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APRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference, August 25, 2015, in Dubuque, Iowa.
When Donald Trump insulted John McCain and questioned his status as a "war hero," some analysts dubbed it the turning point of the Trump campaign. Luntz presided overA the focus group Monday night in Virginia; it featured 29 people who either support Trump or haveA at some point during the campaign expressed support for him. Their unfettered support has fueled Trump's rise in Republican primary polls and kept him in the top spot for months. The focus group shouldA not be considered representative of the Republican Party as a whole, or of the electorate in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.
APRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a news conference, August 25, 2015, in Dubuque, Iowa. On Trump'sA feud with television personality Rosie O'Donnell, one panelist said she "attacked him first." A majority of respondents reacted negatively to his comments on McCain, but Luntz said Tuesday night that Trump was the only candidate this cycle to score a perfect 100 from respondents when they viewed his comments on veterans. Almost everyone in the room agreed when Luntz asked if the media was "more about inciting than informing," and all but one panel member agreed or did not respond when asked about whether they are inclined to automatically support Trump when he is attacked by media outlets.
The default tab lists your tweets in reverse-chronological order and shows you the number of impressions and engagements. This is the sort of data that Twitter and other social networks have historically made available only to their advertising clients.
GCconnex began with the three consultation questions—and expanded to over 120 group discussions on the Blueprint 2020 GCconnex group focused on areas of particular concern to public servants. What could the [Canada School of Public Service] do to help improve learning in the public service in the context of Blueprint 2020? In countless ways, deputy heads, engagement champions and employees have made this engagement process their own. Communications Security Establishment Canada built its Blueprint 2020 activities on MOSAiC, an ambitious engagement strategy for individual, physical and organizational transformation. Engaging employees working in a variety of small and large organizations is never the same story.
Marc Gagnon, Canada Border Services Agency,and Diane Lafleur, ADM Lead, Blueprint 2020 EngagementProcess, at a Blueprint 2020 time capsule event heldat the Canada School of Public Service.
As part of its engagement strategy, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development held a webinar with employees at headquarters and at posts in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas on Blueprint 2020. A number of organizations are building engagement efforts into ongoing renewal initiatives. Federal regional councils are uniquely positioned to show how engagement can take place across organizations. The Ontario Federal Council also held a series of interdepartmental Blueprint 2020 sessions in many communities including Sault Ste. Jodi Leblanc, Veterans Affairs Canada, Sarah Reda, Federal Youth Network, Stéphane Tourangeau, Transport Canada, Marc Sanderson, Canada School of Public Service, Nick Frate, Federal Youth Network, and Erin Gee, Canada Revenue Agency, prepare material for the 2013 Institute of Public Administration of Canada conference in Montreal. The Federal Youth Network (FYN) connects young and new professionals and future leaders across the federal public service. The National Managers’ Community (NMC) connects federal public service managers from all departments and agencies across Canada to strengthen capacity, innovation and engagement.

On August 20, 2013, members of the academic community and others had an opportunity to participate in a Blueprint 2020 round table as part of the 65th Annual Conference of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada. A National Student Paper Competition on the Future of the Public Service was launched in fall 2013. Ken Rasmussen, Johnson ShoyamaGraduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina, atthe 2013 Instituteof Public Administration of Canada conference. No controversy appears to faze them out of the many Trump has endured a€” from controversial comments over immigration, to the McCain comments, to a bitter, lingering feud with Fox News and host Megyn Kelly.
One panelist asked the others in the room "how many" of them had not changed their positions on anything over the past 15 years. PanelistsA appeared particularly disdainful of most mainstream media outlets, claiming that "the media" is collectively seeking to discredit Trump. That changed on Wednesday, when Twitter announced that it’s opening a feature to all users that allows you to see exactly how many people viewed and engaged with each of your tweets, along with a demographic breakdown of your followers and several other analytic tools.
Still, it’s a nice gesture at a time when Facebook continues to take a PR beating for the unfathomable opacity of its news feed algorithms.
If you do you can register for updates, get in touch if you have further questions or look at the page which suggests further websites which will give you more information about the Bible. Participants offered many positive comments and shared constructive suggestions whenever sensitive issues were raised. The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) provided webcast support to help departments share their Blueprint 2020 discussions with staff across the country. For example, the Correctional Investigator Canada reached out to all its employees (36 FTEs) using staff meetings to gather broad-based and formal feedback. The event was also an opportunity for mission employees in places like Panama, New York, Boston, Vilnius, Stockholm, Kingston (Jamaica), Dublin, Delhi and Oslo, to participate in discussions on the future of their recently amalgamated department. The Canada Border Services Agency has integrated Blueprint 2020 as part of its Border Modernization Initiative.
For example, the Alberta Federal Council invited public servants from a range of departments and networks to sessions in Edmonton and Calgary to share views on the vision. Two in particular have played a key role in reaching out to managers and the next generation of Public Service professionals. Since the launch of the Blueprint 2020 exercise in June, FYN has mobilized thousands of public servants. On October 3, the NMC held halfday sessions in all regions to enable dialogue on the vision and share key ideas.
Participants commented on a range of issues, from the role of the private sector to the tools needed to support engagement and future competencies. The competition aims to bring out research presenting new knowledge and understanding that will help to turn Blueprint 2020 into reality.
This feature has been a while in coming: I first reported that Twitter was experimenting with it back in June 2013. And it might help to reassure you that there actually are a few people out there reading, even when it feels like you’re tweeting into the void. More than 50 other Blueprint-related groups were also created on GCconnex (for example, the Canada Revenue Agency and Public Safety Canada established department specific groups).

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canada Revenue Agency, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Department of Justice Canada, as well as the Federal Youth Network have all held webcasts at the School.
Meanwhile, over 21,000 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees participated in Blueprint 2020 town halls, team meetings and a wide variety of events at its headquarters and in offices across the country. As well, the Blueprint 2020 activities at National Defence have aligned with the Defence Renewal engagement activities already underway given their shared focus on employee engagement. In addition, it held a series of social media learning events to introduce participants to Twitter, GCconnex, GCpedia, and LinkedIn. The Council’s Leaders without Borders graduates helped to hold events reaching out to managers and staff. It has helped promote many departmental and regional events, held networking events, and encouraged discussion on social media.
It is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration, the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans and universities nationwide, in collaboration with the Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business, the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy University of Regina, the Canada School of Public Service and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada. That includes clicks on your username, clicks to expand the tweet, and clicks on any attached links, in addition to retweets, favorites, and follows.
It could also give you a better idea of what types of tweets resonate with your followers and which ones fall flat. Using GCconnex has highlighted the benefits of a social media platform employees can use to exchange ideas about the future of the Public Service. CRA employed a new tool called Destination 2020 which allowed over 40 percent of employees to discuss topics of interest and vote on the ideas and proposals of their colleagues. These events helped people see how these tools can play a part in connecting people to do their jobs more effectively.
These gave future leaders the opportunity to participate and share views on what is needed to make the vision a reality. It has also held an Armchair Discussion in collaboration with the Canada School of Public Service and various experts within the government.
Using those results, a second nation-wide event, on December 5, will come up with concrete actions and steps to help achieve the vision.
And I learned, as Alex Howard has also pointed out, that tweets with photos attached tend to do better than text-only tweets. Then you can stop boring the hell out of everyone with stray thoughts that are probably amusing only to you. The tool proved so useful that CRA shared it with other departments and agencies to help them in their Blueprint 2020 activities. The second webcast alone attracted thousands of viewers from over 60 different organizations and over 1,400 unique tweets. CSPS also hosted the Blueprint 2020 Time Capsule Ceremony, an opportunity to demonstrate public servant commitment to action in a very personal and real way.

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