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People often find answers to computer problems by searching on Google, which shows you recent search terms in a drop-down box when you go to search it. The caption implies that from Randall's perspective, every computer he uses seems to be broken; he doesn't seem to realise this is because he's the one using them, not because the computers actually start off broken. Syntax highlighting can be used when editing source code to make the code more readable and easier to understand. Alternatively, this could imply that Randall is attempting to translate code from one programming language to another using Google Translate.
The CPU's temperature sensors exist to tell you when your CPU is becoming dangerously overheated (normally because of a faulty fan or overclocking). Jumper wire is a short circuit used for switching a certain function on an electronic circuit. This is a search for an interface to the Unix filesystem checker fsck via third-party software added to Chrome. An idiosyncratic mix of Recursion and the font style cursive, referring especially to text handwritten in a flowing manner. In some filesystems, for example ext4 and NTFS, a single file may be referenced by different names anywhere in the filesystem.
Turing completeness is the computational complexity required to simulate any computable function (given an infinite amount of memory). Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of an operating system or application which allows the user to troubleshoot problems by disabling unnecessary functionality.
It's also possible that Randall sees safe mode so often that he sees regular mode as an unusual and unique state and needs help navigating back to it. Predictive text is a feature of many smartphone keyboards that predicts the most likely word the user wishes to type, and then gives the user the option to place the word in the sentence without typing the whole word.
Google docs relies on programs and libraries much more complex than a bootloader (a very small program running immediately after boot, mainly for loading the OS) could run. Hardware acceleration means that certain calculations are not performed by the computer's CPU but by a "specialized" processor, e.g.
While graphics cards are most commonly used with three or four channels (red, green, blue, and sometimes alpha), they do support two-channel or single-channel images. Automatically executing code from the internet is generally a terrible idea, because it could be written by someone with malicious intent and harm your computer. Most code downloaded from authentic sources, such as Windows and Linux, is verified by a cryptographic signature -- such packages signed by a true trusted source authenticating the origin of the software, and the are frequently executed on your computer automatically and it forms the basis for auto-updates of for example your Chrome browser, any automatically updated linux package, and everything automatically updated by Windows 10. You can browse the comics from List of all comics or by navigating the category tree at Category:Comics. There are a lot of comics that don't have set-in-stone explanations; feel free to put multiple interpretations in the wiki page for each comic. The new moon on the 20th is the ending of all endings, and you can choose to shuck off anything that you don’t want to carry forward into the rest of the year, the way a snake would shed an old skin that no longer serves a purpose.
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Go deep within the recesses of your earliest memories to find your way to moving forward to a bright and joyous future.
On February 3 we experience the Leo Full Moon which enables us to discover new truths and helps enable Spiritual awareness.
This Full Moon clarifies that we must work together as a whole instead of against each other. On February 11 Mercury will turn direct signaling that it is time to act on our lessons since January 4. Since February is the month that we celebrate our love for one another, why not attract more love to yourself through some subtle metaphysics, such as wearing pink to attract love or red to attract passion?
Here we see a list of search queries, each of which suggests the author is perversely misusing or overextending some computer technology.
The way to execute commands is almost identical, making detecting a script that contains a mixed syntax nearly impossible.
Someone who searches for information about the limits of those sensors is presumably expecting to misuse their CPU.
On a motherboard, jumpers can be used to alter the clock speeds of various motherboard functions (such as the CPU or the front side bus).
PostScript (the language some fonts are written in) is capable of recursion and PostScript Type 3 fonts are able to use the full language. EBNF specifies recursive patterns that are impossible for a regular expression to determine whether it is valid or not.
The "opposite of safe mode" implies a "dangerous" mode where the purpose is to allow uselessly dangerous action, like sudo. An 8-bit single-channel image would use the format 'R8', which is indeed 'red channel only'. The joke here is that the code would only be executed if written by someone who has been "verified" on Twitter.
Explain xkcd uses ads to pay for bandwidth, and we manually approve all our advertisers, and our ads are restricted to unobtrusive images and slow animated GIFs. Things reach one final breaking point this month on the 16th, though I’m sure you will feel the effects of it before and after this day. You and everyone around you might seem on edge at times so do your best to speak clearly and compassionately, and if you are feeling reactive, give the whole thing some space before coming back to it.
You are in a review phase of your life and finding a deep understanding of where you need changes to occur for maximization.
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac with the planet Uranus, which represents major change and inventions, as its ruler.
This New Moon forms at the midpoint of the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto which is extremely potent involving a release and resolution.
The overall impression is of someone technically sophisticated enough to shoot themselves in the foot, and who does not learn any larger lessons despite doing so repeatedly. A "clean reinstall" of keybindings is something that would almost never be necessary - it means Randall has modified his default keybindings to such an extent that his leopard has become unusable (similar to 1284: Improved Keyboard), necessitating a "clean reinstall" of the bindings.

A job that updates the crontab (therefore creating new jobs, removing old ones or editing existing ones) is paramount to a Job scheduler, and trying to use cron for such functionality could result in highly unstable functionality (although a crontab could be sensibly regenerated periodically by a set of machines from a master crontab file annotated with per-host directives). This could create effects like fonts with complicated fractal borders and fill patterns - but the increase in processing time would contribute to seeming brokenness of the computer (or printer) rendering the font. There is some irony in using regex to test the validity of something which defines the validity of things like regex. The idea of a "predictive touchpad" seems absurd because, as opposed to typed words, there are not a limited number of swipe combinations that are possible on a touchpad. This speeds up output, especially if complex 3D calculations are required and reduces CPU load.
Twitter's verification service only serves to show that a user is who they claim to be, not whether or not their code can be trusted, so this would provide little protection. This process is about looking at the systems and structures that are in place and being very honest about what’s not working. It’s not about one person winning, it’s again about everyone having space to speak and feel heard. This will create a more conducive atmosphere to slow down, simplify, cultivates artistic expression and prompts us to follow our heart’s desire.
The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. However, this search is asking how often the motherboard checks the status of the clock speed jumpers, implying that they intend to change these jumpers while the computer is powered on. A "predictive touchpad" implies that a computer could predict where the user was going to move the mouse or click, which in this case would seem to defeat the purpose of a user input device. To use this function only on a single color channel seems pretty useless, but one may want to troubleshoot a program that displays only red when hardware acceleration is enabled.
Usually, twitter verification is used by celebrities so they can be distinguished from people claiming to be them. Aquarians are truthful, radical, aloof, intuitive, inventive, natural born leaders and look at the bigger picture. Alternatively, Randall might want to repair an installation of the operating system Chromium, in a manner less drastic than the factory reset preferred by Google.
It’s about everyone in the community being able to speak, instead of the spotlight remaining on a privileged few. On the full moon on the 5th, notice the balance (or lack thereof) in your life between all that you do for others and the space you take for yourself.

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