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We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. The common features of the people of this Sign are they will achieve whatever they want by their hard work. The common features of the people of this Sign are they will achieve victory by their hard work and smart ideas. As a Senior Faculty member in IOB staff college for over 6 Years, he has conducted hundreds of Training programmes on H.R. He is also involved in various social service activities through different organisations such as Exnora, Thambraas, Sri Ram Samaj, Uratha sindanai etc., Further He is also an active member in Retirees’ Forums.
For enabling the Marriages for Brahmins also, he has established a separate organisation named Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials. He is affected by a minor polio since childhood but never considered it as a Disablity or Drawback.
He finds immense Happiness in visiting and helping old age Homes & Orphanages periodically along with colleagues. He has high reverence & regard for Sri Kanchi Mutt and addressed various programmes to students & devotees in the presence of both the Acharyas which he considers as a rare privilage. He is an ardent follower of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba whose thoughts inspired him for commencing the Matrimonial services way back in 1991 at Thanjavur as a free service activity. He carries high values for our Culture and Religion and is not in favour of inter-caste marriage.
He carries high sense of Humour and loves the company of such people as Humour is highly contagious. He also derives immense pleasure in attending weddings & blessing the young couples with his standard ‘Radhakrishna Photo’ which he as given to thousands of people. Apart from the above he likes many other things also which includes, Talking to people, Visiting Temples and Places of Interest, Viewing News Channels, Watching Cricket, Discussing Politics, Gardening, Cooking small items and above all Sleeping etc.
He strongly feels that irrespective of our problems, everyone of us can be still more happy, if only we decide to do so.
He hates hypocrasy and selfishness and is very much against unwarranted formalities, sentiments and various False Beliefs which pollute our minds. He is always highly positive & optimistic in his approach and motivates others also in the direction. Counseling is part of his daily routines which he is doing over phone & in person as Free Service for years & years. He is simple in nature, courteous & pleasant in his approach, and easily accessible to everyone over mobile or in person.
He gives abundant importance for maintaining cordial Relationship with both Relatives & Friends as well. His Father Narayana Iyer was also a Banker and served in Nadiambal Bank & Lakshmi Vilas Bank. He hails from Nerur (Near Karur) which is very well known for the great Adhishtanam of Sri.

He has secured various awards of sevai chemmal, sevarathna etc.,from Lions Club and Others for his meritorious services to the society though he is neither keen nor elated by them. Looking back, he is satisfied & happy over the various roles he has played as Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Employer, Banker, Trainer etc., He is also happy that he has been instrumental for the wedding of more than fifty thousand people over the past 20 years and also in enlightening plenty of persons through his vibrant Training Programmes & effective counseling. He is immensely thankful to all those who are responsible for his success in life so far including his clients, staff members, relatives & friends. Feature like digitally annotate books and interact with other readers in real-time make reading more exciting. Served in Indian Overseas Bank for over 30 years in various capacities and different places including Kaniyur, Trichy, Chennai, Calcutta, Coimbatore, Thanjavur etc., Took up VRS in 1998 for mainly dedicating himself for noble social service. Instead, comparing himself with others, who are worse affected than him he feels rather fortunate.
Besides participating & enjoying Sai bhajans , he follows Bhagwan’s Golden words ‘Love all, serve all’ ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’ as his motto in Life.
He finds pleasure in attending Humour club Meetings also besides enjoying comedies in T.V channels. He is happy that the gift is being preserved and cherished by them in India and abroad as well.
He is very much Taste-conscious and prompt in giving feedback both Positive & Negative then and there.
He is also totally against Horoscope matching which is mainly responsible for enormous delay in marriages.
He feels Happy that he is able to bring lot of Solace & Happiness to thousands of people in the process, bringing at times Transformation too ! To quote an example, he never went for Horoscope matching while fixing alliance for his daughter as advocated by him for others & made this as open declaration in her profile itself.
He never fails to attend important occasions and feels happy in Greeting them on all Festivals. With all humbleness he feels, he is nothing compared to various Great people, with glorious achievements. With the Blessings of God Almighty and Best wishes of one and all, he is confident of achieving much more in the days to come! You can also upload your own books, join book groups with similar interests and follow activities of other members.
The other features include uploading your own books from URL or a computer and share them with friends or with a group, Follow other readers and view their activity on the site, Add descriptive tags to books, Find readers (”gluttons”) with similar interests. He is closely associated with the activities of ‘Udavikkaram Welfare Association for Differently Abled’ for over 15 years. He gives more importance for Conscience & Manithaneyam and noble qualities such as Honesty & Integrity.
His Book in Tamil titled ‘Nalla Murayil Thirumanam Nadaipera’ has been applauded by one & all. He also mixes them suitably in his Training programmes to make the Events more impressive & memorable.

He feels God has been kind enough to give him a new lease of life with some purpose, probably to enable more & more settlement of marriages. He feels happy in taking due care of his parents, besides his Father-in-law also till his demise. He is also keen to promote a Charitable Trust for various social welfare activities including Blood donation, providing financial assistance for Marriage, Education, Medical needs etc. Using this you can not only read books online but also can digitally annotate books and interact with other readers in real-time. He also very much enjoys the Keyboard & Mandolin music of his nephew Mambalam Sai Ganesh who has given hundreds of performance for wedding Receptions.
He always welcomes negative feedback if any against him or his organisation with open mind. He is not for luxurious living & wasting money just like that, as millions are suffering from even Basic Needs. This has made him to face the life more philosophically besides kindling his urge and energy for further achievements.
He also avoids giving unwarranted advices for changing others and accept people as they are. He was a great Tamil scholar and had written thousands of Devotional poems on various Gods & Maha periyavaa as well besides a detailed Urai for Kambaramayanam in Kalakshatra.
There is even an option to chat with users on different chapters, leave and reply to comments within the text and bookmark your place in the book.
He also feels that life must be celebrative not only on Birthdays and Festivals, but throughout. He feels Gratefulness is the number one Quality to be cherished by Everyone but regrets that it is missing very often.
He feels very much disheartened to see that people are very often Penny-wise, and Pound-Foolish, spending lavishly at Times & becoming extremely calculative and bargaining for petty matters ! Son Saikrishnan a graduate in Engg is also actively involved in the organisation as Marketing Executive.
He is also fascinated by the writings & lectures of renowned Gurujies like Brahmakumaris, Jaggi vasudev, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Swami Sukhabodhananda & others. According to him, the secret of happiness lies in focussing on what God has given to us rather than lamenting on what has not been given.
As per Gita’s message he maintains his joy and sorrow well within limits, and keeps his expectations always at minimum level. He is also of the firm view that Happiness depends on not only physical health but also Financial Health, Mental Health and Spiritual Health as well as Four Pillars.

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