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There is a separate listing of free audiobooks in the genre at Free Romance Audiobooks Online All of these sites listed have content that is legal for them to distribute and for you to read and or download. An Alaskan adventurer has come to a sorry state, having been cheated out of his gold bounty by the rush of new prospectors and swindlers.
Canadian trapper Sergeant Kent turns from hunter to hunted when he is wrongly accused of murder.
Virginia is a bright-eyed Wyoming girl of seventeen when friends arrive from New England for adventures in the Western woods. Lance Lovelace, a self-proclaimed student of human nature, introduces his nephew to Esther McLeod at a country dance, and they dance all night together. Valeria shuns the hard-working cowboy, Kent, when she first meets him, but doesn't stop watching him. When a Mexican senorita takes a blue-eyed gringo as a lover in the Old West, rumors are rampant. The old and the new clash in the halls of The Colonial Inn, where men retired from work in the Old West live beside young women making their own way in the world. Growing up and joining the Shutin Mining Camp, Bruce Burt learns to be stubborn and powerful. A restful bicycling vacation in the country takes a young professor down more adventurous paths than he had planned. Maggie, a simple Scottish fisher-girl, finds herself pursued by a passionate young artist in this romantic story. Young Sophy longs to leave the tiny fishing village of Pittendurie, so isolated from the world, with its small cottages hidden amidst the rocks. Sometimes the most challenging, and important, quest a knight can embark on is the quest to settle his own soul. Architect George Somerset is unsettled, and finds himself wandering until he comes upon the scene of headstrong young heiress Paula Power, refusing to be baptized. Elfrise Swanston is caught in a love triangle between the love of her youth, Stephen Smith, and London society man Henry Knight.
After a year working with soldiers, Lily Cardew returns home transformed from girl to young woman. On tour in Italy, young Lucy is overwhelmed by her feelings for a stranger staying at her hotel. The northern shores of Sicily, all ruins and castles, is the setting for the story of the fallen house of Mazzini. The story of a magic well with the power to grant immortality has set Ralph of Upmeads on a quest to find the real thing. Heiress Sybil Berners is headstrong, sentimental, bright and beautiful, a dangerous combination that may mean her downfall.

When Roric was born little did he know that his family would die violently and that his world would crumble only to find himself chained into the life of a slave forced to survive in the world of the arena where every match meant death for someone.
Mericlou, a now-obsolete Alerian model android, befriends and finds love with Aldrec, an elf with many secrets both wondrous and terrible. What happens when Prince Charming slides Cinderellaa€™s glass slipper onto the foot of her batty-eyed stepsister? After surviving the apocalypse, the survivors are now traveling the Wastelands in search of each other with no idea how rough their path will be.
A supernatural romance with a dangerous secret blends with magic, conspiracy and reality in this post-apocalyptic fantasy.
Introduction This is a listing of 157 sites that legally offer free romance ebooks, for reading. The etext appears to be based on the translation by Margaret Hunt called Grimm's Household Tales, but it is not identical to her edition. When a friend is fired from the railroad and turns to train-wrecking, he must go after him.
He flees along the cold Northern rivers with a mysterious girl who laughs at him but hides her own secrets. Amidst trail-riding, barn-warming, and bear-chasing, Virginia brings together hometown friends and Eastern visitors, thus connecting her childhood to her impending womanhood. They want to marry, but her family objects and sends Esther away, though not without leaving a trail a young cowboy in love can easily follow.
One attempts to capture Salomy Jane Clay, but she is saved by a dashing stranger, Jack Dart. It is at The Colonial, with all its history, that Wallie first meets Helene, and generations of family feuds come roaring to life. But when his mother dies and his partner is murdered, he faces questions about living a life of adventure or building a civilized society. Recovering from a failed romance, Agent Amanda Andrews stops a terrorist from releasing Anthrax over Washington and lets down her guard and falls in love with her new partner Keith Shepard.
Step back into the American Revolution, the European Dark Ages, the French Revolution or Medieval or Victorian England. Staying with various families along the way, he meets beautiful women, receives marriage proposals, survives a bear chase and more. While Maggie breaks with the family fishing tradition with Allen, her brother David also leaves the nets behind for a very different career. From the moment mischievous Sir Jonathan catches her reading books she is supposed to be dusting, he is intrigued. Overwhelmed by the wishes of her suitors, her parents, and society, Elfrise struggles to choose between her comforting country past and all that London has to offer.

Lucy is supposed to marry her proper suitor, Cecil, but she is overcome with attraction to the witty George Emerson, who opens to her an unconventional and freethinking world.
Mixing the possibility of the supernatural with the psychological, the story follows the extraordinary struggles of heroes and heroines fighting mysterious villains.
Walter escapes the coming bloodshed by embarking on a trading voyage that takes him farther from home than he ever imagined.
Mysterious women he meets on his journey school him in the consequences of drinking from the well, but they cannot stop him. This spooky 19th century romance follows Sybil and her suitors as they face ghosts and haunted houses, and Death himself. When a teacher offers this incredible gift to a bright young student from the country, it will change her life, relationships, and self forever. Meanwhile, unseen forces within Mericloua€™s family stoke long dormant fires of intolerance among the respective races of the world. Jane may have to return the favor as Dart is in danger of being lynched for a crime he did not commit. The passion of the duels fought over this union is equalled only by what passes between the two unlikely lovers. Experience the pain and loneliness of a Civil War romance, or the challenges of a young woman in late 19th century society.
The characters could be members of a medieval court, an aristocratic family or a gang of misfits. Thus begins a clandestine relationship that is, for both of them, amusing, confusing and enlightening. Heartbroken, he turns to Christina for comfort, not knowing where this path will ultimately lead. Will he be distracted by her serene beauty, or inspired by her life of refinement and faith?
Her family may not approve of his lack of wealth and fame, but Lily sees what is truly important, his heart.
As Evil triumphs over the nations, even so it was foretold to come to pass and yet the end of darkness's reign has already begun. Regardless of when or where the romance is experienced, the hero and heroine still face the same issues of love, loss, regret and renewal.
Historical romance novels are just one of the many types of free online romance novels on PublicBookshelf.

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