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Numerology is an important aspect of astrology, which helps in determining the life and future of a person through numbers. Harmony In Vibrations In Indian Numerology You Have a Close Relationship between Planets, Numbers, and Alphabets. Numerology, just like other Indian Vedic sciences, pushes us to connect with our inner-self. Free Numerology number calculator … The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. Gematria Calculator use is to find meanings of words and phrases by converting them into numbers ( Numerology ). This classification was assigned because: the application was scanned by the Aptoide Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected.

Also you have a compare system, that let you compare your input to common inputs from our database or to the Bible(in hebrew only). Its not just calculator words you can give a number and get list of words equle to that number. Numerology is the study of numbers and the relationship between numbers and certain characteristics of an individualls personality. The program is designed to calculate the risk of a person suffering from a heart attack in the next ten years depending on various factors. This is a software that can be used on a daily basis and helps you keep your home and office clear of all clutter. It gives an insight to any relationship and helps analyze the similarity and differences between couples.

This software can also be used by unmarried couples to decide the marriage date based on numerology. This software describes the significance of the different calculations used in numerology to understand the personality of a person as well as the significance.

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