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Right after you select the audio version you will be presented with a 2 free audio books trail.
Compare this to audible single book trail and you know why going via Amazon makes you a winner.
This I found by pure chance, but as it turns out, if you pretend to cancel your account, Audible will give you 50% discount over the next 3 months.

Awesome, hope you liked this little Audible hack on how to get 2 free audible audio books and 50% for 3 months without a promo code or discount code!
If you are already a registered Audible member (logged in on your regular Amazon account) there will be no prompt that offers you any Freebies…. First you can get 2 free audible audio books with this post plus an additional 3 months at 50% discount without any promo codes or discount coupons.

I went to Amazon type in the book I wanted clicked audible and It said my audio book was $10 was not able to get 2 free Audio books this way.

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