 5 million sales, but there are still many stores with the iPhone 5 in stock, ready to buy without a wait in line.
This free tool searches the near real-time stock of many stores including Best Buy, Sprint and Radio Shack.
The iPhone 5 is available online from Apple and carriers, but won’t arrive for 3-4 weeks, which is why many users may want to head in store to purchase the iPhone 5.
All of these stores should be able to sell an iPhone 5 on contract or off contract and add the phone to an account, just like going to Apple or a carrier. In my search of San Francisco, New York City and several cities in Ohio I found the iPhone 5 in stock at many retailers, sometimes the iPhone 5 is out of stock in one store, but a block away it sits on a shelf ready to be purchased. Stock changes quickly so many stores list a yellow sign on the map, and a call for stock notice.
Unlike Best Buy, Radio Shack, and The Apple Store, corporate AT&T stores will take orders and call you when the phone arrives. SMLa€™s research into this topic spanned two years with speed assessments in work zones in Colorado, Ohio, Arkansas, and two Texas work zones. The research found the lowest compliance with a work zone speed limit was in one Texas work zone with a speed limit of 50 mph. SML testifies in may local, state, and federal courts as a court recognized expert witness in radar and laser gun development and use. We looked at El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, New Mexico both with city-wide bans on hand held cell phone use.
We next went to school zones to see how effective the use a hand held cell phone i??in school zones ban was progressing.
Another effective tool in controlling school zone speed limits is the use of mobile or permanent radar speed displays showing drivers their speed.
Optical pre-emption means an emergency vehicle can change the color of a traffic i??i??control device from red to green.

In store pickup will likely be an option once stock returns to normal levels in a few weeks. We offer you a wide variety of household services such as oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and cover even rubbish removal. It is published in many police, DOT, and public safety magazines on topics ranging from the dangers of cell phone use, comparisons of radar and laser speeds, adherence to local and state work zone speed limits, verification of the accuracy of radar detector detectors, effectiveness of speed displays in speed control, and developing products for highway safety. These fist sized radar i??drones transmit a police radar signal up to a mile from their location.
Please do not contact us if you received a speeding ticket as we testify only for the prosecution. For users looking for an iPhone 5 farther from home it’s a good idea to call and check or see if they can hold the iPhone 5 for a short period while traveling to the store.
In the Arkansasi?? work zone with a posted limit of 60 mph the highest compliance was recorded of 15% of 966 vehicles.
Seven states including Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maine, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Florida recognize laser readings state-wide. Drivers with radar detectors think the police are ahead when their detector alerts, and slow down. All images, text, and research are strictly controlled by the Copyright laws of the United States and the State of Texas. Despite efforts of a€?Doubling Speeding Finesa€? in work zones and more draconian warnings drivers, drive the speed they feel reasonable and prudent. We measured the percentage of drivers on their hand held cell phones when the school zone was active and in-active. The Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A &M University studied compliance with Doubling Speeding Fines in work zones and found almost no effect on the speed drivers drive. We noted in both samples females as a group were twice as likely to be on their phone while driving compared males.

Radar detector detectors, RDDs, have been with us for over a decade and are used to enforce radar detector bans, especially in trucks. Many cities have been given legal standing in establishing their own a€?commercial enforcement divisionsa€? in enforcing federal and local restrictions on radar detector use. Manually gaining statistics is the old fashioned way, but sometimes the old way is more accurate. If you are over the work zone speed limit, expect a not-to-happy ticket with your picture in the mailbox.
A radar reading was made on a vehicle and then a laser speed reading was made on the same vehicle.
He concluded that only 16 comparisons varied by more than one mile per hour or .08% and accepted laser speed readings.
Aside from having a patrol car in each work zones, radar displays get drivera€™s attention and they adjust their speeds accordingly. In this study, we compared some 2,648 speed readings on individual vehicles using six different laser guns and five different radar guns. Judge Stanton did caution that a speed reading past 1,000 feet was questionable due to the laser beam divergence.
Here again, in both samples female drivers as a group were twice as likely to be on their phone than the male sample.

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