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Birth chart is an individualized horoscope of a person wherein its accuracy is dependent on these three factors: the birth date, the time of birth, and the place of birth. A birth chart provides prediction about a person’s love life, health, opportunities, and more.
Birth chart, also known as, natal chart is a tool used on astrology to gain detailed information about the whole personality of a person basing on the relevant data given — date, time and place of birth. Specific date of a person should be given to determine the position of the stars and planets at the very same day you were born. Since the planets and all other heavenly bodies are continuously moving, each movement corresponds to a single second. The accuracy of this method is often questioned by many; but there are many others who really believe on its relevance to life, career, and love.
As you aware that the details of date ,place and time of birth is a prerequisite to cast a horoscope chart in Astrology?
Indian vedic astrology which is thousands of years old and has evolved over a period of time very efficient tools to determines the strong influences of planets people may be subject to at different stages of their life.
Guru Prasad asks: (5 months ago)I am learning astrology since 2003, but from 6 years I do not have teacher, I am away frommy teacher, I cannot meet them.

Therefore, even a minute difference in the time of birth will make a considerable effect in the result of natal reading. The exact location at the time of birth is vital to verify the position of the planets, sun and moon as they revolve around the earth. The chart is the basis of the predictions and it indicates the position of the planets in the solar system with the ascendant fixed on the basis of latitude and longitude of the place of birth, the date and time for a given birth.
Is it the end of the road for such persons as far as the astrological predictions are concerned? So if you are one of those unlucky ones who lost the birth details or do not have any source to know about the birth details ,do not worry , Vedic Astrology could help you to get your predictions accurate. Her speciality is Marriage , Issues and Relationship problems- To know more about vedic Astrology visit this┬áBlog here. Cancer we know for sure that all the aspect by the time of the Sun astrology predictions in around four billion years’ time. I want to learn but there is no guide to teach me whether my way of thinkingor givingjudgment onhoroscope, is good or bad I do not know. Based on your little experience with these houses find out which kid of job is suitable to you.

To be able to understand deeply, below is the expounded definition of what birth chart is all about. No if you consider the western astrology and Yes if you consider the eastern or Vedic Indian Astrology.
Many people gives their horoscope to tell about them, I will give result on basin of their horoscope but I am getting confusion whether my result is good or bad, that is problem. Do not allow yourself to be dictated by the predictions because as defined, a birth chart is just part of the divination in mythology where scientific meaning has not been established.
Anyone can get answers for their queries by casting a chart for the given time and place of making the query.The chart so cast would throw meaningful insights into the problem raised by the individual at the time of making the chart.

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