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One of the most simple and accurate ways to find out when youa€™re ovulating is to use home ovulation tests such as the ClearblueA® Digital Ovulation Test. You use ovulation tests the same way you would use a home pregnancy test: you hold the Absorbent Sampler of a test stick in your urine stream and you see the result in a window on the test stick. ClearblueA® Ovulation Tests will tell you the best 2 days to conceive - the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation.
The ClearblueA® Fertility Monitor with Touch Screen maximizes your chances of conception by identifying up to 6 fertile days. The ClearblueA® Fertility Monitor gives you comprehensive, personal information that is unique to you.
Because it charts temperature rise after ovulation it can only be used to predict ovulation in the next cycle.
Ita€™s also worth bearing in mind that your body temperature can rise for a number of other reasons (including illness, drinking alcohol, hot drinks, movement and restless sleep), which can confuse matters. If you have a regular cycle, you can try to predict ovulation by carefully recording the length of your menstrual cycle. During your cycle, the type and amount of cervical mucus a€” a secretion made by glands in your cervix a€” changes.

The main advantage of this method is that it gives you a better understanding of your body, making you more aware of the changes your body goes through during a cycle. Some people think that your saliva changes according to the amount of the hormone estrogen in your body, and there are kits available that can help you to monitor these changes. So, if you have sex on these two days, youa€™ll be giving yourself the best chance of getting pregnant. It not only shows your 2 Peak Fertility days, but also detects a surge in estrogen which will identify an extra 1-5 days of High Fertility before ovulation. To use this method accurately, you have to take your BBT first thing every morning to build up a complete picture of your cycle. That means you have to have a very regular cycle to be able to work out exactly when you will ovulate in the next cycle to make the most of your most fertile days. Youa€™ll need to record the length of your cycle for at least a couple of months to build up a full picture. However, it can take time to learn how to a€?reada€™ the changes, and your cervical mucus can be influenced by other factors, including infections, sex and some medication. However, according to studies2 no link between saliva changes and estrogen levels could be found, and it was concluded that this is an unreliable method of ovulation prediction.

As your partnera€™s sperm can survive in your body for several days, having sex on those days can also result in pregnancy. If you have a very regular cycle, you can assume that you will ovulate between 12 and 16 days before your next period starts. By making a note of these changes, you can predict when you will ovulate so you can have sex on your most fertile days. You may also be fertile for a few days before ovulation, as your partnera€™s sperm can survive in your body for several days, so having sex on those days before ovulation can also result in pregnancy. However, the day you actually ovulate can vary by several days between cycles, even if you have a regular cycle.

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