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In part 1 of this Master Numbers series we explained the general nature of Master Numbers and took a look at the meanings of 11, 22 and 33. If Master Number 55 was said to have the revolutionary spirit that bought about change, Master Number 77 is likely to be the energy that theorised about this new world order, that dared to dream of radical change and new ways of living. In terms of Master Number 77 characteristics, someone with this energy dominant in their charts will likely be a highly private and introspective person who is always testing theories about how their world could be changed for the better. In terms of Master Number 88 characteristics, someone with this energy dominant in their charts will likely be a powerful person and very persuasive and influential as well.
Just as Numerology 9 is all-encompassing, public and artistic, so Master Number 99 is but on a potentially wider scale.
In terms of Master Number 99 characteristics, someone with this energy dominant in their charts will likely be a person who cares about every single person on the planet in an impersonal way.
The depth of thought capable with this energy is astounding and with a highly introspective, analytical approach, ideas spring forward from this energy that will change the way people who listen to them think. They are not likely to be as well known as those who have succeeded with other Master Number vibrations as they do not seek fame nor fortune.
There is no other energy with the potential to be so saintly good or so demoniacally evil as with the energy of this cipher.
This vibration could be seen to encompass something of the other Master Numbers and indeed it is power in the making.

These are powerful energies and so it essential that people know they are present in their make up and then are determined to use them to their highest good. There is the capacity for tremendous spiritual growth as the 77 energy turns its back on the outside world and seeks to explore the inner and spiritual realms for true wisdom and spiritual evolution. These are the sort of people who often come up with new and valid ways of viewing the problems they encounter.
For in this energy we have strong drivers to success and power via the ability to manipulate others. There is potential for the ultimate connection to our spiritual home to be created and so there have been Spiritual Masters with this Master Number 88 in their charts. If you are one who has the energy of one or more Master Numbers at your disposal I trust that you will strive to make the world a happier place. They are likely to be the thought leaders behind a new religious movement or spiritual routine. This is the energy that dreams of how the world should be and then goes about interacting with others so as to bring their visions into reality. Which way this powerful energy will be directed is very much in the hands of destiny, but what is for sure is that the local community and maybe even the world will notice the effect the person channelling this energy will have.
This Master Number could also be referred to as the Master Performer as it will often find itself on the grand stage entertaining all the people it comes into contact with.

These people will seek to teach and guide as many people as possible towards a better life for all the inhabitants of Earth. Master Number 55 may be the wildfire that changes all it touches but Master Number 77 produces that initial strong flame.
Music is considered an international art form that transcends language and politics and so it is that those channelling this vibration to the highest will often be great performers, especially as singers. Power and ruler-ship often go with this energy and so there has to be a concentrated effort be kind and generous in their power as opposed to despotic and cruel. If the vision is for destruction, ruthlessness and chaos then that too will likely come to pass. Elvis Presley and Nat King Cole are two master performers who had this vibration in their chart.
History has served up examples of each in George Washington, regarded as the father of the USA, and Joseph Stalin, cruel and ruthless dictatorial genius whose reign over Soviet Russia resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Both men had a vision for how the world should be and used the power of their minds and manipulative abilities to make those visions a reality.

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