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Your students will read the words in each group, cross of the words that do not belong, and then add another word to the group that does belong.
Click the worksheet preview for the full printable version of Fifth Grade Reading Worksheet 1. Flex your child's vocabulary skills with this worksheet, which has your child helping a mixed up restaurant reviewer rearrange words. Fifth graders read the paragraph about sharks then use reading comprehension skills to write the main idea and their own concluding sentence. This worksheet will help your child understand what similes are, and she'll even get to use her imagination to write some of her own!
Help your child fill in the blanks with this fun worksheet, which challenges your child to find the missing consonants to complete the sentence. You'll save time with unlimited access to thousands of worksheets, activities, workbooks, games, lesson plans, and more—all in one place.
Plus subscribers have access to this feature and many more that make getting the worksheets you want easier. The Department of Computer Science hosts the world-famous computer scientist and inventor of Genetic Algorithms (GA's), Dr. Genalytics Model 6.0 transforms large amounts of transaction data into predictive intelligence and uses genetic algorithms to automatically search and identify key combinations of time series variables found in any dataset. Starting today, past and present IlliGAL lab members and affiliates will team up to blog on genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation, and related subjects.
GECCO, I was re-reading Sam Mahfoud's paper titled "population sizing for Sharing methods".
Since niching mechanism is one of the key components of hierarchical and multiobjective genetic algorithms, the population-sizing paper deserves renewed attention.
Over a number of years, I've followed research in iGAs and some time ago, I started to collect information about market research and product development with the idea of founding a company to do just that using interactive GA technology.
Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators Library (SPRNG): An RNG library that combines various available random number generators and supports both serial and parallel platforms. Mersenne Twister (MT): An RNG which has a period of 2^19937-1 with an assured 623-dimensional equidistribution property (Thanks to Jaume for pointing me to MT). Experiments showed that a lower mixing rate increases both the population size needed and the convergence time.
Business Week article gives an overview of BBN's Boomerang project now fielded in Iraq to protect Allied troops by detecting and locating sniper fire. This story is fine as far as it goes, but as GA afficianadoes well know, the BBN effort was supported by a crack team of card-carrying genetic algorithmists. This year's Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2005) is 25-29 June 2005 in Washington DC. Those with artistic or creative talent should try their skills at designing the new SIGEVO logo as the competition ends February 7th.
Martin Pelikan's book titled "Hierarchical Bayesian Optimization Algorithm: Toward a New Generation of Evolutionary Algorithms" is now available. More details regarding hBOA and to download the software visit the hBOA page and Martin's webpage. Lately, I have moved from WEKA to D2K, a data mining framework developed by the Automated Learning Group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
We all know that computational complexity of GAs depends primarily on the population size and the number of generations. What I like on using the bisection method is that all parameter tweaking will be done automatically (and thus I don't have to do it myself), because the remaining GA parameters do not influence time complexity as much (mostly by some constant factor and that's not so important when we talk about asymptotic upper bounds).
Of course, the above thinking is correct only if larger populations lead to better solutions (given enough generations we should all be able to believe this fact) and if smaller populations do not significantly increase the number of generations (in all cases I studied, any sufficiently large population size lead to about the same number of generations, as can be expected for many variants of evolutionary algorithms based primarily on recombination). Technology Review article also highlights the history of evolutionary computation a€“ briefly mentioning the work of Holland, Goldberg, Koza, and others.
Theory and Applications of Efficient Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (CS, Feng Chia University, 2004) was ranked number one among all CS dissertations in a national competition held under the auspices of the Institute of Information & Computing Machinery (IICM). Oregon Daily Emerald reports that James Bean, noted operations researcher, genetic algorithmist, and inventor of the random keys technique for permutation and other combinatorial problems, is using genetic algorithms to help develop sustainable automobile technology in his new role as Dean of the Lundquist College of Business. The usage of EDAs can help addressing two major issues in XCS: (1) knowledge extraction and (2) structure identification.
Toronto Globe and Mail reports that researchers at Laurentian University are using genetic algorithms to schedule mining of ore deposits. Science Daily posts a University of Michigan press release entitled Falling Prey to Machines? According to Holland, the problem with developing artificial intelligence through things like genetic algorithms is that researchers don't yet understand how to define what computer programs should be evolving toward. According to Holland, advances in software have not kept pace with the exponential improvements in hardware processing power, and there are many artificial intelligence problems that cannot be solved by simply performing more calculations.
Acovea (analysis of compiler options via evolutionary algorithm) is an open source project which utilizes GAs to tune the optimization flags for GCC to yield the fastest code specifically for your computer. Another reason for the current situation is that human lifespans are no longer a good match to the turnover in intellectual ideas. So, it is in this sense, that the acceptance of SIGEVO by ACM couldn't come at a better time, and should be seen as a very positive thing.
Of course, department heads when asked about tenure and promotion will tell you that each case is special and is scrutinized without regard for brand names. It will take some time to know the overall effect, and indeed, joining a large bureaucratic organization like ACM will come with its share of constraints and costs. Sam Williams's recent article "Unnatural Selection" in Technology Review is getting some blog traction. Another script I use very often is a perl wrapper for gnuplot, the plotting program from the GNU project. This script receives as parameters a variable-length number of data files to overlap in the same plot. Don't forget, the new motherboards and processors drain a lot of power, so you need about 1.5 Amps per node. ATA Engineering announced the release of version 1.0 of the Attune package for test-analysis correlation and model updating. In beta testing, a key aerospace customer used Attune to carry out hundreds of real-time correlation iterations during modal testing of a launch vehicle payload, whereas prior to this they were limited to less than a dozen manual correlations a week. Additional information is available from the Attune product website or the full press release. Finally, a third way of approaching animation synthesis was presented by Torsten Reil, from Natural Motion. However, by abstracting the proposed optimizations on large but abstracted code with a proprietary representation, and then projecting execution time based on resource utilization and resulting code classifications for fitness, their system was able to find speedups in a just a couple of hours with only a 2% drop in speedup from that work using actual execution times. John Holland's course, Introduction to Adaptive Systems, wondering what all the genetics stuff had to do with adaptive systems. That experience on my thesis left me with a thirst to better understand genetic algorithms, how they work, and how to make them work better. My 2002 book, The Design of Innovation, tells the long version of this story, but the basic idea of little modeling is to construct models for various effects in isolation (selection alone, crossover alone, mutation alone), and use dimensional analysis to create models for complex phenomena from pairs of simpler models. More recently, Ali Yassine, Tian-Li Yu, and I have carried the little modeling approach over to organizational theory here. Marcos issued the statement after a handful of supporters congregated under a tree in Luneta Park to demand a recount.
He said the unofficial count initially showed him leading Monday night, but eventually cut his lead behind Robredo early Tuesday. He said there was a glitch in the unofficial count because his lead is cut one to two percent in every update. While Marcos decried being cheated by the Liberal Party to maintain hold in Malacanang, Robredo said it was unfair for Marcos to accuse her of cheating without substantiating it.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) will hold on May 14 special elections for more than 50 clustered precincts where failure of elections was declared.
Voters take their time in finding their precinct and voters numbers at President Corazon Aquino Elementary School.
The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) on Wednesday said the remaining votes yet to be transmitted from different parts of the country and overseas are crucial, especially in the tight vice presidential race. PPCRV spokesperson Anna Singson said they were expecting approximately 1.6 million votes if actual voter turnout will be applied.
Singson said an estimated 1.2 million local votes have yet to be transmitted considering the 81-percent turnout, while around 400,000 from overseas voting are still being awaited assuming a 40-percent turnout.
Based on the number of registered voters or assuming a 100-percent turnout, Singson said approximately 2,539,623 votes have yet to be transmitted–one million of which coming from overseas absentee voting. Marcos’ camp on Tuesday asked the PPCRV and the Commission on Elections to stop its partial and unofficial count supposedly to avoid confusion from the official one. Asked about the slow transmission on the second and third day after the national polls, Singson said it was due to failure of elections in certain areas. In the race to Malacanang, presumptive winner Rodrigo Duterte has 15,856,910 votes, followed by Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas 9,658,578.
Senate President Franklin Drilon is still leading the senatorial race with 18,075,603 votes, followed by former Technical Education and Skills Development Authority head Joel Villanueva with 18,022,180. PPCRV is conducting a quick count in its command center at the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila. Presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte attends a press conference after he cast his vote in Davao City, on the southern island of Mindanao on May 9, 2016. DAVAO CITY, Philippines—The camp of presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte has created its own “transition team” in preparation for the incoming administration.
Marcos initially led the unofficial count of votes but administration candidate Camarines Sur Rep. BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials say a car bomb explosion in a commercial, predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad has killed at least 14 people. A police officer says the explosives-laden car went off Wednesday morning at a crowded outdoor market in Baghdad’s eastern district of Sadr City. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which bore the hallmarks of the extremist Islamic State group that has been behind recent deadly attacks in the area. The Makati City Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the release for further investigation 10 individuals after the police failed to present evidence that they are involved in interfering with the normal transmission of calls to make it appear that the international call is a local call causing damage to a giant telecoms company.
In an order written by Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Billy Evangelista and approved by Deputy City Prosecutor Christopher Garvida, ordered release for further investigation are Bonna Bustilla Salamat, Fea Alyana Juarez Viray, Neil Stevens Cruz, Mark Neil Kalingking Sta. Only Yusuke Otani has been ordered charged in court for violation of Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Authorities from the Office of the Anti-Cybercrime Operations and Training Division of the Philippine National Police (ACOTD-PNP) conducted a raid last May 2 following the complaint from Globe Telecom and arrested Otani and the other employees. Authorities said the respondents were seen typing on their computers which, upon inspection were connected to a network and were using Globe simcards.
The prosecutor asked for computer forensics but the police said 24 hour is not enough to submit it and for inquest purposes, they have no other evidence to present except for photos of the sim cards attached to bond papers. In a statement on Wednesday, Marcos said his running mate supported his claim that the administration rigged the survey results days before the elections to show that its candidate Camarines Sur Ma. Marcos said the administration rigged the survey results to mislead the voting public that the administration candidates are leading. While Marcos decried being cheated by the Liberal Party to maintain hold in Malacanang, Robredo said it was unfair for Marcos to accuse her of cheating without substantiating it. Mieko Mori prays in front of the Flame of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a memorial monument for A-bomb victims where the flames collected from the ruins in the two cities since dropping of atomic bombs in 1945 have been kept burning at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Wednesday, May 11, 2016. They expressed happiness that he plans to stop at the memorial for victims of the 1945 bombing after attending the annual Group of Seven summit in Japan.
Obama will become the first sitting American president to visit Hiroshima, a city almost entirely destroyed by a U.S.
A poll released this week by national broadcaster NHK found that 70 percent of Japanese want Obama to visit Hiroshima, and only two percent were opposed. Hayashi, 59, said if Japan were to ask for an apology, that would only cause an endless and fruitless debate over who should take blame for various wartime acts. After the visit was announced Tuesday, the White House went out its way to stress Obama will not apologize. HIS OWN QUICK COUNT Bongbong Marcos shows the “quick count” action center set up in his campaign headquarters. That was the challenge of an official of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Wednesday to the camp of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. In an interview, Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon said that while the request of the Marcos camp is allowed under Republic Act 8436 or the Automated Election Law, she does not see any reason to suspend the unofficial tally—unless they could show proof of bad faith and inaccuracy.
The purpose of the unofficial count, Guanzon said, is to promote transparency in the electoral process. She also said that the poll watchdogs, such as the PPCRV, are mandated to inform the public on the conduct of the elections. Comelec chairman Andres Bautista confirmed that the en banc has not yet received a formal complaint from the Marcos camp. The camp of the senator said that they are requesting for the suspension of the unofficial tally so as not to sow “confusion and conflict” with the official poll results.
Marcos is currently neck and neck with vice presidential race front-runner Maria Leonor Robredo who is leading with more than 200,000 votes. The relative tightness of the race for president and the actual neck-and-neck nature of the contest for vice president must have helped drive voters to the polling centers. Second, the rapid pace of the Commission on Election’s unofficial quick count, conducted in partnership with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting. This is our third automated election, and the preliminary assessment is that it has considerably improved on the first two. The Liberal Party’s standard-bearer Mar Roxas also followed suit, first waiting for his running mate, Rep.
Accompanying a niece and a fellow researcher who wanted to observe Monday’s elections “in the flesh,” we caught the final minutes of voting at Nemesio Yabut Elementary School in Guadalupe, Makati. Contrary to pronouncements that school grounds and other voting venues should be free from the messy accouterments of a campaign, the entrance and driveway was littered with flyers and sample ballots, while banners and posters festooned the gates and walls.
The boards of election inspectors and watchers were gracious and accommodating in every classroom we came to visit. One BEI chair I spoke to admitted that their vote-counting machine had stopped for a brief 15 minutes during the day, but Smartmatic technicians were soon able to get it started. It was amusing how adults tried to fit their backsides into the minuscule wooden seats of the Grade 1 pupils in one classroom, and I could only pray none of these broke under the weight of the voters. Our visiting observers were amused no end by the conduct of the campaign, pointing to posters that to them seemed absurd or comical.
But the signs that roused the most laughter were plain billboards proclaiming that a public works project was “not a project of the City of Makati” but rather of the Department of Public Works and Highways. The focus of their research is on local elections in this country, but the overall view of the national voting was perhaps, for them, a means of placing a broader context to the narrower and parochial concerns in the places they’re studying. Finally, a grace note for Mar Roxas who gave a generous concession speech despite what must have been a stinging defeat. He once told a group of media women that his “ideal” job would be to buy and manage a coffee shop and wine bar in New York, where he spent many years as an investment banker. It was a surprising and, indeed, a strange admission for someone who has been steeped in politics and public service for decades now. In places where government officials enjoy (and often flaunt) their enrichment and impunity, extremist movements—including the Taliban, Boko Haram and the Islamic State—exploit citizens’ outrage. To determine the best approach in each specific case, governments must analyze the problem more effectively, which means improving the collection of intelligence and data. Armed with such assessments, donor countries must structure assistance in a way that mitigates corruption risks. In fact, corruption and its implications must inform the way Western officials interact with their counterparts in the developing world.
But, as recent revelations about purveyors of shell companies or bribery by intermediaries demonstrate, much of the real leverage is to be found at home—in the domestic financial and property industries, in public relations and law firms that burnish kleptocrats’ images, and in universities that educate corrupt officials’ children and solicit their donations.
Another important tool in the fight against corruption will be technological innovation, which can reduce opportunities for wrongdoing, empower citizens to highlight illegal practices, and enhance government transparency and accountability. More than a vote on individuals, the votes were verdicts—hatol ng bayan in Filipino—on existing governance, an indictment of the Liberal Party and the Aquino administration, one that is startling because the last six years was a period of rapid economic growth and relative political stability. What lessons might we derive for the future, including the next six years with a President Duterte? I believe we still have strong political fundamentals, a rough-and-tumble democracy, yes, but one that has checks and balances which Duterte might actually find more useful than his resorting to autocratic or revolutionary government.
Duterte will have to learn that a strong presidency comes not with rough language and strong-arm tactics but with having strong—in the sense of competence—women and men in his Cabinet. Perceptions have become all the more important in this age of social media, with an individual’s bad trip (literally) on the LRT or his being mugged on the streets going viral on social media, only to be overwhelmed by the next horror story. The Aquino administration was weak with public relations, unable to read the public pulse.  The proposed tax on balikbayan boxes and the dismissal of the  “golden bullets” fiasco in our international airport (headed by an Aquino crony) were examples of this fatal insensitivity to a large sector, the overseas Filipino workers. The new president will have the usual political honeymoon period, during which he will have to act rapidly—and visibly. Marcos was dramatic in his first year of martial law, complete with a public execution of drug dealer Lim Seng.  Then it was backsliding from there, his own cronies the worst offenders. Everyone seems to want Duterte to change the country, but let’s see how many people are willing to do their share for change.
That, of course, is the nightmare of human rights groups because that could mean instant “justice,” fall guys hauled in, dead or alive, for the media.
And the judiciary, ah, they will be kept busy, perhaps not so much with criminal cases that make it to the courts as with the attempts of civil society to curb human rights violations and moves that short-circuit democratic processes. Duterte would do well to mobilize the citizenry, build a mass movement ready to take up responsibilities, rather than just privileges. But that was part of the problem we have in the Philippines: the absence of real political parties, with members and clear platforms and visions that operate year-round rather than just during elections. We’re really in the dark for the next few weeks.  The final outcome of the vice presidential race will be so crucial. So, for now, we are a nation—Duterte supporters or not—whistling in the dark, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. One of the lasting insights from Andrew Feenberg is that “modern societies emerge from the release of the power of questioning against traditional forms of thought.” Out of this unfolding came a new way of looking at things, whose impact has made science and technology the foundation for our modern culture. In its modern context, Feenberg says, there are two ways of looking at modern technology —the substantive and the instrumental viewpoints.
With the advent of consumer culture, people now see themselves, according to Feenberg, as devices regulated by some operating manual. Every election in the Philippines, vote-buying always comes up as a major concern, a chronic plague that perennially shakes our faith in the integrity of the electoral process and democracy itself.
In the United Kingdom, vote-buying became rampant in the middle part of the 19th century, following the enactment of universal suffrage in 1832.
Closer to home, vote-buying has also been reported in almost all of our Southeast Asian neighbors. Having established the global prevalence of vote-buying, the point of this exercise is not to find comfort in having company in our misery. On the other hand, specific interventions such as voter education campaigns can have an impact. Interestingly, scholars also make the observation that vote-buying generally declines with the decrease of poverty and social inequity, and the growth of the middle class. The cynic may ask: How can we achieve this kind of socioeconomic development if it’s our corrupt political system that’s holding us back?
Mothers are all the same, anywhere in the world—they love their children as only they know how. I recall that when my eldest son Victor was born as a robust baby boy, he immediately became the favorite, not only of my husband Mafe and myself, but also of my parents’ family and the brother and sisters of my husband.
This system held on as my other children came one after another—Toti, Marissa, Jose Noel, Valentino, Marinella  and Marlo, the youngest—with whoever was the youngest at a certain time getting the lion share of the care and attention, and the older ones learning how to share and care among themselves.
As to grandchildren, it is a common perception among Filipinos that the lolo and  lola favor some grandchildren over others.
But almost everyone in the family, young and old, conceded that the real favorite was Luigi, who was born with a congenital heart problem and was treated as someone with a very fragile health. Still, a “controversy” that broke among the grandchildren shortly after we returned from the United States this February. At the family bonding to welcome our return to the Philippines, one of our granddaughters, Angeli, came across the note on the inside cover of the book and protested:  “This is not true! Paolo, the eldest among grandchildren, claimed he was the favorite because his lolo used to meet him at the Edsa Shrine when he came from La Salle Green Hills,  to add to his baon, he recalled.
Almost every one disputed Andrea’s claim of being the “favorite apo.” What makes Andrea’s claim to being the favorite apo unique and memorable is the fact that having been born in the United States, she sparingly speaks Tagalog, although she perfectly understands the language. The biggest objection to Andrea’s claim of being the favorite, came from someone closest to her—her younger sister, Carmela, the youngest apo in  the clan. One lesson I learned from that “controversy” is that young children, while they are reassured when their parents and grandparents show them that they are really loved, wish and think they, individually, are the favorite. As a grandmother in her 80s, I am happy that I did not play favorites, so no one can say I had anyone for a favorite.
I am a pure Ilocano, having been born and raised by parents who inculcated in us, their children, the values of simplicity, frugality and, yes, humility—teaching us to own up to our mistakes and to sincerely apologize for them, and make a firm commitment not to repeat them.

I am not part of the so-called “Solid North,” and probably many more Ilocanos see themselves likewise.
I am proud of my Ilocano ancestry, with the blood of Diego and Gabriela Silang running in my veins. First of all it is not true that the presidential contender who treated rape as a joke did not apologize for it; he did so after a fashion, but was not forgiven by most people who were scandalized by it.
Thirdly, I have changed a lot from my days as a “bleeding heart” against the death penalty and concerned about the rehabilitation of criminals. I believe in the integrity of PAO lawyers and their dedication to their duty to defend poor and needy clients despite their being looked down upon by their peers in government as “second-class citizens” and being deprived of benefits due them upon retirement. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Wednesday, DMPL said its subsidiary in the United States, Del Monte Foods Inc. This streamlining will affect 230 full-time employees and 92 seasonal workers at the North Carolina plant. To achieve the efficiencies from this operational decision, DMFI expects to incur one-time costs but it assured that these would not materially impact the group’s 2016 full year results, DMPL said. DMFI, which has a 26 percent market share in the canned fruit market in the US, said it’s working with local officials regarding this closure.
PSC opened 55 new stores and closed two during the quarter, ending the period with 1,655 stores. For this year, PSC has set aside P3.5 billion in capital expenditures to support its store expansion strategy. With this agreement, Ayala-led IMI told the Philippine Stock Exchange that it’s able to improve its customer base for its camera platforms, especially for the European electronics manufacturers in the industrial, automotive, and other key markets. IMI camera platform is a design platform which can be customized for various automotive applications, such as for advance driver assistance system (ADAS) and park assist system. The company said it’s currently collaborating with various tier 1 suppliers and system developers in developing their automotive cameras for ADAS. This refers to net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent firm, excluding the share in the net income attributable to the non- controlling interest of Nissin-URC, URC’s 51 percent-owned subsidiary. Cash flow as measured by earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) rose by 10 percent year-on-year during the first six months of its fiscal year to P11.98 billion, URC disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Wednesday.
Apart from the higher operating income, URC benefited from higher market valuation gain on financial assets and net foreign exchange gains. NEW YORK, United States—US shares got a solid boost on Tuesday from an upturn in Chinese inflation and a possible deal on the next stage of Greece’s bailout to avert a looming crisis. Banks, industrial firms like Caterpillar and Boeing and other blue-chips led the rally, while Amazon was the best gainer among large-cap stocks after it laid out a challenge to Google-owned YouTube with its own streaming of member-generated content.
Drugmaker Allergan rose 5.3 percent after its board authorized up to $10 billion in share repurchases, including $4-5 billion over the next four to six months. Medivation, the San Francisco biotech company developing cancer therapies, fell 0.9 percent after it said it was giving Pfizer and Amgen access to its books to support possible takeover bids. GERI is developing five integrated leisure and tourism estate developments across the country covering around 2,146 hectares of land. Megaworld, which owns 82.3-percent of GERI, has taken an aggressive role in transforming the latter’s vast land bank into integrated urban townships, a concept that Megaworld pioneered in the Philippines.
Philippine Savings Bank, the Metrobank group’s banking arm, also posted a 12 percent growth in first quarter net profit to P434.8 million with the continued expansion of its core businesses. Despite the volatility in the financial markets at the start of the year, Metrobank said it continued to make strides in its core business expansion, with sustained double-digit growth in loans and low cost deposits. Low-cost deposits increased by 11 percent year-on-year in the first quarter, bringing the bank’s ratio of low-cost deposits to 59 percent of the total P1.2 trillion deposit base. The continued build-up of low-cost deposits fuelled the 17 percent expansion in net loans and receivables to P873.4 billion, with key contributions coming from the corporate and consumer segments. Having prioritized growth in key segments, net interest margins for the period improved to 3.6 percent.
For PSBank, loan portfolio expanded by 12 percent year-on-year to P118 billion in the first quarter, mainly driven by auto and mortgage loans. On the funding side, PSBank’s deposit base rose by 24 percent year-on-year to P136.6 billion, with low cost funds increasing by 21 percent.
Over a thousand medical practitioners attended the second ECHO Summit held at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom.
Echoing the value of continuous learning, Filipino medical experts were recently given another privilege to listen and interact with world-renowned thought leaders in the field of medicine.
Now on its second year, the Experts’ Convergence For Health Outcomes (ECHO) Summit saw more than a thousand Filipino physicians (mostly internists, family, industrial, and general medicine practitioners) learning about the latest in innovative medicine and cutting edge research, as four highly acclaimed experts shared their insights on heart failure, depression, diabetes and women’s health. This year’s edition of the ECHO Summit – which was hosted last month at the Grand Ballroom of the Manila Marriott Hotel by the Specialty Cluster of United Laboratories Inc.
ECHO was launched in 2015 to coincide with the 70th anniversary of UNILAB, with the clear intent to bring innovative medicine and cutting-edge research to local shores.
The recently concluded summit saw four experts discussing topics that are all related to cardiovascular diseases, ranging from risk factors (menopause, anxiety and depression), diabetes, and heart failure, which is the end stage in the spectrum of cardiovascular conditions.
Here is a snapshot of the important medical issues and concerns that each expert discussed during the summit.
Known worldwide as a heart failure expert and the lead investigator in many pivotal clinical trials on the disease, Pitt presented a comprehensive overview of the clinical trial evidence which supports the use of mineralocortoid receptor (MRAs) such as Spironolactone and Eplerenone in the management of heart failure.
Subsequent epidemiologic studies eventually generalized these findings to other Asian American populations including the Filipino communities. Nothing from this site may be stored on Google Drive or any other online file storage system. These colorful worksheets will help you pay attention to plot and build up other essential reading skills. By studying time series patterns, organizations can identify credit risks, anticipate customer attrition, and detect probable bankruptcies.
In April 1994, a graduate student named Kate Sherwood (Ducky) put up the first IlliGAL web page. In the last American election cycle, blogging grew as a force to rival the mainstream media. The population-sizing estimate though derived for fitness sharing, also holds for other niching methods such as restricted tournament selection as well. Ever since Dawkins famous Blind Watchmaker code, and Caldwell and Johnston's Faceprints work at ICGA 91, the idea of having user-driven subjective functions in place of predetermined objective functions has opened the door to evolving art, music, poetry, and more. My dreams of a great startup were dashed one semester when during my genetic algorithms course, some students researching their class project uncovered a company that was already vigorously pursuing interactive GAs in marketing applications.
A simple idea such as a round robin of small disjoint training sets greatly helps Pittsburgh classifier systems in the quest for generality. Not only is the math difficult, but the system also had to work in the cacophony of urban warfare, including echoes from shots -- and do it on the move. An article written by BBNers Hussain, Montana, Brinn & Cerys entitled Genetic algorithms for UGV navigation, sniper fire localization, and unit of action fuel distribution was presented last June at GECCO 2004 at the Workshop on Military and Security Applications of Evolutionary Computation (MSAEC-2004). In his book, Martin presents a principled method for designing and analyzing scalable genetic algorithms that can solve boundedly-difficult, hierarchically-decomposable problems in polynomial (usually sub-quadratic) time. I know Martin and Jaume have also been using some of this tools too in their data mining related papers. LIBSVM is an integrated software for support vector classification, (C-SVC, nu-SVC ), regression (epsilon-SVR, nu-SVR) and distribution estimation (one-class SVM ). Given that we know the optimum, the number of generations can be determined by the GA itself---when the GA finds the optimum or the entire population converges to it (or gets close enough), we've got it. The basic idea is to first determine a reasonable initial interval (min,max) of population sizes where min is too small and max is too large.
To eliminate noise, the bisection can be run several times and the results of all bisection runs can be averaged (right now I use 10 rounds of bisection, each with 10 runs). To determine whether or not the second condition is at least partially satisfied, one can try one problem size (rather larger than smaller) and test whether the overall complexity decreases for larger populations than the one determined by the bisection. From jet engine fan blade design to minimizing power consumption of long-distance pipelines, the article cites several applications of genetic algorithms and genetic programming. Recently, such approaches are slowly infiltrating in the learning classifier systems world. Knowledge extraction addresses the issue of mining problem knowledge from the final solution developed by XCS. He told me that the problematic GA runs would converge to a mediocre solutions, but different parts within those solution were of good quality.
Thesis Symmetry in the Representation of an Optimization Problem and related papers, available as IlliGAL technical reports 2001020 and 2001030 are a good starting point for anyone interested in knowing more about symmetry and synchronization problems in optimization in general, and GAs in particular. While hardware performance continues to double almost every year and a half, the doubling time for software performance is at least 20 years. I've been heavily involved in the process of this transformation, and so my views are not entirely unbiased (no one's views are entirely unbiased or so any good postmodernist would claim), but I think this move is good for ISGEC, good for ACM, good for the field of genetic and evolutionary computation, and good for computer science. First wave evolutionary computation researchers (and cyberneticists of all stripes) in the late 50s and 60s were just getting their sea legs under them when Minsky and Papert's premature and misleading hatchet job on neural networks appeared and took the wind out of cybernetic sails generally. With GECCO as an ACM conference proceedings, young faculty can safely put their work there without endlessly defending their choice.
Department heads have told me that the decision to move from ISGEC to SIGEVO will make absolutely no difference to them. But, in the end, I believe the young people in the PhD pipeline will benefit immensely through higher probability of hiring, better chances to tenure, and improved prospects of funding as the once outlaw field of genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation comes in off the range, hangs up its six-shooter, and becomes a law-abiding denizen of the mainstream of computer science.
I have used it extensively to compute statistical tests, and I made a script to automatize most of the testing process. It uses the Bonferroni correction to ajust the significance level of the tests for the multiple comparisons. The script generates draft plots just to check how do the results look, without the overhead of launching other programs that can generate more fancy plots like Matlab. We mostly use the cluster to run multiple GA runs to collect statistics, and also for testing the effect of different parameters on the scalability of the algorithms (For example, see Martin's blog). That means they produce a lot of heat, but nothing that a few well placed fans and couple of ACs can't fix.
He tackled the problem by using a set of controllers and running it through a set of genetic algorithms to develop the motion he wanted out of them.
This still gave an overall 10-20% speedup when the found choice of optimizations were applied.
Shortly thereafter, I proposed applying genetic algorithms to gas pipeline optimization and rule learning, did so, and went on to take my first teaching job at the University of Alabama. And that thirst led me to try difference equations, Markov chains, transform methods, anything that I could get my hands on, to help me do a better job in GA analysis and design. For example, we might create a model for convergence time under selection alone, combine this with a model for mixing under crossover alone, and consider the pairwise effect as a dimensionless ratio of the two times. One clustered precinct did not have printed ballots, two had misdelivered official ballots and another two had insufficient number of official ballots. But the PPCRV rejected the request, saying it was the right of the Filipino people to know the tally of votes. Voting was underway in the Philippines on May 9 to elect a new president, with anti-establishment firebrand Rodrigo Duterte the shock favourite after an incendiary campaign in which he vowed to butcher criminals.
Miriam Defensor-Santiago who hit the government for allegedly “manufacturing” numbers against her running mate Sen. Comelec is fully responsible for overseeing the automated elections system and the executive branch has no part in this process,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. The explosion also wounded up to 40 people, several seriously, and there are fears the death toll will rise.
All officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they are not authorized to release information.
IS also controls significant areas in northern and western Iraq, including the second-largest city of Mosul. Otani is a stockholder and member of the board of Techresource Inc., a company involved in billing services and software development.
The number needs to be verified, but Commission on Elections Chair Andres Bautista has estimated that a record 81 percent of the 54.4 million voters in the Philippines went to cast their ballot yesterday.
In 2010, the preelection survey frontrunner was polling much higher than the frontrunner in 2016, and for longer. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s election as the next president may rest on a plurality, but the fact that fully four-fifths of registered voters took part in the electoral exercise places his victory on firmer ground. The official word was that it would probably take 36 to 48 hours before a majority of polling centers can transmit their voting data; instead, millions of votes were tallied in the unofficial quick count in the first couple of hours after the polls closed, and by dawn the next day over two-thirds of the polling centers had transmitted their results. As we have learned from sorry experience, the main source of electoral fraud in the past was wholesale rigging made possible by a slow canvass.
We are grateful to the Comelec commissioners, to all election personnel, and the many teachers who served on the boards of election inspectors, for making that improvement a reality. Leni Robredo, who is leading the vice presidential race, to arrive from Naga, and then offering a truly gracious, civic-spirited explanation for his decision to concede to Duterte before a single vote was included in the official count. The litter was everywhere, too, inside the school building, although the long lines and crowds had dissipated by then. They accommodated every question we put to them, even if they were still in the process of collating the data requested of them by the Commission on Elections, even as stragglers were still lining up and waiting for their ballots. Joel “Tesdaman” Villanueva was singled out for using the help extended by the government agency he had supervision over as if it was his own personal accomplishment.
I speculated that perhaps it had to do with the ban on public works projects at the last phase of the campaign period, to prevent these from being used for electioneering. Someone observed that should Leni prevail in the end, she and Duterte would make up a “team of neophytes” in national politics. Indeed, her party leaders had approached others for the position of Roxas’ running mate, including Poe.
As such, he said, he would be happy serving and entertaining members of the public, making friends, perhaps creating a warm and welcoming place even for strangers. But he does deserve this time away from the limelight, and this space for recovery and, yes, reconciliation with the fate dealt him in the course of his lifelong striving to serve the Republic and its people. As leaders increasingly recognize, it is a menace to development, human dignity and global security. It has existed as long as government has; but, like other crimes, it has grown increasingly sophisticated over the last several decades, with devastating effects on the wellbeing and dignity of countless innocent citizens. When, say, public-procurement fraud is rampant, or royalties for natural resources are stolen at the source, or the private sector is monopolized by a narrow network of cronies, populations are unable to realize their potential.
As citizens watch their leaders enrich themselves at the expense of the population, they become increasingly frustrated and angry—sentiments that can lead to civil unrest and violent conflict. Indignation at the high-handed behavior of a corrupt police officer helped to drive a Tunisian fruit seller to set himself on fire in 2010, touching off revolutions across the Arab world.
The only way to restore public integrity, these groups assert, is by means of a rigidly applied code of personal conduct. As security expert Sarah Chayes argues in “Against Corruption,” the volume of essays that the British government will publish to accompany the summit, corruption today is structured practice. The departments that we spent our careers serving—the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense—set great store by building relationships. The application of the US Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act to indict officers of Fifa, soccer’s international governing body, shows how focusing on Western service providers can curb corruption among foreign officials. Strides have been made in a number of areas, from electronic voter registration to electronic payments for civil servants. But, to address many of the crises currently besetting the world, a strong focus on combating corruption is vital.
Burns, former US deputy secretary of state, is president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. This was President Aquino’s greatest weakness, with perceptions of favoritism in his Cabinet appointments, and its links to all too visible incompetence in vital areas of national life.
It’s not surprising people feel they are under a state of siege, coming home and reading all these stories on social media, sometimes even with videos uploaded on YouTube.  News of heinous crimes would cap the day, adding to the despair. And now, people expect the law enforcers not just to clean their ranks, but also to show results quickly in the crackdown on criminality.
Politicians will flock to support him in the beginning, but once they sense public opinion is becoming frayed at the edges, they will jump ship. This is where I grieve for the Liberal Party.  During the 2010 elections, I heard from and was impressed by young Liberal Party members who truly believed in their party and the prospects for change.
During the elections the cyberbullies defending Duterte did get people concerned: Was that a taste of what is to come? Our schoolchildren’s needs capture so much of Filipino dreams: a good and affordable education, safe streets, efficient public transport, healthcare and nutrition.
There will be sighs of relief if Leni Robredo does win, but that will be accompanied by anxiety too: Will she be able to work with Duterte? Most importantly, we await Duterte’s announcement of Cabinet members, their plans and programs. The traditional belief system of human society has since been replaced by a techno-rational sociopolitical order. For Feenberg, the views of Galileo and Newton provided a model that explored the “machinery of being.” The French philosopher Rene Descartes saw science as man’s way of unmasking the secrets of nature.
From a substantive point of view, as explicated by Martin Heidegger, technology appears as autonomous from man. For him, modern technology fuels the chasm between the bourgeois and the proletariat insofar as the former owns and uses tools in order to control people; this control subjugates them and diminishes, if not annihilates, the value of their freedom. The pleasures that we seek in our modern age are manufactured as goods that consumer culture promotes. But as we lament—or contemplate—this predicament, it is insightful to consider that we are not alone in our suffering.
Even in ancient Greece—the traditional birthplace of democracy—vote-buying was already practiced, and the same can be said of the Roman republic. Yale scholar Susan Stokes writes that in 1835, “14 pounds were paid per vote in a hotly-contested election” in one district.
In 1887, one-fifth of New York voters received money for their votes; and in 1912, one-fourth of the voters of Adams County, Ohio, were bribed. In the 2012 elections in Thailand, one election observer reported that “the current rate in Chonburi starts at 300 baht (around $10) and goes up to as much as 3,000 baht ($100).” In Indonesia, vote-buying is known as politik uang (literally “money politics”) and a 2014 survey showed that four out of 10 Indonesians actually believe that it is acceptable for politicians to hand out cash and commodities like rice, oil and sugar as part of campaigning. In Taiwan, the custom of visitors giving something to their hosts collides (or coincides) with politicians’ campaigns, but in this context, gifts—not money—are given. There are also many examples of democracies that have overcome vote-buying, and we can learn from their experiences. In the United States, law scholar Richard Hasen attributes the significant decline in vote-buying to the secrecy of the ballot— which only became customary in the 1880s through the 1890s—given the difficulty among vote-buyers in determining whether they got what they paid for. When Thailand promulgated a new constitution in 1997 with provisions such as controls on campaign spending, the introduction of a party-list system, and an independent body to administer elections, vote-buying simply took more subtle forms.
For instance, leaflets in Sao Tome and Principe, an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, urging voters to “vote with their conscience” were demonstrated to reduce vote-buying. One way of explaining this is that as people get richer, the marginal utility of a bribe decreases, and votes get more expensive. On the other hand, the modest gains in our economy—and the decline of electoral corruption in other countries—should offer hope that vote-buying, no matter how rampant, can actually be put to an end.
So they grew fully assured of being equally loved, cared for and attended to by their parents. In our clan, the elder grandsons tend to believe they got better attention; after all, they were the first among their peers to wear Air Jordan rubber shoes which we bought direct from the United States a few months after the shoes were introduced in the market. This went on even after Luigi had undergone an open-heart surgery at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in New Jersey, United States. One of our grandchildren saw a book given to my husband by Andrea, the eldest daughter of our youngest son who works and resides in California.
Eunice recounted that we, the grandparents, always made it a point to keep her Christmas gifts. That’s why the use of the Filipino word apo in her note made it sound very endearing and showed that despite growing up in an “American environment,” she still has that thread of the Filipino in her heart. She cried when her lolo addressed Andrea as “my favorite” during one FaceTime conversation. She raised eight children (six boys and two girls) who are now all professionals, with families of their own.
As one of the Filipinos who witnessed the human rights violations, sufferings, injustices and the lavish, shameless display of wealth, arrogance and corruption during the Marcos dictatorship, while millions of Filipinos wallowed in dirt-poor conditions, it became my mission—or you may call it advocacy—to tell my children, and now my grandchildren, that never again should the Philippines suffer from any sin of Ferdinand Marcos. It is doubtful if they savor our favorite saluyot, and we can count with the fingers of one hand how many times their congresswoman visits Ilocos Norte.
It was not “his misogynist views” that got him acceptance and “wide, even delighted support” from the electorate.  It was his carefully cultivated reputation for being hard on criminals, especially rapists, drug pushers and murderers, that endeared him to the voters ahead of all the other candidates who are perceived to be traditional politicians (trapo), spineless and inutile.
The former deserve “blood money” for restitution.  Prisons do not rehabilitate, they are schools that teach criminals to be worse criminals. I had two cases dismissed with the help of lawyers from the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO).
I hope the government officials concerned will review this insensitive setup and not base their decision on technicalities. Bulk of the budget is meant for new store opening, store renovation and equipment acquisition. This was attributed to strong residential sales in various residential projects, particularly in Boracay Newcoast in Aklan, Sta.

Meanwhile, core revenues, composed of net interest margin and fee income, went up by 11 percent year-on-year. And we plan to further grow by offering new products that cater to our customers’ banking needs through targeted cross-selling campaigns throughout the year,” PSBank president Vicente Cuna Jr.
We know that understanding our clients well has a long-term positive effect to the Bank,” Cuna added.
Its CAR stood at 15 percent, well above the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ 10 percent minimum requirement.
World-renowned leaders, who are highly recommended and deemed desirable by Filipino specialists, are being invited to provide and deliver unbiased and evidence-based discourses on their fields of expertise. As a doctor and an academician, I believe that it’s always best to have this kind of activities for the upliftment, continuous medical education, and continuing professional development of the doctors,” noted Philippine College of Occupational Medicine President Dr.
As far as our association is concerned, we think that we can learn a lot from summits such as this one,” he claimed. These are actually learnings that experts like myself can use as a starting point in making the workplace better for both the workers and the patients,” Dr.
The Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan, who also has a long string of accolades under his sleeve, further discussed the development of new potassium lowering agents such as Patiromer and ZS9, which are new pharmaceutical agents designed to normalize high serum potassium levels which may develop in patients using MRAs and other drugs.
Wilfred Fujimoto led the team that conducted The Japanese American Community Diabetes Study in Seattle, Washington from 1983 to 2001.
It is theorized that this higher incidence and risk for diabetes may be due to the propensity of Asian Americans to develop more visceral fat (fat deposits in the abdominal cavity) even if they are not obese. No worksheet or portion thereof is to be hosted on, uploaded to, or stored on any other web site, blog, forum, file sharing, computer, file storage device, etc.
His talk on Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) will discuss the study of complexity, innovation, and relations between CAS and GA's. To my discredit, I didn't understand why she was so fascinated by the web, but in my defense, I didn't get in her way.
In less well followed topics, blogging is growing at astonishing rates, and we hope that IlliGAL Blogging will become a resource and focal point for intelligent discourse in the growing community of genetic and evolutionary computation (GEC).
Of course, a lot of water has passed over the iGA dam since the early days, and for those interested in a fairly recent update on the state of interactive evolutionary computation, I recommend Hideyuki Takagi's article. That company, Affinova, has married iGAs and practical market research and product development notions to create a unique line of products and services.
On the Michigan approach, however, such issue was settled down after the idea of evolving classifiers based on accuracy by Wilson (now celebrating the 10th anniversary of its publication). The paper details the development of Boomerang and other GA-based military-security applications. Written in Java, it is easy to use, providing a flexible environment for rapid preliminary filtering and analysis of raw data. The thing I like the most about D2K, and one of the reasons for switching, is the data flow oriented paradigm that it uses. It is a GNU project which is similar to the S language and environment which was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent Technologies) by John Chambers and colleagues.
Most likely, the complexity increases with the population size and thus the bisection can run the experiments for us. Chen takes the methodology of The Design of Innovation and applies it to understanding the approximate complexity of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs). The goal is to identify most important features in the problem and the dependencies among those features. I remembered Clarissa's worka€”that she did during her visit to IlliGALa€”about how strong symmteries in problems such as Ising and other spin-glass models can cause synchorinization problems and how niching methods can be used to avoid them. Intelligence was just one of many traits that human beings exploited to increase their odds of survival, and the test for survival was absolute.
For too long, GAs and EC more generally have lived in the backwaters of academic and industrial life.
When he was asked how the acceptance of his revolutionary ideas in quantum physics was going, it is reported that he said, "Wonderful, lots of funerals." In Plank's day, perhaps the natural turnover in faculty matched the turnover of ideas, but in our time, rapid change in thinking has not been matched with a concomitant shortening of faculty life expectancy.
With ACM affiliated journals in EC and GP, department heads have the moral equivalent of a Good Housekeeping seal of approval on our field to rely upon instead of the pleas of a lone faculty member up for tenure.
But consumers will tell you that their decisions to buy products are also made on a case-by-case basis without regard for brands--as their grocery baskets fill with Crest, Tide, Mach 3, Ragu, Pepsi, Twinkies, and Tide.
It supposes that the results are paired, like the results obtained, for instance, from a stratified ten-fold cross-validation test. Since then, quite a few people have asked me a how to build such a cluster, what components to buy, etc.
Although I had succeeded in applying GAs in my problem domain, my doing so left me with as many questions as I answered.
At first, my studies took me toward more esoteric and sophisticated tools, but then my training in fluid mechanics kicked (somewhere between my leaving Alabama and coming to Illinois), and I turned to the methodology of little models, including facetwise models, and patchquilt integration using dimensional analysis.
This approach, though algebraically simple, is remarkably powerful in helping sort out experimental results and organize a researcher's thinking. In such a state, the authoritarian government feels free to manufacture numbers as they are needed,” Santiago said. In such a state, the authoritarian government feels free to manufacture numbers as they are needed,” Santiago said. This is considerably higher than the 77 percent recorded in the 2013 midterm polls, and the 75 percent recorded in the 2010 presidential election. Automation—with the appropriate safeguards, of course, including mechanisms for transparency and a random audit—makes the “dagdag-bawas” (add-subtract) scams of the past virtually impossible.
The watchers, though, were doing their part as conscripted “troops” of their political parties or chosen candidates. While previous ones have featured losing candidates conceding to their opponents, including Robredo’s “principal” former secretary Mar Roxas, the congresswoman’s address was meant to encourage her supporters as all of them watch and guard her narrow lead over Sen. Concededly, both of them have national experience, since the Davao mayor had previously served as a congressman, a post where he was vocally unhappy and even “bored” with. Leni seemed to be the last desperate choice, a compromise candidate banking on good memories left by her late husband.
At the anticorruption summit in London on May 12, world leaders—together with representatives from business and civil society—will have a critical opportunity to act on this recognition. Protesters demanded that specific ministers be arrested and put on trial, and they called for the return of pilfered assets—demands that were rarely met.
With no viable recourse —and no avenue for peaceful appeal—such language has grown increasingly persuasive. It is the work of sophisticated networks, not unlike organized crime (with which corrupt agents are often integrated).
Diplomats depend on these relationships to advance their national interests, and professional ties between military officers are sometimes the only channels that weather political storms.
While technology is no panacea, when paired with wise policy reforms, it can make a meaningful contribution to the fight for good governance. Our hope is that the conference in London will demonstrate the unity of purpose and commitment to action that is so badly needed. By means of experimentation, scientists predict reality, thereby putting man at the center of the universe.
Happiness comes as some form of “delayed gratification.” As such, humans no longer think in a rational way. A more efficient MRT system, for instance, can serve as model for people-centered progress. In this essay I survey some vote-buying practices around the world and draw some insights that may be useful for our national experience.
She adds that vote-buying was later mediated by electoral agents, who bribed voters in behalf of their politician-clients. As in the United Kingdom, vote-buying “machines” made a living out of elections, serving as the middlemen between candidates and voters. In some countries, election laws stipulate that bribes can come in the form of gifts or promises. The same can be said in Argentina, where a 1912 law introducing secret balloting marked a significant decline in vote-buying. The Thai experience resonates with our own electoral system, where well-crafted laws are undermined by poor implementation. Doubtless, education, too, plays a role, as well as many other interconnected factors that come with socioeconomic development. As such, I did not have the benefit of seminars like those preparing the young people of today who are getting married—other than my euthenics lessons at the University of the Philippines. The net effect of this “equal treatment” was that they learned to care for and help one another—sharing responsibilities according to their capacity when they were younger; and, as they acquired more capabilities in later years, assuming more responsibilities. The doctors at the  Philippine Heart Center, found  him with an “automatic pulmonary vein return” problem. Inna claimed that in addition to singing her to sleep, her lolo taught her to walk and that was how she learned to walk alone even before her first birthday. She was appeased when her lolo (she used to call him “wowo”)  assured her that both of them are “my favorites” and gave me her widest smile. Apparently the voters did not mind Duterte’s bad jokes and foul mouth, as long as he can keep our women safe from rapists and our citizens free of criminals operating with impunity.
Let justice be done, though the heavens fall!  Upon this principle Rome built a civilization that lasted for a thousand years.
Barbara Heights in Iloilo, Twin Lakes in Tagaytay, Southwoods City in Cavite-Laguna, and Alabang West in Las Pinas City. By bringing together these four thought leaders in one event, UNILAB believes that it is able to better pursue excellence in the fields of science and medicine. This research was an offshoot of the observation that US based Japanese had a higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes than those in Japan, despite no major difference in their dietary habits. He stated that depression and anxiety may be a consequence of the existence of the cardiovascular condition but also recognized that depression and anxiety may also cause the development of cardiovascular disease.
Since then, the IlliGAL web site has grown and users from countries around the world generate some 8.4 million hits in nearly 200,000 visits annually. Subsequently I met company executive Rob Frasca in another context, and got the chance to tell him how Affinova was the company that broke my entrepreneurial heart.
Like supersonic airplanes, bullets create shock waves -- mini-sonic booms -- as they speed through the air. These efforts are the result of longstanding GA work at BBN initiated by Dave Davis (now of NuTech Solutions) and carried on by Dave Montana and other hardworking GA types. Recently, I have notice the existence at least more than 20 different projects using such framework.
Using an intuitive graphical editor, complicated analysis and visualization task are rapidly deployed by simple drag & drop.
I have been using it in some of my recent research, and if you are interested in such areas, I definitely recommend you to take a look at it.
A "good" population size should be the one that ensures reliable convergence to the optimum (where "reliable may be defined any way we want, for instance, that the algorithm finds the optimum successfully in 9 out of 10 independent runs). Thereafter, he successfully applies carefully designed MOEAs to problems in production planning and design of nearest-neighbor classifiers.
Bean was on the faculty of the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE) of the University of Michigan for many years, where he also held the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The extracted knowledge may not only be used for further data mining, but may actually be re-fed into the system giving it further competence in solving problems in which dependent features, that is, building blocks, need to be processed effectively. So, I suggested him that there might be synchronization issues with the problematic instances and using a niching method might be the solution.
No mention is made of who the reseachers are or what department, college, or lab they come from. Defining an equivalent test of fitness for targeting intelligence as an evolutionary goal for machines, however, has been elusive.
Finally, the rise of symbolic AI and the subsequent cybernetics winter made it academically disreputable to persist in the "folly" of genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation, but persist the field did, and we are here today because of the courage of a small group who swam against the intellectual currents of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The result is large numbers of powerful faculty in charge with ideas in mind that are more than a little behind the time. In a busy world, trusted brands allow buyers to get quality products at low risk of error and low search costs. These optimizations seek to reduce memory or power usage, or to speedup the needed execution time. And although I had used GAs to help solve interesting engineering problems, I was unhappy with GAs--and my own lack of understanding of GAs--as engineered objects.
The son and namesake of the late dictator was ahead by as much as a million on Monday evening, until Robredo clinched the lead and eventually overtook Marcos early Tuesday.
Miriam Defensor Santiago for supporting his earlier claim that the administration rigged the surveys to dislodge him from the vice presidential race. In the absence of a second round of balloting, a so-called run-off election between the two leading candidates, the general voter turnout becomes a secondary form of mandate. Much of their experience in public service has focused mainly on local concerns, and I am sure it will be a daunting challenge to “grow into” the stature of a national figure, tackling complex problems, with no simple solutions.
One deploys soldiers to the fight against terrorism; another provides critical energy supplies or access to raw materials.
Governments must study these activities and their consequences the same way they study transnational criminal or terrorist organizations. This means that anticorruption efforts can no longer be shunted off to under-resourced specialists; they must be central to the planning of major development initiatives or the sale of costly weapons systems. But diplomats and military brass alike should be willing to take a step back when appropriate, condition their interactions, and make use of available leverage —even at the risk of a counterpart’s wrath. This background serves as the impetus as to how the emergence of modern technology has defined our Western way of life.
Factories are designed in such a way that efficiency is optimized in order to expend all human strength of workers.
The individual is reduced to some form of technical rationality, and for this reason, he or she becomes one-dimensional. Borgmann, for instance, cites the idea of the so-called “couch potato,” or the person who spends most of his or her time watching entertainment shows on TV. Borgmann points to focal things in which the humanist aspect of technology may develop a positive culture of engagement for people, thereby giving technology a human face.
But where to draw the line between electoral bribery and legitimate campaigning remains a challenge for many countries, including our own.
But in the Philippines, while ballots are supposed to be secret, operators continue to find ways to make sure they get their money’s worth—and examining these practices is key to understanding how vote-buying persists. And my husband had to spend more time with Victor to balance our care and attention between the two. For example, the eldest invested in a college plan for the youngest; now the youngest is helping some nephews and nieces.
Micah insisted she was the favorite, while Nikolle recalled how she was always provided with baon.
He remains acceptable—and actually enjoys wide, even delighted, support for all his misogynist views. This kind of opportunity wherein we get first hand information from experts outside the Philippines helps substantiate the regular readings and research that we also do.
Pitt also acquainted the audience with the developmental progress of a new delivery system that would allow the administration of furosemide through a subcutaneous route, allowing it to be delivered at home to reduce hospitalization costs for patients with acute decompensated heart failure.
The study attributed the disjointed prevalence to a difference in the physical activity levels of the two populations. Fujimoto showed pictures comparing the significantly higher amount of visceral fat deposits in a non-obese Asian American when compared to that in an obese African American. The website has undergone kaizen or continual improvement since Ducky's early efforts, and this blog represents the latest in a series of new features to be added to the site over the years. For those interested in a nice case study of marrying GAs and business read the Affinova white paper here. So if engineers arrange seven microphones like the spines of a sea urchin, a shock wave from a bullet will hit each microphone at a slightly different time, like a wave lapping against different pebbles on a beach.
It is difficult enough working in the obscure vineyards of GAs and EC, but when a group used to toiling in obscurity does something deserving of national recognition, it would be nice if the mainstream business press would get the story right and at least mention the names of the people who really got the job done. I have been heavily using D2K in the DISCUS project, and I have no regrets about not using WEKA anymore.
Herb Simon talks about decomposability of most complex real-world systems, which is a feature that a good evolutionary algorithm should be able to exploit. The dissertation concludes with novel theory and empirical work that carry over the method of fitness inheritance to MOEAs. Lo and behold, he came back yesterday and said using niching significantly improved the GA performance! Nonetheless, a Google search on the search terms, "genetic algorithms," "mining," and "Laurentian University" quickly leads to the following link. Thus, it is difficult to draw comparisons between how human intelligence developed and how artificial intelligence could evolve. After all, evolution is one of the biggest ideas in all of science, and the impact of modern genetics is hard to overstate, so it seems quite natural that computations based on evolution and genetics should have an important place in science and technology. Unfortunately, the most obvious solutions to this problem are serious felonies, and no one is here suggesting that steps be taken to cull the herd. In the new world of ACM and SIGEVO, CS departments and their heads will be able to rely on a trusted brand in one of the most important decisions they make, the hiring, retention, and promotion of faculty. Her system tries to determine which combinations and orderings of optimizations should be performed on which portions of the code.
The more people who vote, the more credible the election is—and the stronger the mandate of the winning candidate, whoever he or she may be. But they were carrying out their duties in full cooperation with the teachers by their side. It would be a shameful waste if she were to be sidelined and shunted aside by Duterte followers still bitter from the campaign. Recipient governments must understand that funding will dry up if they continue to squander or steal it. For instance, Americans often say that “guns don’t kill people”—a way of reasoning that seeks to justify gun ownership. The liberating role of modern technology thus implies the capacity of modern devices to ease the burden of people, and hopefully bring to the table the realization of the good life. To foster this thirst for knowledge, ECHO was conceptualized as a multidisciplinary gathering of international and local scientists, researchers, and physician leaders,” James Dio, Operating Vice President of UNILAB, said.
Macabulos noted that the summit could not have come at a more opportune time, as both the government and the industry have been ramping up efforts to boost the quality and level of medical care in the country.
Imagine, these are experts that are known worldwide and it is from them that we get to acquire new learnings and findings,” Dr.
It is the transfer of knowledge, and of expertise that truly made the ECHO Summit valuable.
Simple activities, such as walking to and from the train station, and using the stairs, helped to decrease the prevalence of type 2 diabetes.
He described the current theory that the Asian propensity to visceral fat deposition is due to a genetically weaker pancreatic beta cell which makes Asians more prone to insulin resistance and subsequent diabetes mellitus. Ghaemi also discussed the management of these conditions, which range from counselling to the use of drugs such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and Lithium.
Only good words is what I have about D2K's quality and how much effort the ALG people put into it to make a great package easy to extend and customize.
I'd strongly suggest this book to anyone interested in somewhat a philosphical discussion of what types of problems we should be trying to solve with our optimizers. The Laurentian University Mining Automation Laboratory (LUMAL) under the direction of Nick Vayenas is applying simulation, robotics, and genetic algorithms to various mining problems. Why, then, have GAmists and ECers been largely relegated to second tier schools, non-tenured posts, or non-CS departments (even, god forbid, engineering departments)? And thanks to Srikant-Uni-of-Glasgow-Travails and SoloGen for the links to IlliGAL Blogging. They carried out their roles eagerly, no matter if this was observing the ballots being fed into the machines or even administering the indelible ink.
Of course, the trouble with such an idea is that in reality, owning a gun influences human behavior. He likewise presented data regarding the impact of lithium, anticonvulsants and other agents on Dementia.
We can pray for crisper reporting from the the Globe and Mail, but in the meanwhile, odds are that this is the GA mining work that was so cryptically cited. If democracy is won only at the price of eternal vigilance, then the “watchers” are democracy’s front-line troops. The human being and the gun as a device, according to Bruno Latour, are intertwined realities. Work in this area traditionally relies on actual execution time for fitness, which may require up to 50 hours to determine which optimizations should be performed on a small piece of code.

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