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When different sides of the soul have developed to drastically different points, you become a strange mix, a hybrid brew.
There are two important changes this week that will have consequences: Venus will be in Aries and will enter in aspects with Mars, Uranus and Pluto at the end of the week and Mercury will enter in Gemini in the second part of the week. Venus in Aries it is not a good position as Venus is in exile and will make difficult aspects, especially with Mars. For Aries it should be apparently well, as they seem they will benefit for some pleasures, but it is just an impression. The other important position of this week, Mercury in Gemini, it is a really good aspect and will favor especially Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, but it will be felt in a good manner by Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
The aspect will bring a great improve in communication, the use of information, the ability to find quick solutions. The Sun will make an opposition with Saturn in the second part of the week which will affect especially those people from Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. On the other hand you may become attracted to the occult area and have some strange revelations, dreams, unusual inspiration.  The spiritual dimension of your life is enhanced. For women it may symbolize problems with the masculine part of the family (husband, dad etc.), events that will weak their position or health. Your partner may surprise you with his financial activity (situation), and I think that won’t be a pleasant surprise.

Simultaneously ancient with wisdom and vibrant with youth at best, or perhaps at once aging rapidly and still unformed. The native has something eluding grasp and will lip away from your hands on the very moment you think you have caught him. Maybe they will have initiative in relations, but they will find surprises and a really unstable field.
Many situation will be clarified, many people will understand what they didn’t knew for sure, many confusing acts will be clarified. It will generate events that will call for rigor, austerity, responsibility, rigidity, punishment. You may become attracted by different type of drugs, alcohol and other substances or activities that lets you evade from reality. It is good especially if you have some laborious paper work, article to write, courses to study. Those facets that are older and wiser have developed a greater mode of perception over long cycles of time. He will delve deep into the most hermetical sciences, whether material or spiritual; tackle intricate and baffling problems and master their result with matchless skill, but the work thus done he will turn to his own exclusive profit. If we are looking at the conflict from Ukraine we can expect an increase of the war actions at the final of the week.

Hard work is necessary, if not problems may appear in relation with authority such us institutions, people that command us etc.
Those facets that remain young and unformed have not kept up with the greater awareness in the personal expression and embodiment. If we are looking at personal charts, the aspect will affect especially Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. It is not even to be ruled out that he will have to suffer-and much at that-and leave his native country under grave circumstances. The hardest part is to accept and embrace yourself as you are and to forgive and transmute what sometimes seems like a lack of courage and individual strength under fire.
He had better avoid positions of responsibility, refrain from running any concern on his own, and put up with a lower status than he is bargaining for, living up to it in the quietest possible way. The only way this combination can become integrated is if the advanced witness acknowledges the unconditional value and intentions of the fledgling personal one who will flourish and start to catch up if loved and fostered.

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