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Ye gads, this has been a testing tarot reading to sit down and write about today, to the point where tears came to my eyes when I first drew the three cards and laid them out in front of me. Prince of Cups, Nine of Cups, Knight of Cups from the Thoth Tarot deck, created by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris. For this week’s reading is beautiful beyond what I was expecting, and I have been wounded enough to give what they offer a double-take and wonder whether I want to make myself vulnerable to them in ways that I have done so before, knowing that vulnerability brooks no discrimination.
This is about surrendering without losing centre — giving up to the flow while remaining aware of ourselves and our surroundings. When I see the figures of the Prince and the Knight of Cups (bearing in mind that the Knight here is the equivalent of the King in other decks, including the Rider-Waite Smith), I see two things.
The pale blue wings of the spirit uplift emotional relationships to higher levels of exchange and mutual understanding. And so back to the Nine of Cups, each cup replenished by a lotus; no cup dependent on another for its sustenance.
Sarah is now taking applications for her online tarot training - a five-week course starting in the fall. Which is all very much a part of my world’s continuing contimplation and picture today. This reading seems to connect and draw a bridge to the other excellent articles offered todayof Eric and Len as well. It is very difficult in close to continue to take our cues of value from within rather than from the other. One of the problems of staying centred is that born of the fact that many can only achieve that in relationship by remaining hyper-vigilant. Sarah, many thanks for another timely and expert contribution to a crucial topic for people everywhere at this time. In this case with the Sign of Aries the other signs looking to see if their sign is or is not compatible with April Month Horoscope For Sagittarius Readings Michele Knight Aries typically have been Follow Mailing list Twitter Facebook YouTube Pinterest Instagram RSS.
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The origin of those tears lies somewhere between release and relief — and a guardedness around my heart. When we choose to lower our defences and lay ourselves open to beauty, there is a kind of surrender in that which can take us down into the depths as well as up to the heights. That we are prepared to have an encounter with love that cannot be conducted on our limited terms. So we seem to have a dichotomy: to surrender to an experience and yet to harness the experience, much like the two male figures of Prince and Knight, who harness the creatures on which they sit. Do this, and we are better able to readjust our courses when we see an obstacle, and check ourselves when we are gripped with the desire to turn tail and swim upstream (which only works for salmon — and the bears waiting to catch them).
We start with a passionate youth, transfixed by the snake (physical aspect of sexual energy) in the cup he holds, who skirts the surface of the water, but who is yet to dive in (he rides an eagle, which is not aquatic); we move to a man, his wings spawned from the peacock, a bird of transformation, who, instead of gazing into his cup, offers it to the heavens. It’s as if the Prince has learned to enter the watery nature of his feelings, scooped his cup into its depths, and, as the Knight, brings something with him that can then be shared with others.
Home is that primal place where our consciousness merges with another’s and which we spend so much of our time either trying to rediscover, or to resist as a form of annihilation (which it is), or both.
Sarah, thank you for offering such a descriptive examination in the continuing discussion; in communication of love.
Most of us get tripped up when we connect because what develops is this bond that becomes an emotional investment. It almost seems as if vulnerability is inevitable if we ever relax because the data supplied to us from outside can begin to become a subtle measure of our worth. There is an alternative and personally I consider this to derive from meditation practices that bolster a strong personal centre. And I am actually standing at the brink of contemplating this very thing as events continue to spiral, dip and fly.
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Detailed report covering the major aspects of life along with year wise predictions of the successive five years. Maybe we need to break a few shells and shatter a few illusions – the ones that keep us trapped inside the story of our past, of our parents, of the things that we have held on to because we never thought to question whether they were ours in the first place. That merging is an important part of our process of individual evolution, because it is in the losing of ourselves that we have the opportunity to find ourselves, and to come into contact with what it is that lies at our core that is dependent on nothing and no-one else. Djay world of warcraft full version free leo gold April Month Horoscope For Sagittarius Readings Michele Knight astrology software crack free future point leo gold astrology software.
And that when we do so, we do it fearlessly and with the acceptance that we may, indeed, fall on our arses?
My feeling is that Ecology is going to be become increasingly significant in our sense of connectivity in the future (cue Elisa Novick here) to help us move beyond the interpersonal and back into a more dispassionate love and reverence for everything. April Month Horoscope For Sagittarius Readings Michele Knight planning your weekend on Thursday is great whether for romance and love shopping or travel planning.
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