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Firstly - Whether you fill your brows or not, please make sure that they are shapely and neat! The eyebrows are actually the foundation of your face… they give you expression and depth. An easy way to avoid mistakes and get the best brows is to visit a professional, at least once every six months (you can then maintain them yourself at home).
Eyebrows are really hard to fill in, so the product you’re using has to be easy to use.
There are lots of factors that come into play when you’re defining your arches, like the amount (and texture!) of your brow hair. When me and my husband went out to dinner on the days I felt up for it, I wore my wig and made sure to dress up really nice with full on makeup and some high heels.
I went on a complete jewelery haul and purchased a bunch of earrings.  Earrings were the one thing I wore every single day.

I had high expectations about this because I’m a huge fan of the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner.
I think this is the best color choice for those with brown or dark hair—and it gives the most natural-looking finish. Take time in finding the right wig (texture, color, length).  Then get it cut to fit your face frame.
Attend a Look Good Feel Good workshop offered by the American Cancer Society.  For more information on this workshop click here.
Look in the mirror and smile!  Let yourself know how much you love yourself and how much you are and will be there for yourself. After chemotherapy, focus on overall health…sleep, exercise, eat healthy foods, make plans with friends, try to do some activities outdoors and do things that make you happy.
Having a clean, trimmed set of brows is immediately going to make your face look much lighter and any makeup you wear much more professional.

I really wanted to like it, which is probably why I kept testing it for so long, but I found it a bit more difficult to work with. Try having a positive attitude it will be better for you and those around you that care about you so much.  Practicing positivity is healthy for your mind and body and making the healthiest choices is everything. It really comes down to what you prefer here, because most people like using a pencil more than a liquid pen.

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