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Full Moon on the 10th is empowered by a total Lunar eclipse, visible just as the Moon sets in the west, at sunrise. Geminids Meteor Showers overnight on the 14th -15th will fill the sky with shooting stars; look up! Karedwyn offers Spiritual, LifePath, and Relationship Consultations based on insights drawn from Tarot, Metaphysics, and Astrology. With this weekly horoscope for December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015; you will get to know how this week is for you. Weekly horoscope for April 25 to May 1, 2016 is here for your zodiac sign based on Vedic astrology.
Akshaya Tritiya is indeed an auspicious day and Jupiter has its special spiritual significance. Leo - Take care of critical matters in person as you are the best one to handle the details. Pisces - Power plays with associates will require a new or alternate arrangement with them.
Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people.
She resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. The views expressed are strictly those of the author and not necessarily those of Castanet. Melina is a Social Media “Socialite”, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising alumna and Southern California native. Architecturally, the essence of every building form is a basic shape, which in feng shui can.. According to Chinese astrology, our universe consists of five basic elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth .

Aries overview - Aries represents the primal male who impetuous, impulsive and strong-willed late fees. The Age of Aquarius and the futuristic discoveries are synchronized with the one born under this sign. The sign of Sagittarius rules the house of philosophers, something that speaks volumes about these inquisitive souls. The cautious and traditional Capricorn will certainly time and energy in a stabbing early relationship. This lunation is called the Bitter Moon by the Chinese, the Cold Moon by the Celts, and the Moon-when-wolves-run-together by the Lakota Sioux. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life.
She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. As you welcome this festive and final month of the year, you may have family, friends and celebrations on your mind. She is style-obsessed and loves keeping up with her favorite designers, brands and musicians — all via social media of course! In bed dominates the earthly desire, because this constellation does not take much to get excited.
But soon you will get rid of this lethargy because mid of the week is indicating betterment in life. In the mid of the week, not only your endeavors will show colors, but also your name and fame will rise.
Ease the stress of the season by reading what’s in store this month and most importantly, what you should wear. She enjoys jewelry DIYs, yoga, hiking and style stalking fashion insiders, such as Kate Lanphear, Joanna Hillman, and Taylor Tomasi Hill.

But as the true partner comes into the picture, this fear disappears and reveals the Capricorn itself as a loyal and devoted partner.
They also love style and what the romance is concerned, they are certainly stylish in organizing surprises!
The ideal partner for a Capricorn is someone with a fair amount of love, give someone who calls himself a hundred percent can, and security and trust can provide. The Capricorn is able to self and partner to create a dream world, where a supreme state of bliss is reached.
But, you will get good results in the matters related to family as well as finance at the weekend. Whereas, at the weekend, not only things will come in your favor, but hindrances in work will also end. Consider involving a beautiful house (possibly bought with the money from the partner?) Or organizing a fantastic party.
The partner should be able to bring the Capricorn to relax but also a supreme form of ecstasy. Whoever wins the heart of the Capricorn will be much may provide, and has a strong influence on the character. Deal with ego clashes, retaliation or rebellions where situations are explosive on a small or large scale. If the partner applies the right formula, the relationship is a fantastic game with only winners!

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