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As Pluto's child, Scorpio, you're an analyst, detective, and assassin all rolled up into one. Scorpio Horoscope 2016 This year speaks well for your sun sign, you will get good times and success in this year.
Students of this sun sign need to focus on their studies; you may get low grades if preparation is not good. Your health will fluctuate in the mid of year, special care has to be taken during this time. There will be significant changes in your love life between February and May 2016 for the Scorpions.
The 2016 Scorpio astrology predictions show that businessmen should not try to impose their ideas over their associates. Professional people should improve their skills by improving their knowledge by attending courses. You will overcome monetary problems with confidence and your financial skills will help you to manage your finances.
From June 2016 onward you will be in good shape as far as financial position is concerned and you will have enough money to invest in securities. Your vitality will be good till June 2016 and you should be careful to conserve it by restricting your activities.
The Scorpio 2016 horoscope predicts that diet plays an important role in preserving the Scorpio’s physical fitness. Scorpio, you have been emotionally dependent on your family and using them as your support.
The 2016 Scorpio zodiac forecasts say that you will be ready to take up more duties and to make assurances to complete them.
This year you will be treading a highly stimulating path and you will come up with creative ideas based on your inner voice.
2016 will be a period of spirituality and self-awareness and this will be evident in your daily actions. The 2016 Scorpio horoscope predicts that your kindheartedness will make you pardon others and yourself of past mistakes.
This year you should try to understand the real meaning of life by looking towards your inner self and improving your spiritual abilities.
Scorpio, you will feel as if you are reborn in 2016 after leaving all the negative baggage behind. You will study the lessons you have learned during the year and see how it has affected your real life.
August 2016 is a excellent month for all professional decisions, predicts the 2016 astrology predictions for the Scorpio zodiac sign. November 2016 will be pleasurable and emotionally satisfying, predicts the Scorpio horoscope 2016. The Scorpio horoscope 2016 foretells that your mental intuitiveness will come to your aid this year. 2016 Horoscopes Predictions & ForecastsUpdated: December 4, 2013Read: 132323 Times2016 astrology predictions for the 12 zodiac signs! There are several challenges linked to your job and career, but we all know that challenges usually motivate you.
The beginning of the year is highly difficult in this regard as some tense aspects are formed between Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Money is another field to be challenged in 2016 by the Saturn and Mars’ transits trough Sagittarius. Another peril regarding your money can be linked to changes possible to occur at job, precisely in working terms and conditions.
This question arises especially because of the transits due to occur through Pisces, the sign responsible for your love life. The Black Moon (Lilith) and, then, Jupiter in Libra can tempt you towards hidden or forbidden relationships. Especially until May 21, as long as the Black Moon (Lilith) goes through Libra, the eventual feeling of being captive of a marriage, of a love relationship or of a business contract can generate problems for your body, too. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. During 2016, the cards predict that you will learn exactly how to balance different areas of your life, while taking everything that is put into your path in stride. This year you will be the one that decides which path your personal relationship will take and you could possibly share your free time and feelings with your significant other or you might also not tell them how you feel. However, you will also be working plenty of long hours during the year and you will have to have straight forward speaking, including about how to feel in order to rescue the relationship. If you are in a committed relationship, then it might make it into the marriage cycle, but you should look into your heart and figure out exactly how you feel before you make the final choice. Your work and career will be at the top of pyramid in terms of importance and it will give you plenty back beyond anything you had ever expected. During the start of the year you will be experiencing the best health along with great cheer and you will find yourself to bull of enthusiasm along with energy. During the year you will find yourself having plenty of funds flowing in, but at the same time there will also be a large amount of funds going out, which are beyond anything you can control. The family sector for those born under the Scorpio sun sign will be perfect throughout 2016, especially if you can take care of the small problems that will get people riled up. You will be spending a lot of time traveling during this year and you will have to do it for work. The key to being successful this year in the academic field is to know when to put in the extra effort and you also need to make sure that it is the appropriate type of effort.
During 2016 you will find your life to be changing and expanding, especially in your romantic relationship sector.
You will have to face a challenge this year when it comes to remaining confident, composed and serene at points when you don’t like the situation. During the year you will be facing changes that are ever evolving and this will lead you to having an excited state.
This year you will have to change the way you act towards others and learn to be less disdainful when it comes to others and to give them some leeway. The love match of a Pisces male and Scorpio female ranks high on the compatibility scale as they both are gifted with amazing frequencies. Pisces man is a caring and loving partner for whom the association of love is an emotional bond. When Pisces man and Scorpio woman fall in love, they are able to establish a beautiful connection.
She doesn’t like your dreamy world all the time as this makes her feel that you are not focusing on other important things in life which need attention. Well written and has truth to it because it certainly describes myself and the lovely lady who I have my eyes on. Scorpio’s career and money horoscope for the month of January will focus on personal achievements and growth. It’s a healthy and positive way to think about all the good things that happened the previous year, and how you can continue enjoying these good things today. It’s also a good reminder to not repeat the same mistakes in the past, and to treat them as valuable life lessons. The key days in January, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are January 10th, January 14th, and January 29th 2016.
You will be given a chance to attend special workshops and skills training so that you can perform your job better.
If you only knew earlier just how much you’ll be learning from workshops like this, you would’ve signed up years ago! You will enjoy these courses so much that you will research on your own to find the nearest classes to your location. The key days in February, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are February 3rd, February 14th, and February 28th 2016. This month, Scorpio’s career and money horoscope will highlight how your skills and knowledge can improve your life, career wise and money wise. It’s your ability to think outside the box that will get you out of the bind, stemming from money problems. The key days in March, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are March 13th, March 24th, and March 30th 2016. The month of April will bring in good news and good luck to Scorpio’s career and money sector.
This will completely change the direction of your career, and will have a significant increase when it comes to salary.
This may also signal a time when you’re finally ready to purchase your own piece of property, or your own car. This lucky break will continue all throughout the month, and it will keep you feeling happy and inspired. The key days in April, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are April 1st, April 23rd, and April 30th 2016. Do not give in to temptation, no matter how gorgeous that piece of item looks on that shelf. This month will also be an exercise of control when dealing with stubborn clients and colleagues. The key days in May, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are May 21st, May 23rd, and May 28th 2016.

Without these connections, you lack a crucial marketing tool that will effectively introduce yourself or your business to your local circles, and potentially, to the rest of the world. Connect with potential clients and recruiters and reach out to them when you see an opportunity to work with them.
The key days in June, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are June 4th, June 14th, and June 24th 2016.
Set up a savings fund that can support you for a couple of months until you can get back on your feet again. The key days in July, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are July 14th, July 19th, and July 28th 2016.
Scorpio’s career and money horoscope will focus on the opportunities that abound in the professional and financial sector.
The key days in August, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are August 5th, August 9th, and August 24th 2016. When it comes to Scorpio’s career and money horoscope, the focus will be on your professional relationships.
But if you have a close professional relationship, it can make your job a lot more enjoyable.
If you already have these kinds of professional relationships, protect them and cherish them.
The key days in September, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are September 7th, September 19th, and September 25th 2016. October’s career and money horoscope for Scorpio foretells that you will be re-evaluating your priorities this month. Some minor goals from the past have been replaced by major ones, mostly regarding your career and your finances.
Set realistic goals so that you don’t end up feeling frustrated when you don’t achieve them. The key days in October, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are October 5th, October 19th, and October 24th 2016. For the month of November, Scorpio’s career and money horoscope predicts that there will be peace and abundance all throughout this period. You will be able to settle financial obligations, and you can relax for a while without thinking about work.
During this period of good fortune, you will be reminded of the value of sharing and generosity. Even before you reached this kind of success, you have already been sharing your blessings to other people. The key days in November, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are November 5th, November 17th, and November 30th 2016. Freelancing can give you unlimited income, but you can also expect some dry spell to hit that will make you earn even less.
If you’re a talented illustrator, you can accept commission work and charge customers per illustration. The key days in December, as far as Scorpio career and money horoscope is concerned, are December 3rd, December 11th, and December 31st 2016. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. Put yourself into sports shoes; maintain healthy diet and fruits are must for you this season. Love will be passionate and sexually stimulating during the year, predicts that 2016 Scorpio love horoscope. Between April and September 2016, chances of promotion and business trips are predicted for the Scorpio zodiac sign. It is time to review the relationships and develop your own emotional strength during 2016.
You will seek the grace of Supreme Powerand this will help you to eliminate lingering pains in your life.
Planetary positions will help you to make major modifications to your life, and the results will be fabulous.
All the resources to start a new life are on hand and if you utilize these you can build a wonderful personality. Do not be flustered or critical of everything that is happening but learn to enjoy life as it happens.
One of the most important planetary transit of the year will be Mars through Scorpio as he is going to move retrograde here between May 27 and June 30, the Scorpio horoscope for 2016 shows. So, some unexpected work-related developments appear complicated to deal with as you act very rigid and keen on your own beliefs. Mainly when they go retrograde, you will have to pay the eventual either legal or moral consequences and it will be in a very substantial way. Jupiter until September 9 and the North Node during the entire 2016 are going to bring you occasions to help others in need.
The pressure you carry might be the cause of lumbar backbone aches, while the feeling of cowardice in openly assuming a certain relationship might be the cause of kidney problems. The may not be distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without the prior, handwritten and signed consent of their author!
You will be successful and content and you should learn to trust in your gut feelings and the path that they will lead you on.
You will see a difference in the achievements that you reach this year compared to those in the previous years. However, you should make the most of this phase by using the energy and putting it towards all of the different assignments that you have taken up, however, this might mean you will spend plenty of extra time working and staying up late. This means you won’t be able to save much, so makes sure that you are sticking to your budget and be careful about anything that has to do with money or else you will find yourself to have a huge amount of pressure placed upon you. Most of the year you will be experiencing peace and contentment in the house and in your relationships with your relatives. The constant traveling might leave you feeling stressed out and fatigued, but each of these work trips will help you to add something to your professional career, so they will be worth it.
You should work on achieving your goals this year during the first part of the year and the configurations have suggested that will be the most auspicious time. You will be sprucing up the relationship and your life to make it more exciting and beautiful in a positive way. However, you will have to remember that the anxiety and the heartbreak won’t get you anywhere. However, your life will be unpredictable for most of the year and you will find enjoyment in this state as your brain will be stimulated and you will get immediate responses and ideas.
However, this doesn’t mean that you should simply trust everyone, but you should not just assume everyone is telling you the truth and go with your gut feelings.
They are a wonderful match blessed with intense emotions and feelings of love and care for each other.
They both have lots of similarities which keep them strongly bonded to create an intense and interesting love relationship. She looks for confidence in her man, so make sure that whenever you speak with her, you are confident about what you say and what you do. I look forward to what the future holds but above all I want nothing more than for her to be apart of that future by my side.
There’s nothing like a good self-introspection and reflection to start off the year, don’t you think? You may have more good things to be grateful for than valuable lessons, or it can also be the other way around. You will find them interesting and stimulating, and you’ll even wonder why you only signed up now. You may sign up for a couple more classes on the same topic, or a completely different one. It’s great that you’re being proactive, because not everybody will be willing to spend that much time on anything work related.
The classes that you will take up are not reserved only for things that you need to learn for work. There may be financial troubles ahead, but it’s your quick thinking and your knowledge that will save the day. It’s also your analytic mind that will come up with solutions on how to weather this financial problem without losing everything that you have worked so hard to build. However, we can try to soften the blow by saving money to cover unexpected incidents or emergency expenses. It will be unexpected good news that will completely make your whole month, even your whole year. This may also be a job offer that you had no idea was still coming because of the time that has passed. This month, you will finally take serious action to change your current financial situation. Also set up a website that your connections can visit to check on your profile and what particular services your business provides. You never know which one of them can launch your career, or give you your first big break, or send you abroad.
If you don’t grab them today, you may never have the same opportunity in the future, no matter how hard you try to find it.
If you’re good friends with your boss and the rest of your colleagues at work, count yourself extremely lucky.

Relationships take a while to develop, and you have to put in the effort to make sure that they do grow into something meaningful.
Work can be unbearable sometimes, and it’s your work friends that will make them a lot more bearable.
Another year is about to close, and you feel like there’s more that you can do to make this period more meaningful.
If before your goal was to get a stable job and be promoted, now your goal is to save enough money to start your own business. Because of this, you will not hesitate to share your blessings to different charitable institutions.
The 2016 astrology forecasts show that if you want to be a source of inspiration to others, this is the right time.
Health needs to be taken care of especially women should take precautions for breast related illnesses. What the circumstances intend to show you is that it’s time for change in the way you work and collaborate if you look for a career growth.
Other way, you might suffer from deception but not necessarily because of a partner as it might be because of yourselves, as well. It could be about some friends of yours, but also about people in need as a consequence of a social or medical problem.
The most dangerous time regarding your health condition will be in January and the beginning of February 2016. You should try to be sensitive to the requirements of your partner to ensure that your relationship can keep going.
If you had second thoughts about starting a business venture you have been toying with in your mind, get into action today. If you are in a business, then you will have a great year and it will blossom and this is the most auspicious time to start up your new projects, including both alone or a partnership. Working at this pace will slowly and at a steady pace drain you completely of your energy and during the middle of the year; you will be completely exhausted and drained.
You should practice your patience and go over the budget again to make sure that you have funds available for anything that might come up and you should make sure that your budget covers only the bare requirements and that everything else is removed. You will be caring and be extremely accommodating when it comes to the requirements of your loved ones and they will stand next to you in support because of this. You should start to soar this year in a; way you had never imagined and you will be able to be valued more and you will have new and exciting opportunities that are put into your path that will be an experience for learning and a way to prove your mettle the cards are also indicating that you will gain financially from these travels and for those students who are thinking about traveling outside of their country to pursue their higher education should find these dreams being realized without many problems. For those who need to appear for their competitive tests or put in their applications for further education, it should be done during the first part of the year.
You will be interested in striking up a comfortable intimacy with your significant other and you will be surprised to find out that your partner wants to take the relationship a bit farther. There are always adversities that can’t be gotten around and trying to get out of the way isn’t one of the options, which means you will have to face up to it and take care of it.
This will also excite you, but you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t go past what you can afford just because you are excited.
However, make sure that you aren’t biased when you are making the appropriate decisions and you need to learn to see the world with an impartial eye to and to judge people less. Both are not very outspoken about their feelings, both have some secrets which they don’t like to share.
If you remain inside your shell, how do you expect people to see and notice what you can do?
It will be something that you have been dreaming about for the longest time, and now it’s finally happening. No matter how much you tell yourself that you don’t need this bag, that you have way too many bags already, that you have to save money, and that this will be your last purchase of the month, you still end up spending way over budget. Your social and professional connections will play an integral part in getting that job you’ve always wanted, in landing that project which can fully launch your business, and in acquiring new clients for your freelance service. From there, you can exchange email addresses and contact numbers for a text chat or even a video call. People think that as long as you have a stable job that pays monthly, you don’t have anything to worry about. With just a blink of an eye, your earning capacity will be affected, and you will be without a job.
Start with any amount that you can afford until you can save a bigger amount on a monthly basis.
You are interested but you haven’t had the time to fully learn what it takes to set up your own business or invest in bonds or stocks. You can dictate how much you want to earn per month if you’ll just rely on your talents and your business know-how.
The analyst in you is an expert at sizing up little things little "tells" others give out that let you know exactly what they're planning, when, and most importantly, why. In case you are not aware of the boundaries of freedom in a love affair, you might lose it for good around November, the 2016 yearly horoscope for Scorpio shows.
So, dare to involve yourselves in helping others in order to show your altruism you are capable of. No idea of yours will stay unimplemented due to lack of funds – finance is one thing you shall not have to worry about. However, during the end part of the year, everything will change since Planet Jupiter will have the influence in your natal chart.
The problems that you will have to smooth over won’t be done on purpose, but there will be some unexpected issues, but your family will be by your side and you will be able to take care of everything together. Also, during this time you will have the guidance from your seniors along with their recommendations.
The experiences that you have in your love life will also help to mold your person as well during this phase, which will leave you feeling more secure and with a better stability. However, as long as you remain composed and have a high level of maturity, then you will get through it along with you trusting your gut feelings.
Plan your responses, but make sure to keep reason in mind and some ideas, regardless how brainy they are, should stay ideas only and not be executed. You will get what you wished for, you need to consistently work on your dream and focus should be only your aim. When retrograde, Mars in Scorpio might become a powerful weapon either though brutality (counting on the fears of the others) or through manipulation (taking advantage of the other’s weaknesses linked to their background). The students who have been wanting to go abroad for their further education will find that all of the problems simply disappear.
During this period you might get some dividends from earlier investments or even funds through inheriting or even through gifts.
The second part of the year is when you should be working hard to get your skills up to par.
You will feel that you belong and you will think that this will last forever if you take the relationship to a committed one.
Make sure that you are connecting with your brain so that can understand what your heart is trying to tell you.
She longs for a loyal and loving relationship and Pisces man provides him with the same kind of bond. How often have you taken a seat in a corner with your back to the door, watching what's going on in the room via mirrors or other reflections? So, be aware of how you chose to use that weapon because if you intend to be in control of your job or of your work environment through such means, it will also hurt you, as a revenge coming to you. You will have a good level of compatibility with your coworkers and you will be able to work together without any problems when required. Many people that will surround you will attempt to influence in you in numerous ways, but you need to have the stability to process all of this information and determine what you think is the best path for you. You can learn more about the situation looking away from it than just about anyone else who's seated right in the middle of the action.
This would be the best time for those in the communications or media industry and your skills in communication will help to find you new people and contacts that would be inspiring to you and help you to care more about your chosen field. Sorry for blowing your cover.) You're one of the more determined signs out there, and are more than willing to stay with your mission until it's over.
He admires his woman and makes sure that he makes her feel special in every manner possible.
Born of the fixed quality and the water element, you can be as unbendable as ice when you're hurt. He transforms even a regular day into a special one with his love and passion for his lady.
Of course, boiling water is just as tough to tango with, and when your passion is running high, your cup always runneth over. The couple is able to dream together and transform their wonderful ideas into beautiful realities.
You love danger, Scor-pio, and life-or-death situations are where you feel you're at your best. This understanding helps them sail through the toughest times in life without any troubles in the marriage.

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