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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic series, products and pictures are absolute favorites of little girls. My Little Pony video games can be fun but for younger kids the painting is more fun and should be encouraged by elders. Sonic the Hedgehog, often simply known as Sonic, is the title character from the video game series named Sonic the Hedgehog, released by the Japanese video game developing company Sega. The game later inspired several animated television shows and spin-off comics which raised the popularity of the character even further. Sonic coloring pages are among the most sought after video game coloring pages all over the world with parents often looking for them on the internet. Your little princesses might already have many of the toys and merchandising goods of the franchise.
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Swetie Belly and Scootaloo will keep the kids company while you can get on with other chores.

It will help develop their sense of beauty, color, love for animals and most of all their imagination capability. The character is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, capable of moving at a supersonic speed and curling into a ball to attack enemies. The first video game that marked the beginning of the franchise released on 23rd June, 1991.
Let them now experience the fun, imaginative interaction with My Little Pony coloring pages. The fictional land, Equestria, is full of vibrant, cheerful and even villainous ponies such as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Prince Shining Armor, Cheerilee, Big Macintosh, Zecora, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra. The basic gameplay involves steering Sonic through unknown lands to collect the golden rings scattered around the levels while avoiding various obstacles.
The game was originally released for providing Sega with a brand new mascot that would rival Mario, the flagship character of the video game company Nintendo.

They are already friends with My Little Pony episodes and know which of the ponies are of what color. The character of Sonic was mainly created by the Japanese video game designer Yuji Naka and Naoto ?shima. Let them paint and smear a color riot on these free printable My Little Pony coloring pages. With the immense popularity of the game, the main character featured on a range of kid’s items like backpacks, umbrellas, pencil boxes and coloring pages.

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