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Subliminal audio messages can program your subconscious mind to make empowering, healthy and life enriching decisions in your day to day life. How would you like to automatically make choices and decisions that lead to your greatest health, abundance and success? Subliminal audio messages are a steady stream of positive affirmations, hundreds of empowering positive affirmations embedded into another audio track, ideally soothing, relaxing, background sounds designed to put your mind into a deep theta wave and mildly hypnotic receptive state. Exposing your subconscious to affirmations is very powerful as the subconscious brain is easily impressionable. The subconscious is a big part of all of actions we take and the choices and decisions that we make each day. In order to live your highest potential and bring into your life the things you really want, you must be deeply convinced that you really want these things. There is a frequency that the subconscious hears and picks up that is just below the level that your conscious brain picks up.
With subliminal audios you can bypass the conscious mind barrier and instate positive thoughts directly onto your subconscious.
Now, making positive changes in your life and taking action towards the life of your dreams will be effortless and fun. 12 albums of subliminal audio messages to empower you to live your richest, happiest and healthiest life! I personally have used subliminal audios several times to help me achieve goals in my life: losing weight, getting fit and even to learn Spanish. With affirmation tracks on Self-healing, Healthy Body, Vibrant Vitality, Total Well-being and more. With affirmation tracks on Fast Metabolism and Slim Body, Rejuvenation, Healthy Weight Loss, Nutritious Eating and more. With affirmation tracks on Genius mind – High IQ, Quick Thinking, Great Memory, Focus and Concentration and more. With affirmation tracks on Financial Wealth, Fame and Charisma, Communication and Persuasion, Love my Work and more.
With affirmation tracks on Love to Exercise, Body Image Self Confidence, Build Muscle and Sculpt Body and more. With affirmation tracks on Motivated to Succeed, Productive and Energized, Enthusiasm, Success and more. Each of the affirmation tracks is being embedded into 4 different relaxing background sounds. There will also be a silent track for each set of affirmations that can be played unnoticed in the background anywhere! Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE! Nadi Shastra is a unique form of astrology allows a person to know about his destiny, inscribed on palm leaves, thousands of years ago. In Nadi Shastra, the thousands of life patterns are written based on the possible astrological combinations. Although Nadi readers and leaves are scattered all over India, most of them are centered in Tamil Nadu.
A Nadi seeker's thumbprint is firstly taken for selecting the suitable possibilities of leaves stack.

Listening to subliminal audios is an effective way to change your deepest internal thoughts that govern all of your actions. The affirmations are recorded subliminally, just below the audible threshold, at a level that is perfect to bypass the critical conscious thinking mind and be picked up by the receptive and sensitive subconscious mind. It is responsible for our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and also influences our emotions and moods.
To create subliminal audios, affirmations and positive messages are embedded into other audio tracks at an ideal level that the subconscious can hear. When information bypasses the conscious brain, it is processed by the subconscious brain as true.
These have worked every time for me and I deeply believe in their power to help you achieve the things you would like in your life. 2 of the backgrounds include binaural beats, a certain frequency (that is different in each ear) shown to more greatly impact our subconscious when listening to subliminal audios. We are all capable of so much, and what is holding almost every one of us back from our dreams and goals is our minds programming. Nadi Shastra is an ancient Astrology method for learning about a person's past, present and also the future. These calculations are written in Sanskrit language, but they were later translated in Tamil language under the Chola ruler ship. Nadi Shastra makes stronger a person's belief in destiny being the guiding force of one's existence.
While the Science of Astronomy is called Jyotisa, its reference in the Mandukya Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad gives it the name of Vedanga Jyotisa.
This was initially expressed in the Rigvedas where the month as a unit of time was divided on the basis of movement of the moon. In Vedic age the concept of day and night begins and ends with the sunrise and sunset which marks the 360th part of a year in the form of a day. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. How wonderful would it be to naturally, subconsciously, choose the situations and things in life that would lead to our highest potential?
The subconscious just accepts and acts on what it is given, which with positive affirming subliminal audio messages is: powerful, abundant and healthful life-affirming information. The subconscious mind is responsible for both our conscious and subconscious habits and actions.
This is usually the tricky part, to bypass the often conflicted and dual thinking conscious mind.
These messages are then picked up and imprinted into the deeper governing and impressionable subconscious mind. Old negative thoughts will be replaced by new positive thoughts that will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you.
The blocks you held against your highest wellbeing will disappear and the abundance of the world will naturally and easily flow to you. If we can’t do something, it is almost always because we have blocks against it, and faulty programming that is telling us we can’t do those things we want to do, or have the things we want, in our life.
It is believed that Indian sages around thousands of years ago had the power to look into the matters of past as well as future of the universe.

Because of this reason Nadi Shastra is often referred as the most prominent branch in Tamil Astrology.
The search is usually time taking, and may range from few minutes to few hours, few days and perhaps even years.
I believe in them so strongly that I am creating the ultimate 12 album set of powerful subliminal audios. They recorded the life of a person and at some point of time those results were documented on palm leaves. Maratha and Chola rulers were the great patrons of this art who endeavoured to preserve these sacred records. They will program you to think abundantly, healthfully and successfully both with your conscious and subconscious mind. But, it is said that sages and yogis of about 2000 years ago are the authentic writers of the Nadi leaves. It is one of the most amazing confirmation of the intuitive powers and developed knowledge of the ancient sages, who possessed the capability of seeing the future of the entire universe.
Amongst these, Sukra and Dhruva Nadis are significant ones; they give quite accurate life history. This is defined as general reading in Nadi Shastra, where a person's past and future is read broadly. The Valluvar community of south India, who were the keen followers of astrology, bought maximum leaves. There are two types of original Granthas on Dhruva Nadis, namely Satyacharya and Jai muni, based on Sayan system unlike other Nadis that are based on Nirayan system. The most astonishing fact about Nadi Shastra remains that a person reads his or her Nadi leaf only at a preordained time of his or her life; which have been predestined thousands of years ago. It is believed that the records were originally written on animal skin and later were transferred to palm leaves. Satya Nadi deals with the prominent people in every field, along with details about their life and accomplishments.
Thus, a person learns about his life patterns by going through palm leaves that provide actual facts of his life on the exact time it was meant to be told. However, this knowledge is kept sacred and is handed down from generations to generations excluding any public disclosure.
In various Nadis like Bhrigu Samhita, horoscope is related with the Nadi Shastra, the outcome of which is derived by different permutations and combinations. They have been preserved by applying oil extracted from Peacocks' blood on auspicious 'muhurtas'.
This is unlike many Nadis who use Nadi Amsha (part of any sign) and go on detailing about person's event and happening in life.

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