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The incidents taking place have been so strange and terrifying that local shamans and other religious leaders have simply given up, abandoning the town. But upon her arrival, Chan-young discovers that an all-star team of supernaturally-inclined heroes has assembled to rid the village of evil. PARK the exorcist (Kim Soo-ro), Shi-min the monk, Wol-gwang the clairvoyant, Seung-hee the tarot master, and Seok-hyeon, an engineer (Lee Je-hoon).

Chan-young follows the heroes as they prepare for an epic battle against the village's evil forces.DirectorSin Jeong-wonis known as a master of the comedic horror or black comedy film. Mysterious accidents continue and 5 fortune tellers from across the country come together to perform an exorcism and keep out the evil spirit; Mr.
PARK the exorcist, Shimin the monk, Wol-gwang the boy who can see the future, Seung-hee the tarot master, and Seok-hyeon an engineer.

He intends to create an atmosphere of horror through creativity and style instead of relying on massive budget.

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