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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You have successfully made the transition from brooding caterpillar to social butterfly. There is only connection (Moon sextile Mars), but it is sepparating, actually meaning that the expected outcome (income increase) is fading away. Jupiter, the natural ruler of prosperity and increase, is located in the 12th house approaching the Ascendant. Although, I do not base my horary readings on new techniques that have not passed the time test, I am willing to explore anything that may have relevancy in the chart.There is an applying square between Neptune and the 2nd house Regiomontanus cusp, meaning a blurred vision on the financial future OR a false image on personal income (usually rosed colored glasses). For the sake of the chart analysis, although not directly related to the question, one may observe the applying Sun-Saturn opposition on the MC-IC axis and ruling it, suggesting obstacles, conflicts with the superiors, a deterioration of the professional image.
The answer to the querent's question as it was phrased is "No, there won't be an income increase in the near future", but the applying aspects of the Moon in her current sign (trine Jupiter and finally sextile Pluto, modern ruler of the second house) suggest that there will a positive income change in the long run. In April, 3 months later, I communicated with the questioner, in order to find out what happened next in her life.
Amazingly, the horary chart above also reflects this event: Venus, 1st house ruler, is located in the 3rd house (of roads and traffic) while in sextile with Uranus (the unexpected, the accident). Discover the main astrological trends in your life over the next year (transits and progressions).
Learn about the daily astrological weather triggering your daily life events and states of mind.
Understand the astrological potential of moving to different geographical places for personal or business success. Free Weekly Predictions, Chart Reading, Personal Astrology, Business Astrology, Corporate Astrology, Jyotishremedies, Astrologers K Rajesh Chaudhary R K Chadha Dr. Zodiac is an imaginary belt in the heavens extending to 9? on both sides of ecliptic containing 12 signs of 30? each. The zodiac is also divided into 27 nakshatras (constellations) consisting of groups of fixed stars. Equinox is the time when the Sun apparently crosses the equator and the day and the night are equal. The time required for a 360 degree rotation of the earth around its axis, causing a given star in the sky to return to the same position in relation to the earth is known as the sidereal day and this period is about 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. Planetary longitude is the angular distance measured eastward on the ecliptic from the starting point of the fixed zodiac and it gives the apparent position of the planet in a particular sign at a given time. Longitude is the angular distance of any place on the earth's surface, east or west of a standard meridian (e.g.
Latitude is the angular distance on its meridian of any place of the earth's surface from the equator. Note:Even if you find it difficult to understand astronomical terms, you can proceed with further study.
Natal chart or radical chart or horoscope or natal positions are the positions of the ascendant and planets in various signs as noted for the time of the birth. Conjunction is the apparent coincidence or proximity of two or more celestial objects as viewed from the earth.
The conjunctions or aspects with more than five degrees of longitudinal difference are wide conjunctions or aspects. The results of the significations of a weak planet fructify with delay and suffer whenever that weak planet is afflicted due to close aspect or conjunction with any functional malefic planet.
IMPACT OF PLANETS IN FRIENDLY SIGNS: When planets occupy the signs of their friendly planets, they are happy and feel themselves free for producing results, if they are otherwise strong. IMPACT OF PLANETS IN INIMICAL SIGNS: When planets occupy signs of their enemies, they do not find themselves comfortable to produce results expected of them. According with Systems’ Approach, the dispositor is a planet in whose mooltrikona sign another planet is located in the natal chart. When both the Sun and the combust planet are functional benefic planets and are closely conjunct, we have to see their two roles distinctively. If a functional malefic planet closely influences any other planet or the Sun, a functional malefic planet will certainly color the significations of the planet under its influence, negatively. When both the Sun and the combust planet are functional benefic planets and are closely conjunct, one should see their role as the lords of the two houses they rule. The planets which are weak on multiple counts and are under the exact affliction of functional malefic planets, are called severely afflicted planets.
A strong natal planet protects and promotes its general significations and the significations of its mooltrikona house. The results of planets placed in the Sun-like houses that is the second, third and ninth houses get magnified. Any planet has capacity to bless the native with its results if its natal strength is at least 60% and it is unafflicted. 1) The most effective point of its mooltrikona sign is afflicted by a functional malefic planet within an orb of one degree.
2) The most effective point of its house of placement is afflicted by a functional malefic planet, within an orb of one degree for mooltrikona signs or within an orb of five degrees for non-mooltrikona signs. 3) It is conjunct or aspected by any functional malefic planet within an orb of one degree. In case of special or multiple afflictions, the otherwise "strong" planet is considered afflicted (and weak) even when the orb of affliction is of two degrees. Fairly strong planet: A planet which has at lest 70% power, is unafflicted and well placed, is considered as fairly strong planet. Mild affliction: An affliction to the extent of 25% or less to a strong or fairly strong planet or the most effective point of a non-mooltrikona sign house is considered as a mild affliction.

An exact conjunction or aspect by a strong functional benefic planet raises the strength of the planet by 50%.
The impact of conjunction and aspect by a strong functional benefic planet remains within an orb of 5 degrees and is at the rate of 20% per degree. An exact conjunction or aspect by a weak functional benefic planet raises the strength of the planet by 12.5% - just marginal. Scorpio weekly horoscope, scorpio weekly astrology, scorpio weekly predictions, scorpio sunsign horoscope, weekly scorpio zodiac predictions. Get your weekly horoscope and weekly astrology from kamalkapoorcom you can also find today weekly horoscope, weekly forecast, weekly astrology and only complete.
Get free online astrology predictions, horoscopes, services & reports from askganesha astrologers with blessings from lord ganesha. Know free weekly horoscope for zodiac signs and read free weekly horoscopes and astrology predictions 2016 also find weekly predictions for your star signs. Our online astrology portal offers the services of free online horoscope preparation and its reading also we have on our portal an online astrology horoscope. Accurate predictions online astrology advice astrology questions astrological advice astrological services indian vedic astrology. By the grace of lord shani dev guru rajneesh rishi ji solves all their problems and never send them empty handed.
Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about Weekly Predictions My Astrology Puja Free Online . Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
It looks like a robotic grasshopper, with giant black eyes on a long red face, enlarged hind legs bearing spikes, and floppy, oversized antennae.
Soon you will be in your full, fluttery glory, never lingering too long with one thought, one friend, or one identity. Only one fear is real enough and important enough to awaken and activate the numb part of your intelligence. For a positive answer, I'd want to see an applying harmonious connection between the querent's significators (person asking the question) and the 2nd house ruling over income and finances. Yet, before reaching it, it slows down and turns backwards (retrograde) on February 2, at 18Lib51, at less than one degree from the exact position of the Ascendant, telling us that the desired income increase, although theoretically possible, will not occur. I'd choose the second because of the other chart indication that endorses this: Jupiter applying by conjunction to the Ascendant, but never actually reaching it.
She told me that about 9 days after the question was asked, she had a car accident of which she emerged unscathed, but the car was demolished.
The earth has two revolutions: one around the Sun which is completed in 365,25 days, and the other around its own axis which is completed in 24 hours.
The names and extent of nakshatras in zodiac are being separately indicated in the table appended at the end of the book. It is believed that when the Sun touches its equinoctial point of zero degree of Aries, the earth moves westward with reference to a particular constellation.
It is defined as an average time period of the successive passages of the Sun over a given meridian. It is measured in degrees and minutes from the equator towards either the North Pole or the South Pole. The lack of clear understanding of the astronomical terminology will not create hurdles in your understanding of the Predictive Astrology. These do not have permanent impact in life except the short lived transit influences on the planets involved in wide conjunctions or aspects. For example, the Sun rules father, status of the native, heart, digestive system, etc., irrespective of the lordship of the Sun in a particular nativity. The natal affliction causes damages in the entire sub-periods of the weak planet and the afflicting planets while the transit affliction cause short term damages during that effective transit influence. As for the Sun, to what extent the influence of the combust planet helps as the combust planet will be weak and not in a position to help the Sun? A severe affliction to any weak natal planet by Ketu or MMP and especially to the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Saturn makes the planet vulnerable to a paralytic stroke besides causing other problems. Where the Sun is a functional benefic and it causes combustion to another planet, the planet will become 50% weak for the purpose of transit affliction. The placement in the sixth house can involve the person in disputes, debts and can cause ill health.
When planets are placed in their signs of debilitation in birth chart and navamsa, they lose strength by 75%. But his erratic behavior, often provoked by drugs or alcohol, sometimes interfered with his abilities. Some heavy-duty, level-headed stalwarts might wish you would be more earthy and anchored, but I don’t share their concern. 21): I suspect that marriages of convenience will begin to wither away unless they evolve into bonds of affection.
Mars is peregrine in this chart, meaning that it has none of the 5 essential dignities known from Ptolemy, meaning a weakened position. Each degree can be divided into 60 minutes, and each minute can be divided into 60 seconds for the purpose of precision in calculations.
The zodiac seen or measured from the beginning of Aries from the westward moving equinoctial point is known as moving or tropical zodiac. With the help of the longitude of a particular place with reference to Greenwich (0?), we calculate the local mean time for that place.

The planetary positions noted with reference to a particular chart for subsequent periods are known as transits or transit positions. If the difference in longitudes happens to be less than one degree, the resulting conjunction is known as an exact conjunction.
Each planet is believed to aspect fully the seventh house, reckoned from the placement of the former. The particular significations of a planet mean the significations of its mooltrikona house, the significations of its natal house and the significations of its transiting house i.e. The significations of both of these houses will flourish and will be connected to each other except the short run transit malefic influences which will stress the combust planet comparatively more than the Sun.
With the help of the strengthening measures - gemstones or Kavach - the strength of the planets, where it is less than 60%, can be brought to the level of 60% so that it blesses the native with the significations ruled by it.
A combust planet in its sign of debilitation and placed in a malefic house will have only 10% power. But in this post i will explain Our online astrology portal offers the services of free online horoscope preparation and its reading also.
In 1973, the Who was doing a live concert near San Francisco when the horse tranquilizer that Moon had taken earlier caused him to pass out. It’s a collection of 366 poems, most of which are dedicated to Laura, the woman he loved. Your libido is in the midst of a deep, hearty awakening, which is generating a surplus of potent, super-fine mojo. When zero degree of Aries is reckoned from a particular star, the same is known as fixed or sidereal zodiac.
As the earth rotates from west to east (anti-clockwise), those places east of Greenwich will be ahead of Greenwich Time and those to the west will be behind Greenwich Time. Predictive Astrology is based on Astronomy but the deep knowledge of Astronomy is not at all necessary for predictive analysis.
If the difference in longitudes is within five degrees, the same is known as a close conjunction. If the difference in planetary longitudes is within five degrees, then the aspect is known as a close aspect. If such a planet is weak on other accounts too, the significations ruled by them do not even take birth. Does that mean that if, say, the lord of the sixth gets combust, the Sun will take on its qualities of dispute, conflict, and injury, even if their orb of conjunction is more than 6 degrees?
You have entered the fidgety, inquisitive part of your cycle, when flitting and flirting and flickering make perfect sense. Then put on your brave champion face, gather the allies and resources you need, and go forth into glorious battle.
It might sound farfetched, but I suspect this experience will have a potent impact on your subconscious mind. For 40 years he churned out testaments of longing and appreciation for her, despite the fact that he and she never spent time together. And your surplus of potent, super-fine mojo is in turn inciting your libido’s even deeper, heartier awakening.
The Vedic system of Astrology uses the concept of fixed zodiac and that is why the Sun enters Aries almost on identical dates every year. The combust planet is considered as a weak planet but in case the Sun and planet(s) involved are functional benefic planets, the weakness of the combust planet(s) is operative only at the time of natal or transit afflictions.
The significations of the houses having mooltrikona sign of an afflicted planet are harmed more when such planets are already weak for other reasons.
You are spiraling back to get another look at interesting teachings you didn’t master the first time around. There may be times in the coming week when you feel like you are living with a wild animal. In the Vedic system of Astrology, when we are speaking of various signs we are actually speaking about the fixed constellations with the same name.
The planets are said to be combust when they are within the below mentioned degrees on either side of the Sun. As long as you keep the creature well-fed and well-stroked, it should provide you with lots of vigorous, even boisterous fun. It could also help you realize that some of the deep, dark stuff you wrestle with is not bad and scary, but rather fertile and fascinating. If you want to be ready to seize the surprising opportunities that show up in your vicinity, I suggest you make yourself as innocent and expansive as possible. Even if you can’t literally call in sick to your job and spend a few days wandering free, do everything you can to claim as much low-pressure, unhurried spaciousness as possible. I suspect that sometime soon, Aries, you may also get an unexpected opportunity to play the role of a substitute.
And this is crucial: Use your fear to awaken and activate the numb part of your intelligence. Now would be an excellent time for you to plan and launch strenuous efforts that will enable you to eventually accomplish one of your long-range goals.
It’s either time to choose a new one (or two?) or else adjust your bonds with your current muses.

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