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In this feature, we look at some terrific apps for making free online phone calls using the iPhone. Free online phone call services are officially known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). With a VoIP app on your iPhone, you can make and receive free audio calls to people using the same app.
Placing a free audio call on the iPhone is ideal when you and the other person are in different countries. If both you and your friend are using Apple devices, FaceTime's Audio Only mode is the easiest way to make free phone calls.
Locate the person you want to call (use the Search box at the top to find them if your list is too long).
You can chat to each other using FaceTime Audio just like you would with a normal phone call. Truphone is one of the leading rivals to Skype, and while it offers largely the same functionality it has a couple of neat features that make it worth investigating.
One neat thing about Viber is you can have extremely large group conversations with up to 100 people involved at once. Some good points but with Wifi ,how secure is it both at home and abroad and what happens when you have a poor connection or even worse no connection.As you say Skype can get pretty expensive when you phone someone who has not got a Skype Account. Guia practica de Escocia y de los escoceses para vivir y recorrer el pais de William Wallace sin salir de casa. Pues si chavales, resulta que llamar a nuestras queridas madres en Espana, Colombia o Mexico, por poner ejemplos, puede resultar algo carisimo y no todos podemos permitirnoslo, sobre todo, si acabamos de llegar a ciudades como Glasgow o Edimburgo y solo con pagar el alojamiento y la comida tenemos suficiente. Para todos aquellos que no lo sepais existe un modo sencillo y muy efectivo para poder llamar a fijos en cualquier parte del mundo por apenas nada de dinero. Una tarjeta de credito o debito da igual el pais de procedencia de la misma o una cuenta paypal. Unos cascos con microfono, aunque servirian unos auriculares de toda la vida y un micro conectados al pc. Estar conectados a internet, os sugiero que si aun no lo teneis, os hagais con un adaptador wireless para vuestro pc, os facilitara mucho las cosas.
Nos sentamos comodamente, ya que nos vamos a pasar un rato hablando con la familia mientras tomamos algo, y nos disponemos a encender el pc, creo que este paso es obvio, pero por si acaso, yo lo explico.
Una vez el pc encendido, nos conectamos a internet y vamos a la siguiente pagina: internetcalls. Una vez registrados, vereis como el programa esta funcionando pero aun no tenemos saldo disponible en la cuenta de internet calls, por lo que no nos dejara hacer llamadas. Como vereis al elegir tipo de pago, os llevara una nueva pantalla donde les direis cuanto saldo quereis pasar a vuestra cuenta de Internet Calls. Una vez hayais facilitado todos los datos de pago, ya estais listos para usar internet calls. Enchufais los cascos o auriculares, si no lo habiais hecho antes y, en el recuadro inferior, introducis el numero de fijo al que quereis llamar. Apagad el emule o similares para hablar, ya que la linea lo notara y la llamada ira con retardo.

Podeis llamar a moviles, pero en ese caso, la llamada no sera gratuita, aunque si mas barata que llamando con vuestro telefono. Existen mas programas, pero creemos que internet calls es el que ofrece la mejor oferta actualmente.
Disfrutadlo, pero no se lo instaleis a vuestros familiares en casa si no saben usar internet. Ahora es el turno de mi pregunta, algui’en sabe donde puedo ver los partidos de La Liga BBVA por internet y si es posible de forma gratuita ? If you make many phone calls on your iPhone, it's worth taking the time to set up a free online phone service.
Some VoIP services are well known, such as Skype, and some are up-and-coming, like WePhone.
All of these phone apps and services enable you to make free calls to anybody else using the same service, but each has its own special features.
Placing overseas phone calls can be expensive, but with a good phone app you can place a call for free.
On the FaceTime Audio display screen are icons for Mute, Speaker and Contacts, and you tap the red End FaceTime icon to finish the call. You can download the Skype app from the App Store and use Skype to place free phone calls to other Skype users.
Firstly Truphone uses intelligent routing to place the audio via Wi-Fi or Cellular (picking the best network for the call); this results in higher-quality audio conversations. It has similar features to other services here, but is easier to set up and use than any other service in the list.
Where things get odd is that you pay extra for higher audio quality, with a Standard, Gold and VIP service. Viber enables you to send texts and calls for free to other Viber users (the service claims over 200 million).
Viber has also got a lot of quirky features like stickers and emoticons (Viber is aimed at a younger market).
Unlike other free calling providers, you don't need to be connected to WiFi and you don't use up all your data as wOnefone only uses a tiny amount for the call connection a€“ the rest of your call is totally mobile! It has all of the features that other IM app have and plus it is free calling to so many countries even to people who don't have the app!
It lets you phone free to tons of different countries worldwide, allows you to phone any number (including landlines), is completely free, and is usually really high quality!
When travel abroad have used Go Sim International Sim Cards which costs but they have been around a few years now and are proven. I take your point, but the app is still available and, in Lou's opinion, remains one of the five best apps for the job. Si no teneis dinero ni para un cafe, tambien podeis ir con el portatil a cuestas por la ciudad, probando hasta que encontreis una zona wireless disponible. Os recomiendo el minimo que son 10 euros, ya que como os decia, los primeros 4 meses de llamadas os saldran gratis, por lo que, con esos 10 euros tendreis para unos 4 meses y medio, cinco meses de llamadas a fijos gratis en cualquier parte del mundo sin limite de tiempo diario.
Esperamos os sirva para que vuestras madres y abuelas no os esten siempre diciendo que no las llamais porque no quereis hablar con ellas.

Ultimamente busco en internet mucha informacion sobre el tema y estoy alucinando con la labor que estas haciendo. Because the iPhone is a modern smartphone, apps can use the iPhone's persistent internet connection to make and receive free phone calls online. Some of them can also connect to a landline or mobile network to place regular phone calls; others are easy to set up, and some enable you to send free text messages.
Just be careful when you are abroad that you do not end up paying data roaming charges (because the phone call is over the internet it uses your data charge, and data can be expensive when you are overseas).
Skype has an advantage over FaceTime in that it can work with Skype on other devices, such as Android phones and non-Apple computers; Skype is therefore a more rounded service.
There's no registration service required, and you can add phone call credit as an In App Purchase. But WePhone is an easy system to set up, so if you're looking for a service to make phone calls on a regular basis to non-tech savvy friends, then WePhone is a good option. Viber is easy to use, and if you're trying to keep in touch with younger family members, or friends, this is a good way to make the conversations more fun. En todo caso y, para aseguraos antes de consumir nada, preguntadle al empleado que como funciona esto del wireless y si necesitais clave de acceso para conectaros a internet. Solo necesitareis descargarlo una vez en vuestro pc, por lo que las siguientes ocasiones que querais hablar con la familia o amigos, solo necesitareis abrir el programa en cuestion. Yo use mucho tiempo este programa cuando tenia que hablar muuucho a Argentina, y me vino de perlas, si no hubiera sido por este programa hoy estaria arruinada por las facturas telefonicas.
This App does not transfer your voice using Internet Data (like SIP Apps do), so the data transferred is minimum: less than 5 KB per call! Each app in this feature is terrific in its own way, but which is the best free phone call app? Skype can also place calls to landlines and mobile phones, but for this you'll need to put credit on your Skype account. It sometimes has small problems, but since they updated, the call quality has been amazing.
It's not like everyone knows about Truphone - I didn't.You're right about Skype although that is mentioned in the article. We just linked to our review of Skype for the Mac because we reviewed it more recently than the iOS app.
In this way the sound quality is also PERFECT, since the call is done via GSM network NOT USING DATA.This App does not use SIP and does not transfer the voice using Internet, so the data transferred is minimum: less than 5 KB per call! I just want to help people use a cheap method for calling abroad to their families or friends.

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