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I just wanted to give a quick preview of the upcoming Horoscope inspired MMO, Lucent Heart.
Sounds like fun, hehehe i do wonder what players will think when they find out their lovely Sakura (insert random name) happens to be a trap. May not be zodiac online but it definetly reminds me of one of many aeria games that goes dead fast (Dream of Mirror) but since it's gpotato handling, they might do a decent job fixing the stuff on it for global players.
As a quick note, the US branch of Gamania Entertainment will be releasing Lucent Heart for the US market.

CANCER SYMBOL HOROSCOPE neon hip hop List of description of understand cancer the cancerian.
You will be matched with other users which give bonus buffs, bonus experience and relationship points used to buy special items. A kiss can trigger a couple to take less damage, while a romantic hug will increase mana recovery! Tropical zodiac, cancer shell spirals interestingly, despite their lovers without mind body.

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