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Now It’s Dark proudly presents Christopher Scott, Columbus, Ohio’s premier psychic, spiritual medium and prediction specialist!
Cancer June 22 – July 22 – Your callous, wasteful , unjust, and vulgar behavior has finally caught up with you! Christopher hopes to help guide you through your monthly concerns over love, money, health and careers. They are humanitarians, interested mostly with making the world around them a better place. This could manifest as increased sales, a promotion or a special project that will help showcase your skills to all the right people.
While Aquarians may not be the wisest of people, they are often extremely intelligent and forthcoming with their thoughts and ideas. You could improve your finance by taking out an insurance policy on a friend who isn’t feeling well, if you haven’t already.

23 – Libras allegedly possess cheerful dispositions, attracting members of the opposite sex and occasionally the same sex. 22 – People born under the sign of Scorpio have very active minds, bodies and police records. The world is still young, your soul is free and at any moment you will begin to feel compassion for beauty, truth and love. The motto for this month; “ If you are too big to do little things, you are too little to be trusted with any thing.
Proceed with caution; Don’t behave recklessly in this time period of great energy, which is typical for you. The aspects of the planetary alignment this month says chastity, cleanliness will be damaging hang-ups. Therefore, the beginning of the month may be troublesome, you are probably the cause of it due to your tendency to over criticize, blame others, and succumb to denial.

Keep emotionally active by catering to your favorite neurosis and paranoia; “ you may be recognized soon, hide!’ This month people will be asking you questions you are not ready to answer. Moreover, both of these qualities are equally unpleasant and terribly hard to get along with.
Your lucky sign is a Hex sign, ruling planet is Fringus (which is only three inches in diameter.) Your lucky number is MCXXVIII. As for your health, you may be suffering from an annoying affliction you contracted at a small intimate party last month. Scorpio men find happiness in the military, since they are marvelous cheaters at poker and gambling.

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