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Free Coloring Page: Jesus and the Children - we read the Beginner's Bible for most of our stories, so I think they will love this!
Add a PostTo post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet which will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards. Do you or someone you know need the life-changing, wonderful impact that the Bible offers?  If you would like to participate in the E100 Bible challenge and live within the greater Philadelphia region, but need a Bible, please register below. First, display your Bookmarks bar by clicking the "Wrench > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar" or by typing CTRL-SHIFT-B2. Has Satan been successful in throwing a blanket of silence over the one great truth that could revive the Laodicean churches of today?
Jesus spoke about it with such unmistakable clarity that no one need be in doubt or confusion. The plan of salvation has made infinite provisions for our justification and sanctification, but the restoration of all things will not be accomplished until we are freed forever from the contaminating presence of sin.
Almost the whole of Matthew 24 is mingled with warnings about the endtime program of Satan to delude the whole world on this issue. Indeed, they have been announced through the pages of the worlda€™s most prestigious newspapers. Because of their lack of biblical knowledge, millions of Christians will be ready to receive the spurious claims of this brazen impostor.
When popular television news commentators announce, with great excitement, that Christ has appeared in London, New York, or Rome, the vast majority of listeners will believe it is true.
Perhaps you have rushed to the scene to expose the crafty pretender, but you are not prepared for the awesome reality facing you. Because there is a natural response in every human being to the unusual and the spectacular. He will be seen by every living soul in the world as He gradually descends through the atmospheric heavens. One angel smote the Assyrian army during the night and 185,000 were dead the next morning (2 Kings 19:35). In addition to being highly visible, there will be some very loud sounds associated with the second coming of Christ.
Yes, there will also be a convulsive, world-wide earthquake, more destructive than any ever seen before. Huge mountain chains will be shattered into fragments, according to the graphic language of the prophet. The wicked try to escape into the caves of the mountains and pray to be blotted out of existence rather than face a holy God.
Obviously, there will be nothing secret about the rapture of the saints, and the so-called a€?secret rapturea€? is only a figment of the imagination. The popular concept that Jesus comes secretly seven years before the end of the world to snatch away the good people has no Bible support whatsoever.
And the interesting thing is that He gave such a clear explanation of the phrases that hardly an unprejudiced mind could be misled.
If we are willing to accept the Bible definition of terms, there can be no ambiguity about what Jesus said. Beginning in verse 26 Jesus likened His coming to the days of Noah: a€?And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
In every case there had been a separation of the good from the bad, and then the wicked were slain. Yet, this connotation has been applied by those who are desperately trying to find inspired support for an empty tradition. Every Christian needs to understand how this fabrication of error was designed to neutralize the great Protestant Reformation.
In response to those charges, the hierarchy assigned two Jesuit priests to develop counter-interpretations that would turn the onus away from the Catholic Church. Why could those famous Protestant spokesmen see no danger in being allied with the Church of Rome? He taught that the antichrist was to be some future superman who would appear near the end of time and continue in power for three and a half years.
For the first time, it was espoused by Protestant teachers who were seeking ways of reconciliation with Rome. The mark of his power is etched upon the cemeteries of the land and on the war memorials of the dead.
For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortalitya€? (1 Corinthians 15:51a€“53). Jesusa€™ feet will not touch the earth at that time, but all the redeemed will be caught up to meet Him as He descends. It is no wonder that so much of the Bible is laced with glowing descriptions of that climactic event in time.
The nominal Christian (who represents the majority) holds very mixed feelings about the event, largely because they lack the personal assurance of being ready to meet Him.
As a child I would watch her put the layers together, and then apply the delicious icing to the top and sides. Then I would look longingly at all that delectable icing on the cake as it slowly settled into place. It was freshly decorated, and I watched in fascination as the thick chocolate icing oozed almost imperceptibly toward the bottom of the cake.
Without any reservation I can assure you that I did not want to see my mother come at that moment.

All four of Goda€™s original gifts to man will be restored, including the perfect conditions of the Eden paradise.
Surely that moment will be the climax of all the fondest hopes and dreams we have ever cherished. Millions have been deceived by an incredible array of false theories that have spread like wildfire among evangelical Christians. According to Jesus, the very elect will be assailed and threatened by the cunning impersonations of the evil one. Highly sophisticated advertising copy has proclaimed the imminent appearance of the divine a€?Incarnationa€? who will have the answers to all our problems.
A majestic being, dressed in a glistening robe, towers above all the thousands who try to press in to his side. And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? They were literally watching our Lord with their physical eyes as He disappeared into the distant sky. The good and evil inhabitants of all nations on earth will look up together and behold the glory of His train filling the sky.
We are told in Matthew 25:31 that a€?all the holy angelsa€? will be in attendance when He comes. Multiply that kind of glory by a few hundred million and you can imagine the brightness of the advent. I have never personally played a trumpet, but my two sons tried to learn the art when they were children. The wicked, in particular, will be profoundly affected by the approach of myriad of heavenly beings as they escort Jesus toward the earth.
We have just read the clear Bible statement that the wicked are dealt with at the same time the righteous are given immortality. The wicked do not continue living on the earth for seven years after the mythical rapture of the righteous.
Terrible accidents were reported to have occurred simultaneously around the world, killing thousands of people. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. This verse alone contains all the evidence we could ever desire about the meaning of the disputed term.
Jesus did say, a€?The one shall be taken and the other left,a€? but what does the context tell us about the meaning of those words?
If the context teaches us anything at all, we must conclude that the one who is left will be left dead, just as it was in Noaha€™s and Lota€™s days. The unscriptural two-phase coming has been repeated so often and so persistently that millions believe it must be true. If the facts of history were known by Protestants today who defend with such great emotion the rapture theory and the futurist antichrist doctrine, they would be horrified. In spite of the fact that the two men founded opposing schools of interpretation, their theories have survived to form the basis of most modern Protestant theology today.
Because they are deceived, along with millions of others, by the Catholic-contrived theories of those two priests that have almost eclipsed the historic, biblical position of the Reformers. It is his clever, unscriptural theory that has been resurrected by modern evangelical Protestant Christians.
Through the influence and writings of John Nelson Darby of the Plymouth Brethren Church in England, the new doctrine spread to the United States. The cries and tears of the saints have filtered through all the years of every generation since Adam sinned. Most churches have accepted the claims of the rapturists, who have rejected the historical view in favor of these recent revisionist errors.
The high point came when mother let me lick the pan, or clean out all the icing that was left sticking to the pan.
Often it would be so heavy on the sides that the icing would droop and accumulate on the plate.
Finally, it seemed almost ready to spill over the edge of the plate, and I could resist no longer.
And I believe this is the reason so many are afraid to see Jesus comea€”their hands are filled with the stolen treats of this world. The old familiar places will disappear and nothing we know now will be unaffected by that event.
But there will be one tremendous difference between the quality of life in the new Eden and the old. Even the evangelists are saying little about this spectacular occurrence that is mentioned 331 times in the New Testament alone. He declared that false Christs and deceiving prophets would appear in the last days, working undeniable miracles. According to John the Revelator there are many times more than a hundred million angels in heaven and all of them will be with Him as He returns. Just as a vivid flash of lightning on a dark night penetrates to every corner so that no one can hide from it, so will His coming be.
I can only say one thing about trumpets with absolute certainty and that is: They are not silent! John described how they will try to avoid the presence of the One whom they have rejected and denied.

As millions of Christians suddenly vanished without a trace, driverless cars and pilotless planes careened out of control. And when we read the next verse, there can be no doubt that this is exactly what Jesus was saying. There is probably no more dangerous doctrinal distortion in the world than this, because it could delude the majority of professed Christians into being lost. Not only did they effectively blunt Luthera€™s assessment of the papacy as the antichrist, but they also cleverly divided and diluted the a€?protesta€? of all the churches that grew out of the Reformation movement. If the spiritual descendants of Luther and Wesley now had the same doctrine that they taught, not a single Lutheran or Methodist would favor any kind of alliance with the papacy today.
And today millions of Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, etc., hold this anti-Protestant concoction of the Jesuits as some kind of infallible doctrine. During the middle and latter nineteenth century, it received its biggest boost from Cyrus Scofield, who incorporated it into the notes of his Scofield Reference Bible published in 1909. What a day it will be when the curse of transgression is lifted, and the most dreaded of all human enemies is eternally banished. The eyes of the blind will be opened to gaze in amazement upon the immortal faces of loved ones who have been recognized before only by touch or sound.
As a result, millions of contemporary church members are looking for events that will never take place.
It was always the most terrible temptation for me to clean up all that excess icing on my finger, but Mother had given very specific instruction not to do it. Carefully and cleanly, I slid my finger around the rim of the plate, accumulating a gob of the forbidden frosting. Adam received only a conditional grant of immortality, whereas the redeemed will be given an absolute and unconditional access to the life of God. And God forbid that any day should pass in which we do not pray with longing desire for our Lord to come soon. After explaining that he had been in the church for fifteen years before hearing his first sermon on the subject of Christa€™s return, he stated, a€?Now I know why the devil does not want this subject to be preached.
The paper carried many articles about little children who had apparently disappeared into thin air while on their way to school. When Paul and his companions suffered a storm at sea and the clouds were dark and lowering, he described it as a€?when neither sun nor stars in many days appeareda€? (Acts 27:20). And even though the power of choice will remain, not one of those immor talized saints will ever choose to disobey God again. Poverty, disease, war, and death are the most common sources of stress, and those conditions will cease to exist when He returns.
You watch in amazement as he puts forth his hand to touch the blind, lame, and diseased who prostrate before him.
Only the spiritually careless and uncommitted were left behind to pick up the pieces of a shattered society. Does this portray the silent snatching away of millions of people while others are totally unaware of what is taking place? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered togethera€? (Luke 17:37).
Luther and other stalwart protestors against Catholic errors would be astounded if they were suddenly resurrected to hear what is being taught in the name of Protestantism. One moment in the presence of Jesus will compensate for all the suffering and self-denial of a lifetime on earth.
Because of the demonstration of Goda€™s character and Satana€™s character, as revealed in the age-long controversy, the universe will be secure from any further rebellion or disobedience.
These words do not convey the least idea that our Lord will come sneaking around like some common criminal. Every created being will see the results of such a course, and none will choose to repeat the painful experiment.
The cry goes up from hundreds of voices, a€?Jesus has come!a€? You are strangely affected by the waves of joyful emotion that seem to immerse the adoring multitude who fill the streets. That great noise corresponds to the shout and trumpet of Paula€™s epistlea€”a sound so intense that even the dead are awakened. Can we trust the Bible, or should we put some strange, twisted meaning to that word a€?appeara€? in order to support what we want to believe? Lindvall and illustrated by Kent Puckett, these timeless stories of the Bible are retold in clear, simple language children will revel in and have in mind.
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