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I’ve had experience with clients in situations like this and, most of the time, I’ve been able to help them…or steer them to the person who can. In my opinion, tarot can be a helpful tool for healing but it’s not as effective as working with a licensed therapist who specializes in dysfunctional relationships and domestic abuse. No matter what the case may be, it’s your role as a service provider to offer a good service and that begins by creating a safe space for the client to talk. Try to stay as grounded as possible, even if you are feeling upset or angered by what you are hearing.
An example: I once had a client who was in a horrible relationship with a man who would beat her and cheat on her.
If that scenario does occur, you’ll need to make sure that you have safety measures in place. If your client “Hilary Swanks” you, you may also have to refuse to read for them (and any people connected to them) in the future. Do your work, be compassionate, point them to the right professional help…and then bless them and let it go. That being said, there are times when a client is not comfortable with that route or they may not know where to find those resources. Oftentimes, people in toxic relationships are fearful about discussing their situation, especially if their family and friends have not been supportive. If you see something bad, it’s important not to lie but it’s also equally important that you look for solutions.
I call this “getting Hilary Swanked” after a scene exactly like that from the movie “The Gift” where an abused girlfriend played by Hilary Swank gets a psychic reading about her twisted relationship and goes back to the partner and tells him what was said.
Screen any clients that you don’t know carefully or refuse to see people in person if need be.

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It’s also possible that they may be desperate and a tarot reader, astrologer or other metaphysical practitioner may be the only person they feel they can turn to. Instead “what can I do to protect myself in this situation” or “what can we do to heal our relationship” are better because the client will get information that may show them steps they can take to move towards a healthier path.
If their friends or spouse come in and want to know what was said in the reading, you remain mum. The dude goes on a bender and then shows up at the psychic’s house and tries to physically attack her.
If you find that you are reacting to the reading, it may be best to refrain from working with them in the future. If an abusive partner thinks that you are somehow interfering in their relationship, this CAN happen.
If you work in a metaphysical shop that offers walk-in clients, you may want to alert the owner to the problem so that they can create safety policies to protect you and the other readers that work there.
If you are the person running a metaphysical establishment, be sure to have security measures in place to protect your staff from these types of situations.
I had to stop working with her because it upset me so deeply that I knew I would not be able to offer her an objective reading. Why are you so attached to more?Also, something that have bothered you in the past may come to surface this week and make you want to retreat back inside your shell.

Tempting as they may be to touch and poke, they leave a rash, and even salt water won't sooth that as fast as you'd like.In the meantime, Isabel Snail suggests you have a little fun with something fun and NEW to eat (or do) this week. If you find the menagerie is poke, poke, poking you, hold back the howl and take a deep breath. Showing power over this annoyance may make you feel good in the short term, but it will have many more repercussions long after the feathers fall. While any lily represents innocence, purity and beauty, combine that with the regal color purple once reserved only for royalty and you have a strong representation of majesty and honor. This is a suggestion for you to maintain your innocence and poise, and separate to the world who's The Majestic King or Queen, and who's the Royal Pain."Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? This is going to take a push from you, and you might have to get a little wet to get what you want.
But as much a a cat like you may not like to swim, you CAN do this, and you will reap your reward.
It won't matter whether you belly flop in the water or tip toe in one paw at a time, because you will still be closer to that goal than you would have been if you just stood there on the shore staring at it. You will have to push your comfort zone and do that one thing you don't like to get the thing you like.

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