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Quite often the scales are also often depicted as being held by a man, woman, tree, angel, or even the Libra zodiac tattoo design.
Individuals born between September 23rd and October 22nd hold the unique distinction of being born under the only sun sign that is represented by an inanimate object. The Libra body art design, represented by scales, is the seventh zodiac sign that seeks to find equilibrium in the world.
Libras have strengths in negotiating and compromise, as well as a distinct ability to build rapport with those around them.
Libras also excel in forming personal relationships and in work that allows them to adjust the world's balance. Libras are able to see both sides of every story, making them excellent judges of characters and events. This particular tattoo design symbol takes into account that the Libra is constantly working toward balance in an otherwise imbalanced world. The tattoo design for the Libra is pictured as two parallel lines, with the top line featuring a half-circle in the middle. Some people believe this design is similar to an equal sign, reflecting the Libra's need for equality in addition to justice. In astrological terms tattoo designs are created from those signs and symbols that divide the elliptic into twelve equal slices, making it a type of ecliptic coordinate system with the position of the sun at the vernal equinox as the origin of longitude. The term zodiac itself comes from the Latin word ‘zodiacus’, which in turn is derived from the Greek word ?????? ?????? which can be interpreted as “circle of animals” due to the fact that the Greek astrological zodiac was made up of all animals or animal hybrids; signs and symbols that the Greeks ascribed to certain collections of stars in specific parts of the night sky. While the twelve signs of the zodiac design may have originated in Babylonia and ancient Egypt, the advanced study of the twelve astrological houses and their movements through the heavens can be attributed to India and China. China in particular developed a complex astrological science based on a twelve year (instead of twelve month) cycle; each year named after an animal, but those signs that Western society is most familiar with are those that have been handed down from the Babylonian to the Greek to the Latin and make up our twelve zodiacal signs and are used in all horoscope predictions. Today in astronomy, the term zodiac refers to the ring of constellations that line the ecliptic (the sun’s path across the celestial sphere during the course of a year’s revolution around the sun).

But even though the term is used in scientific circles, and our modern descriptions of Greek and Roman zodiac designs and symbols, the study of the zodiac itself can be traced back much further than Greece. The twelve signs of the zodiac are each ascribed specific characteristics that make the sign unique and which astrologers claim can be assigned to those who are born under that particular sign. Aires (the Ram), Leo (the Lion), Sagittarius (the Archer) are all fire signs that deal with the power of fire and the sun. Negative and Positive Sagittarius Compatibility AttributesThere are many great things about the Sagittarius personality; there are also several negative ones. Compatibility Love and the ArcherThose who want completely possess their partners should skip right past Sagittarius. Sagittarius zodiac compatibility exists primarily with only Aries and Libra, but is still at least moderately existent with others born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Leo. Aries and Sagittarius go together positively and their compatibility is very strong given the active nature of both signs. These scales represent the justice that the Libra always seeks out, as Libras remain committed to truth and the creation of harmony.
If the scales are not weighted evenly, the Libra has difficulty maintaining his or her own consistency. Libras are driven by their sense of justice and harmony and seek to create balance in their lives and the lives of those around them. This quality allows Libras to persuade others to put aside their irrational emotions for the moment in order to seek a more level-headed alternative to conflict.
However, this quality can sometimes make it difficult for the Libra to make a decision or to come to a final choice.
When a Libra is out of balance in his or her own life, they may exhibit contradictory behavioral patterns and emotional traits. Others see the tattoo image as a representation that is closer to an "approximately equal to" sign, which reflects the Libra's need to create balance.

And while the term has been adopted by scientific terminology, for millennia the concept of the horoscope designs was the realm of astrology. On the bright side, Sagittarius tends to be good-natured, straightforward, optimistic and honest. The Archer is famous for enjoying the hunt, but for not being content to sit around for too long. Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn are all only partially compatible with Sagittarius while Pisces and Virgo have next-to-no zodiac compatibility with Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius connections are similarly strong and both parties will typically work relentlessly to bridge any minor gaps that emerge naturally as a product of different points of view. Which, taken collectively, is a group of systems, beliefs and traditions that hold with the belief that the positions of celestial bodies can provide information about human and terrestrial affairs. If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you probably love your freedom and you probably have a happy-go-lucky mentality.
Indeed, if you are true to your zodiac sign you probably have trouble sticking with a single person.
Fun-loving Leo and even-keeled Sagittarius have a similarly strong sense of “let’s get together” and will almost certainly prove to be lifelong companions.
For the best shot at love, you should seek out Aquarius, Gemini and Aries; above all else, Leo is your safest bet when it comes to matters compatibility of the heart. Libra and Sagittarius zodiac signs compatibility is very strong when based upon freedom and fun-loving adventurism, but could die early and painfully if the relationship is forced to stagnate. Aquarius and Sagittarius attraction tends to be very high, but dishonesty at the outset caused by Aquarius’s need for acceptance can cause long-term problems if not addressed.

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