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So look at your left palm and you will see the upper (heart) line; the middle (head) line and the lower curving (life) line.
A person who lives life to the fullest, with no regrets, tends to have deeper and darker lines than a person with lighter lines. Now looking at each aspect of the three major lines with this concept in mind, will open doors.
This is not exclusively a romantic line- it shows the generosity of spirit and emotional depth a person possesses in general for family, friends, pets, as well as lovers. A lighter line does not mean that a person does not feel or experience deep emotions for others- only that it is not as easy for them to open up. Contrary to popular belief, the length of the life line does not necessarily mean how long you will live- it simply means the quality with which you live your life. Again, shorter lines signify people who hold back and have a list of coulda woulda shoulda in their back pocket.
Long life lines that almost hit the wrist are for people who fill their days and follow their dreams, and luckily, I see more of these palms than the latter! Palm Reading is such a great way to reach out and connect with a stranger- at a coffee shop, a party. You do not need to know very much but as long as you have the basic knowledge of the Palm Reading Hand Chart, you are half way there already! The answers about your natures as well as destiny are addressed right on the lines of your palms. Now, put your hands up and look closely at each palm to see if your palm lines are easy to be identified or not! Thirdly, Heart Line is at the top of the palm indicating a person’s emotional aspects from love to romance.
On the other hand, barely noticeable shallow lines often symbolize the relationships which could be insignificant, short-lived, or even didn’t work.
After that, we should spend time in examining the area on our palm, beside our thumb and below the 3rd curved line.
It is supposed that the lines on our palm can reveal the fantastic stories of every change in our life including past, present, and future.
It also says further that the left hand can be a great doorway to the natural personality of a person while the right hand may disclose what she has done with her personality and gifts. Believe it or not, the key to deciphering the persona of an individual is the texture of his hand.

The hands’ color can show the general condition of the blood and other circulation in our body. As the beginners, it is crucial to understand the lines first before making any progress regarding the hand analyses about skin texture, fingers, fingerprints, hand flexibility, etc. Bearing in mind that the 4 major lines including Life Line, Heart Line, Head Line, and Fate Line give many secrets to unveil! It starts between the index finger and thumb that gives information about your life-span, physical vitality or energy level. In fact, Palmistry or Chiromancy dates back hundreds of years, but India is truly credited for the modern techniques these days. According to Palmistry’s theory, a deep and long line will be symbolic of a long-term partnership or marriage. Please keep in mind that the closer our marriage line to the base of our pinky is, the later the relationship or marriage will occur. The children lines are the ones that touch these marriage lines, but don’t intersect them.
Also, these palm lines are constantly forming, disappearing, changing as well as have appealed mankind for ages.
Generally, these mounts and lines will be analyzed in tandem to get an exciting idea about a person’s whole life. The traditional palmistry claims that the right hands of men and the left hands of women should be used to interpret. As a result, the pinkish hand will refer to the healthy person while the yellow one can denote the excessive bile production.
The ancient art of Palmistry is insightful in its own way as your future is shown on your own hands for better or worse.
Throughout different countries around the world, there are lots of Palmists who offer palm readings for customers. At that time, our marriage lines are the tiny ones, underneath the pinky and close to the Heart line. If we have more than 1 deep line, it implies that we will have multiple long-term commitments or marriages.
In case there are lots of the children lines on our hand, this is indicative of multiple kids. Palmistry or Chiromancy may be described as the interesting method of decoding and interpreting the lines’ meanings on our palm.

Apart from these, the texture, flexibility, the color of the palm, size and shape of the fingers and nails can be also taken into consideration for the full and in-depth palm interpretation. A coarse-textured hand tends to describe the coarse nature whereas the soft-textured hand can show refinement and sensitivity. Which Hand To Use For Palm Reading?When it comes to Palmistry, some of us can wonder which hand should be used as the basis for a Palm reading. Palm Reading Chart – Marriage LineActually, it is hard to deny the fact that marriage is always one of the significant aspects of life. Calluses will reveal that we are either the hardworking individuals or have the job where we need to work with our hands a lot. Differently, the long and deep line lets the world know that you own strong vitality to take control over fate. Palm Reading Chart Money Line – How is Your Financial Fate?Money is a powerful thing that can help us pursue dreams and feel happy.
Then, this is indicative of the strong sexual vitality whereas the flabby mounds symbolize the low sexual vitality. How Does Palm Reading Work?Relying upon how far back in history we wish to search, interpreting palms might be as old as 3,000 years or 5,000 years.
Palmistry Hand ShapesAll things related to your own hand is able to offer any palm-related clue as to what type pf person you have become. Scan, analyze, preview and print the following Lines: Life Line, Heart Line, Head Line, Destiny Line, Sun Line and Marriage Line. Get an Absolute Glimpse at Who Will You Marry Palm Reading NOWHumans have a lot of life aspects to feel curious about, such as career, health, relationship, etc. What Is Palmistry In Psychology?It's known that the online Palmistry has some relations to the human psychology. How To Read Palms?To be known as an ancient art, palm reading or Palmistry dates back to 2000 B.C. Palm Reading Lines Right HandIn the list of Psychic Reading favorite, Palm Reading (also known as Palmistry) is usually given the top priority thanks to its popularity and correspondence.

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