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FREE Internet Access Hotel in DusseldorfWireless Internet access - WiFi is available in the hotel lobby and in all our hotel rooms.
If your Laptop computer is equipped with a WLAN card, you may use our broadband wireless LAN for free. Of course, our hotel brochure is also available in the following languages as a printable PDF hotel Borchure. In 1973 the Internet came to Kjeller, and that was the first installation of the Internet (or Arpanet how it was called then) to Europe.
In 1993 the development of the mobile web browser started at Kjeller, leading to Opera Software.
In 2013 UNIK, Kjeller Innovasjon og Opera Software join forces to develop the free Basic Internet access to information on Wifi networks. The Internet has taken over as the source of information, being it general information as in Wikipedia, scientific information as in Google Scholar and Microsoft Academics or heath information through a variety of channels. Our goal is to pilot the free access to Internet information such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Google. Everyone should be able to open his browser, and get information about the place, travel opportunities, guidelines, education and health information.
A large number of Wifi networks have already an authentication server, providing "guest" access to the Internet. Our aim is to adapt our authentication server (AAA server) such that it allows access from limited browsers such as Opera Mini. Free Web access: Opportunity for Kjeller (onThis property is a special property in this wiki.

You should be aware that you will be on a non-secure computer network, separate from the hospital’s secure internal network.
We hope you enjoy this service and that it helps to meet your communications needs while you are our guest or visitor. Because all computers and operating systems are somewhat different, these instructions are general and may not reflect exactly what you will see on your computer screen. Step 1: After turning on your laptop, find and click on the wireless signal icon at the bottom of your laptop screen.
Step 3: Once you have successfully connected to the QMCGUEST network, start your internet browser.
You will now be at the Queen Medical Center's home page and free to browse the internet. Technical support for connecting to the medical center's guest wireless network can be reached at 691-1079 on any in-house phone. Your donation helps support The Queen’s Medical Center to provide the best quality health care in Hawai’i. Volunteers provide crucial support services that are vital to Queen's and the well-being of its patients. The Internet came to Kjeller and to Europe back in 1973, and 40 years after we have piloted the free access to basic information. The technological implementation was straight forward, splitting the access to "basic information" as text and pictures from access to bandwidth consuming services such as streaming and video services. is a global partnership between technology leaders, non-profits, local communities and experts who are working together to bring the Internet to the two thirds of the world’s population that don't have it.

Our vision is that wherever you will find a WLAN network, there you will also find free, though limited, access to Internet information. Thus, our suggestion is that entertainment, download of large files and streaming will be services which have to be paid for. Examples of this are the European Initiative for Educational Roaming Eduroam or Opera Mini provides access to Web information, but does not support streaming, large file download and other heavy-bandwidth services. You will be redirected to The Queen’s Medical Center Wireless Internet Access EULA (End User License Agreement) screen. Please note that this support does not include trouble-shooting personal laptop or device issues. A wide array of primary care and specialty care services are provided by a dedicated team of health care providers. Please read the agreement and then enter your email address on the left and click on the Accept Terms of Service box. Thus, by allowing the Wifi access to allow Internet information becoming available, we will provide a solution which can be adapted in the world. These numbers indicate that the usage of a restricted Browser like Opera Mini does not harm normal Wifi networks.

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