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A big fish arrives in your pond today Pisces and it could seriously put your nose out of joint if you let it.
This beautiful and passionate Scorpio had a full and impressive resume, with films such as Clueless, 8 Mile and Sin City under her belt. This classically trained actor is most famous for his cynical interpretation of James Bond in the 1980s, but as a lively Aries he has taken on a variety of roles.
This ambitious, controlled Capricorn was the first ever winner of Pop Idol and it catapulted him into fame. Hugh Grant certainly isn’t your typical shy and retiring Virgo, despite the characters he plays on screen.
You probably need some time off - or at least to put certain difficulties into perspective. Woody Allen is best known for his autobiographical, neurotic films, such as Annie Hall, Manhattan and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
As a family orientated Cancer, Eva Green is still close to her parents and sister despite her travelling the world to pursue acting.

Katherine shot to fame for her role as Izzie Stevens on the TV show, Grey's Anatomy, and has appeared in many films since, such as Knocked Up and Life As We Know It. She was also a lovely singer who maintained an air of mystery because of her many aspects in elusive Scorpio. He has recently helped with the Leveson case to do with phone hacking and reasonably, likes to keep his private life exactly that- private. It's likely too that you might suffer an attack of wishful thinking - especially if you're parted from someone about whom you care deeply. As you would expect with someone whose Sun is in Cancer, she loves her family and is private about her personal life. She tragically died before her time in 2009 and just like a lot of her life, her death remains a mystery, leaving thousands of fans devastated.
He has bagged himself several awards, dabbled in acting and helped out with various charity events too. He has had a long standing career based solely on his merits as an exceptional actor, and often plays the long suffering hero in romcoms.

You could wish time away until the moment when you can be together: or you could help someone who's rapidly becoming out of their depth with a charity enterprise that's gone into over-drive. Like many Sagittarians, Woody has a great sense of humour and indeed started out in life writing one-liners for a local paper. Despite serious relationships with Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave and having a son from previous girlfriend, the James Bond star has never married. Also in true Sagittarian style, he will say or do anything no matter how undiplomatic, although he goes further than most: for example, marrying the adopted child of his ex-lover.
Since Will’s success, American Idol launched with the same format as Pop Idol and is still going today.

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