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When senior Emily Jones told Sherman Padgett to hold a bucket in the hallway last week, he wasna€™t having it.a€?No way,a€? the North High principal told her.
North High School senior Emily Jones pulled a prank on North High principal Sherman Padgett last week that brought him to tears. Emily Jonesa€™ a€?senior pranka€? on North High School principal Sherman Padgett involved several others of her North High classmates, too.
If you are the mischievous kind and are always cooking up something to prank your pals, here’s some stuff for you. So go prank your heart’s desire with these cool apps to help you become the ultimate prankster. May be because you cannot really catch that the calls are actually made on apps- they seem real.

With this app you could receive a call at your set time and date and the caller- from your contact book or a virtual caller. But you can’t prank your friends with this app, they’ll probably make a good laugh out of it.
Just keep your phone at the backseat and start the app, Police Sirens and lights would start buzzing, scaring your pals up. May be it would be better if you could call your friends pretending to be celebs rather than call yourself! He asked his secretary, Valerie Johnson, what was up.a€?The seniors are playing a prank on you, and they need you to hold the bucket,a€? she said.
Anything could happen.Within seconds, a senior walked by and dropped a piece of paper into the bucket.

Then she and some friends, Brittany Wilkerson and Alycia Cox, visited every senior English class at North High to explain the plan and distribute the cards. Padgett is a great principal a€“ the kind who dresses up like the Grinch for a pep assembly,a€? she said, laughing.

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