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December Horoscope 2015 Things can get pretty passionate and intense this December as Venus enters sexy Scorpio. The holiday season will need someone to help move the merry making along and you are elected, Gemini. You can easily overspend your gift giving budget this December if you are not careful, Libra.
Make your corporate dreams come true this December with careful strategic planning and a bit of ambitious oomph.
If you were born on 3rd December 1953., your age is Sixty-Two years and One Hundred and Sixty days.
Birthday Scan by Igi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
French basketball player, who won the Euroleague in 1997–98 and 2000–01 with Kinder Bologna. With Venus, the sun and Mercury in your sign gelling with planets in your exploration and joy houses, your week is looking good! Before Mars leaves Capricorn this week, he has an opportune meeting with Saturn that suggests you could coordinate your efforts with others seamlessly, work on accomplishing something that serves society or make headway on a plan to achieve a new personal goal.
Venus, the sun and Mercury are gathered in the house of your chart naturally associated with Aquarian matters such as friendship and philanthropy, and this week, they’re syncing with Jupiter in your relationship angle and Uranus in your cognition-and-communication zone.
Planets in your ambition angle are syncing with Jupiter and Uranus this week, encouraging you to continue to maintain a high profile to advance your public image and professional status.
The sun and Mercury in your expansion sector are gelling with Uranus in Aries this week, implying that you need to broaden your horizons and redefine your way of being in the world. Venus-Jupiter harmony suggests moments of ease and contentment that make you want to indulge your desires this week. Several planets are clicking with each other in your social houses this week, so it’s definitely not the time to stay home alone.
Planets in your work-and-health sector are clicking with planets in your worth and ambition houses this week, suggesting several positive scenarios. A positive encounter between Venus in your fulfillment zone and Jupiter in Leo this week suggests that you’ll revel in being yourself and your confidence will be strong.
With the sun and Mercury harmonizing with liberating Uranus in your transformation zone this week, sharing your feelings with someone could bring you closer, while reflecting on your memories or emotions—or talking to family—could facilitate a psychological breakthrough. Planets in your cognition-and-communication sector are gelling with planets in your relationship and network houses this week, suggesting that your thoughts, ideas, dialogues, group conversations and personal interactions are likely to be fairly pleasant and beneficial.
Mars is clicking with Saturn in Scorpio this week, enabling you to assert yourself in accordance with your ambition and the identity that you’ve been carving out these past two years. I thank bldg25 every week for these horoscopes, seem to represent my life, hopes and dreams perfectly each time. Enter your email address for Free People BLDG 25 news, offers, and other promotional communications.
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Not only are you especially sexy this December, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time.
So instead of staying home and contemplating your yule fire, why not make an early new year’s resolution to get Out and about and seek your special lady.
But spreading yourself a little fiscally thin will pay big dividends in the popularity department.
There is something intoxicating and seductive about you that puts you on top of everyone’s gift list.
Not only can you gather gal pals together, you can meet a bevy of new girlfriends, Expand your social sphere into a globe and become more influential in a variety of good gay causes and initiatives. Pay particular attention to the political dynamics at your office holiday party and make your best moves that are guaranteed to garner attention. Next one will be in Ninety-Five days (Sunday, 14th August 2016.), when you will be 22900 days old. OK, next one will be in One Hundred and Ninety-Five days (Tuesday, 22nd November 2016.), your age will be 23000. December 1953, check below your Physical, Emotional and Intellectual biorhythm calculator for next 20 days. In 2001, before the European Championship, he retired from international basketball after 110 appearances with the French National Team, but he decided to come back for the 2005 European Championship where he won the bronze medal.
Personal growth, adventure, self-expression, love, creativity, travel, inspiration, fun—it’s all possible when you tap into the positive flow of energy. Gravitating toward teamwork, socializing, other group activities, humanitarian concerns, professional networking, shared interests, long-range thinking and conceptualizing new hopes are all favored.

You could make a social contact that opens up new job possibilities or appeal to a higher-up and be given more responsibility. Uranus gives you an urge for freedom and radical change, and this planetary meeting prompts you to grow—through new experiences, travel, education and exposure to unfamiliar people, cultures and beliefs. You could feel at home in someone’s presence or have a positive sexual experience that gives you an emotional boost—or you may receive financial support that gives you a greater sense of security. You’ll enjoy a pleasant rapport with others—both one on one and in a group—and will probably have plenty to say. Enjoy romance, creativity, humor, sports and other play, and let it bring out the happy child in you. You’ll probably be in the mood to hang at home, either alone or with someone you’re comfortable with. Positive thinking and a good rapport with others can lead to new connections and valuable information. Speak with authority about something you believe in, and try to further your agenda, even if it just means coming up with concrete action steps and taking the first one. For those currently in a relationship, make it even better and spoil your lovergrrl with enticing little gifts in a range of boxes. If you find that there is too much work for one person, find a bunch of perky elves to add a few helping hands to the process. Later in the week, Mars moves on, prompting you to turn your efforts to resources such as money and possessions and to act in accordance with your values. You could meet someone or come into contact with people already in your circle who open up a different world for you, show you a new way of looking at things, shake you up in a good way and get you to spread your wings. You must break out of your routine and step outside your day-to-day world every chance you get if you’re to shake up your old identity. The sun and Mercury are enjoying fortuitous meetings with Uranus, so intimacy, shared resources and deep enjoyment can feed into an internal liberation that enables you to start to bring out a different side of yourself.
Working on a relationship can increase your confidence, or healthy self-esteem could spur you to improve a relationship. Venus is also in that part of your chart, and she’s vibing with Jupiter in your relaxation-and-imagination sector. You can learn from people, draw inspiration from them and enjoy yourself immensely in a group setting and one on one, so make connecting with others a priority. Three planets in your worth house are gelling with Jupiter in your ambition angle and Uranus in your work zone, implying several things.
There are some of you who crave outlandish excitement but there are others who will get by with a few sips of spiked eggnog. But be sure that you have a few festive surprises that will have tongues wagging throughout the New Year. Make as many new connections as possible and launch some of your best ideas to see how far and high they can go. Dare to be friendly, optimistic, assertive, flirty, open, confident, even a little self-indulgent. In the meantime, planets in your subliminal sector are jibing with Jupiter in your psyche-and-sharing house and Uranus in your foundation angle.
A Venus-Jupiter huddle suggests a love connection with someone whose background differs significantly from yours.
Working hard, learning new skills, planning effectively, communicating with peers and taking care of your body so you stay productive will make all the difference in your career progress and your ability to achieve other goals. So creative home decorating, generous hospitality, indulgence in creature comforts, catching up on sleep and enjoying peace and quiet are all favored. Express your affection, creativity, humor, love and other emotions when the spirit moves you. Financial security is tied to aiming high in your career, and right now, you’re apt to want a lot for yourself. You are able to gain the romantic advantage and expand your circle of bosom buddies in time to plan a particularly memorable New Year’s celebration. This is the type of week when it really feels like your birthday season, because things are very much about you.
With Mars entering Aquarius, your energy will increase, and you’ll be able to work hard in the next five weeks to further your own interests.
With Mars crossing your ambition angle, it’s time to work hard to achieve an objective you set for yourself a while ago.
Being in contact with plenty of people could facilitate a romantic relationship or brighten your life in some other way. With Mars entering your depth sector, you’re nudged to pursue a passion, face a psychological issue or dive into a research project.

With the sun and Mercury also in your fulfillment zone and syncing with Uranus in your vision sector, your mind continues to open up.
The full moon in your relationship angle does ask that you balance egocentrism with some consideration of others’ needs. Enjoying solitude, spirituality and your dream life can bring self-understanding and healing. This is also a good time to examine your life direction and career path and assess your progress.
Mars segues into your hopes-and-humanity zone, encouraging teamwork, participation in group activities, taking action on a new goal and pursuing a philanthropic aim. A full moon in Gemini is bound to heighten your emotions, and fortunately the moon is in sync with other planets that will enhance your ability to express what you’re feeling. The full moon calls your attention to the secrets of the subconscious, spirituality, the imagination, dreams, sacrifice, release and rest.
Seeing the world in a new light will help you to see yourself in a new light and vice versa.
Notice the positivity in your relationships, have faith in people and spend time with those who share your ideals and values. A shift in a particular relationship may get you to ponder how well it’s working, and compromise or closure could be the answer. Shining a light on something in your subconscious can liberate your emotions, and recognizing an ingrained behavior pattern can free you to move past childhood.
The full moon moves fun, love, creativity, children and self-expression to the front burner and could spell a romantic turning point.
Even though several planets are nudging you onto center stage, with Mars entering your seclusion house, it would make sense to start doing some work behind the scenes as well, without expecting immediate rewards or recognition. Various little things are apt to come up now—coinciding with the full moon—and having to deal with them could overload your brain.
With the full moon in your worth sector, watch your spending, as it’s likely to be triggered by emotions.
The moon gives you a free pass to focus on your emotional state and your needs, but it also beckons you to keep your relationships in mind and find good compromises. You’re reminded to balance all that hard work with quiet downtime that allows you to reflect. You should be able to juggle a lot, but if you get frazzled, find a healthy physical outlet for stress.
With Mars moving into your joy zone, the pursuit of personal fulfillment and fun is encouraged in the next several weeks.
Drama in this house can be like a toddler yelling “Mine!” Try to balance your needs with the allure of sharing.
You might also want to let go of something or finish something up, since the full moon in your sign signals an ending of sorts. You’ll probably feel like being alone, and now would be an excellent time to let go of something in order to manifest a solid identity for yourself.
Remain open to beliefs, knowledge and people that are foreign to you and allow them to inform your perception.
This week’s full moon might push you into a professional or public spotlight, so be ready to put your best foot forward. And this week’s full moon in your exploration house coaxes you to stretch your limits and perhaps let go of an old belief, philosophy or prejudice. After Mars crosses your domestic angle, pursue working from home or working on your home and perhaps tackle an emotional or real-estate issue. In general, emotions are heightened, so be sensitive even if it seems like someone is just acting dramatic. The full moon in your group zone beckons you to balance your individual growth with the needs of others and to always consider the role you play in people’s lives. The full moon reminds you transform pain into power, trust enough to share, honor someone else’s deep need, seek healthy give-and-take and release old jealousy. But with so much emphasis on Sagittarius, you should definitely feel free to make all that vitality, appeal and expressiveness work in your favor.

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