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Since the Ancient Greek astrologers laid the basis of the horoscope interpretation, the zodiac signs and birth charts became an inseparable part of human lives. Astrology Tattoos For Women have been favorite not only because ladies have strong connection to the stars, but also because they allow a wide variety of options when it comes to design.
For the simple reason that zodiac plays an important role in many cultures and societies all over the world, there is plenty of designs and variations to choose from.
Less common astrology tattoo symbols come from the Chinese, Greek-Byzantine, Celtic, and Aztec horoscope. Since women are very emotional, and astrology deals with the emotional side of people providing the answers to questions about relationships, love and business success, it’s not a surprise that many girls read their horoscopes, and some of them even decide to get Astrology Tattoos For Women. Some say that the zodiac symbols have existed for more than 8,000 years and some cave drawings representing the astrology signs found in the area of ancient Mesopotamia seem to prove that. Today it’s all the same – worshiping the stars, constellations, and planets remains an integral part of the astrology. Instead of the western zodiac, many a woman chooses a symbol coming from the Chinese, Greek-Byzantine or some other horoscope. Aries’ strengths include enthusiastic, good leaders, extrovert, innovative, active and fearless. Cancer’s strengths include sensitive, family oriented, romantic and caring.  Their weaknesses include moody, self-pitying, timid and cautious. Leo’s strengths include generous, ambitious, creative and loyal.  Their weaknesses include selfish, patronizing, intolerant and vain.
Virgo’s strengths include sensual, analytic, graceful and observant.  Their weaknesses include judgmental, worried, inflexible and cold.
Libra’s strengths include diplomatic, gentle, helpful and idealistic.  Their weaknesses include superficial, lazy, indecisive and chaotic. Scorpio’s strengths include determination, emotional, passionate and loyal.  Their weaknesses include selfish, sarcastic, manipulative and jealous. Sagittarius’ strengths include optimistic, independent, enthusiastic and freedom-loving.  Their weaknesses include unemotional, superficial, restless and irresponsible. Capricorn’s strengths include responsible, humorous, practical and careful.  Their weaknesses include reserved, pessimistic, selfish and rigid. Aquarius’ strengths include creative, friendly, smart and independent.  Their weaknesses include unemotional, perverse, unpredictable and detached. Pisces’ strengths include creative, compassionate, devoted and selfless.  Their weaknesses include weak-willed, deceitful, self-pitying and escapist. The ancient astronomers identified twelve groups of stars, twelve constellations which they could see in the sky every year at the same time. Using mind mapping can not only help you get a clearer picture of your ideas, it can also encourage you to focus and expand on those ideas.
Essentially, mind mapping is a technique that uses a diagram to map out information in a visual manner, in which there is a main category in the center of the map, branching out into subcategories in a hierarchical form.
Thus, you can relate and group information together efficiently; it is a structural format to force you to think outside of the box. Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, organize and keep track of goals and objectives, and make those artistic connections.They can spark breakthrough ideas and intuitive connections of where content should be and how content relates – you can visually see if your thoughts are in the right place. Sometimes your mind doesn’t follow the conventional way to solve a problem; however, at times, following the norm can become repetitive and mundane. Just like our intuition, sometimes our creativity can be elusive because we don’t pay attention to it or use it often enough.
A mind map can help you obtain a better grasp of your creativity, pull experiences from the past and present, and utilize your overall physical, mental and emotional resources. With a mind map, you can take a moment to look at a visual depiction of your thoughts, make sense of it and pay more attention to the right side of the brain we refer to as the more creative and intuitive side of our brain that we tend to ignore. Use a mind map everyday when sorting out thoughts to serve as a visual guide to the connection between your creativity, your intuition and intuitive guidance.

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer from California whose writing covers a range of different topics, including health and supplements, dining and travel and business and marketing. More recently i have been introduced to that is a fun colourful way of doing a brainstorm although i still love colored markers and paper. Coincidentally, I was listening to an audio that talked about mindmapping as a wonderful tip just two days ago. Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity.
The consultation will include a description of your destiny number and of the your most recent and upcoming chakra life cycles (as well as those of a partner — if time permits).
Considering that each of the 12 zodiac signs represents a certain type of personality, Astrology Tattoos For Women emerged as a natural choice when it comes to expressing person’s individuality and beliefs. However, twelve western or Greco-Roman star signs are the most popular choice for the Astrology Tattoos For Women. The transmission of different traditions and rituals onto your skin will reflect your nature and charisma in an imaginative and artistic way. Each zodiac sign has a different meaning – Aries is strong, Taurus is stubborn, Gemini is curious, Cancer is sensitive, Leo is proud, Virgo is loyal, Libra is gracious, Scorpio passionate, Sagittarius is idealistic, Capricorn unforgiving, Aquarius uncompromising and Pisces artistic.
The truth is that people, since the beginning of the civilization, have been fascinated with the stars and constellations. Astrology Tattoos For Women can be combined with tribal elements and enriched with vivid colors and glitter for a personal touch. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. A tattoo image of your zodiac sign is an excellent choice if you want it to reflect your personality, character or beliefs.
It is associated with the constellation of Gemini and its symbol is the Roman numeral II or the twins. It is associated with the constellation of Cancer and its symbol is a crab or a circular sign symbolizing mother and child.
It is associated with the constellation of Virgo and its symbol is a young girl or a virgin. It is associated with the constellation of Pisces and its symbol is two fish going in opposite direction. They called them zodiacs, which means “a circle of life” and dedicated each one of them a symbol.
As an enhancing tool – mind mapping enhances your creativity, your intuition and problem solving skills. If your gut or intuition tells you to do something in a different and innovative way, perhaps you should follow that instinct. Your creative spirit may be dormant; however, you can awaken it through the use of a mind map.
The end result of your mind map focuses on the roots in your intuition – your creativity and intuition combined provide you with that unique angle and approach to your work to creatively solve problems in your life.
Creativity and intuition are linked so, working with a mind map will not only help expand your creativity it will also help you to develop your intuition as well.
Welcome to Powered by Intuition where you'll learn how to cultivate your intuitive genius and apply it to find your right purpose, right relationship, right career or business and overall success in life.
It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. These twelve signs, based on the month someone was born, represent twelve types of personality and all have a corresponding figure. Accordingly, a zodiac sign symbolizes a person’s nature and temperament, and Astrology Tattoos For Women are just another way to tell it to the world.
Not only in Babylon but even later, in ancient Greece, reading stars was used to forecast the results of wars and events in a person’s life.  This notion is present today as well since many people still believe that the Sun, Moon and other planets can affect their destiny.

The twelve zodiac signs were drawn thousands of times by more or less famous artists; they were described in many poems and played the main role in numerous movies. Zodiac tattoos are a great way to show your unique nature and originality, and the best of all – your birthday will never change, so there’s no chance you’ll regret getting the Astrology Tattoos For Women. People used them as a symbol of their tribe, beliefs, gods or formal initiation into manhood. Only one zodiac is represented by non-human symbol (the Scales), the rest have either animal or anthropoid shape. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! When you flex your creative muscles, you put your feelings to paper and your perceptions are expanded.
I will teach you how to "speak intuition" to get the answers and guidance you need to build a life you love!
Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. People under this sign are good with money and enjoy culinary delights, but they take everything you say personally, so be careful not to offend them. Those born under this sign are always helpful and honest, but they don’t let many people get close to them. Astrology Tattoos For Men were used by the cultures all over the world – in Asia, Africa, South and North America, and in Europe. Some people believe that zodiac may help them predict love, health and business success, the others think that being born on a certain date defines their strengths and weaknesses.
You can step away or hone in on external stimuli and turn random thoughts into an actual process. Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room! Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download.
For that reason, it’s pretty easy to find some really artistic and creative designs for the Astrology Tattoos For Women. Astrology Tattoos For Men are a great way to express your individuality and show the world who you really are. People under this zodiac sign are natural born leaders that show strong initiative, but sometimes they can be pretty impatient. Today, Astrology Tattoos For Men are equally popular with those who believe that everything is written in the stars and those who see zodiac signs as an appropriate way to express some of their qualities or characteristics. Be as it may, if you want to express mental, emotional and physical characteristic or you want to tell others that you are intense, willful, sensitive or fun in a pretty direct , still beautiful way, choose the Astrology Tattoos For Men.
You’ve inspired me to get them out and look through them and do some mind mapping finally!
If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". After all, there is a certain mystery and romanticism in the idea that our lives are ruled by constellations.
Unify the symbol with an image or some other element and get a unique motif nobody else has got.

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